Full Form Of UPSC In English and Hindi With Eligibility Criteria

upsc full form

Looking for UPSC full form? If yes, in English it is Union Public Service Commission while the Full form of UPSC in Hindi is “संघ लोक सेवा आयोग“ It is the prime agency of the central government for the recruitment of All India Services and Central Services. Throughout the year UPSC conducts various exams. UPSC … Read more

IOC Full Form: What Is IOC And What Does It Means?

ioc full form

Do you know anything about IOC? You have heard many times that IOC stands for International Olympic Committee or Indian Oil Corporation or Investigations Operations Center and many more. There are more full forms, check this post to learn about it. In this article, we are going to tell you What is IOC? What is/are … Read more

MSP Full Form and Meaning: What is MSP In Agriculture?

full form of msp

Are you aware of MSP and its full form? The actual full form of MSP is “Minimum Support Price“ What is MSP? What is the use of MSP in agriculture? MSP: Minimum Support Price is the price fixed by the government to protect the producers- farmers against the excessive price falls during production years. MSP is … Read more

Wap Full Form: 7 Full Forms of Wap With Meaning

wap full form

Do you know the actual full form of WAP? We have 7 WAP full forms on this page for you. WAP has multiple full forms. Here is the list of all WAP full forms: Wap Full Form 1 Wireless Application Protocol Wap Full Form 2 Wireless Access Protocol Wap Full Form 3 What A Pity … Read more

Tet Full Form: Eligibility, Documents, Fees & Process – 2023

tet full form, tet as teacher ability test

Do you know the full form of TET? It’s simple. TET full form is the Teacher Eligibility Test, which is the common test conducted in Government-run schools to recruit teachers across India. TET aims for: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is responsible for maintaining TET on a whole that includes: Related for Students: … Read more