Top 18 Books on Power & Influence Everyone Should Read in 2024

top 18 books on power and influence everyone should read

One must read the books on Power and Influence, why? Power and influence have always driven the world. Power and influence drove the first of the battles, made man cross seas, and conquer kingdoms. Alexander the Great, at the peak of his life, had established a kingdom spanning across two continents to establish his power … Read more

15 Best Agatha Christie Books and Novels For Everyone

best books agatha christie

Looking for the best books and novels by Agatha Christie? I have shortlisted her 15 best writeups that you will surely love. Recently I watched a movie called “Murder on the Nile” starring Gal Gadot and Kenneth Branagh. The movie mentioned that it was an adaptation based on the novels of Agatha Christie. Out of … Read more

Atomic Habits Book Review and Summary: Why Add the Book to Your Library?

atomic habits book review

Can habit building be rewarding? Is it possible to develop good habits that help you achieve your goals? Can small things, small habits bring a substantial change in your life? Have you ever struggled around achieving your personal and professional goals? We face these questions at every stage of our life, and we don’t realize … Read more