Looking for the best online tool for correcting your grammatical and typing mistakes?

If grammar and spelling mistakes are your headache then this tool will be your medicine.


And The NAME OF tool is Grammarly

This tool not only corrects the grammatical mistakes but also explains the error and hence improves knowledge.

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Will this offer be always available?

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Is this discount on black Friday available on official site? 

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Who should use grammarly?

1. University students 2. Teachers 3. Bloggers 4. Professionals indulged in English writing

how is Grammarly useful ?

Beside correcting spelling & grammatical mistakes it detects and suggests tones, citations, etc. It also checks the plagiarism of your writing.

Can this tool be purchased for institutions?

Yes, it is a great choice for academic institutions, but for that you will have to go for its business plan.