Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023: 17% + 30% Off Now

2023 is special for SaaS lovers as SurferSEO Black friday deals are even better this year.

On our site, we try to provide facts-checked details to all students and professionals. Any aspiring blogger, writer, or SEO looking to level up content quality can now grab Surfer SEO Black Friday deals.

2023’s Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal

There are two different kinds of deals this year by Surfer SEO’s team.

  • For monthly purchases: 10% off on 6 consecutive renewals
  • For annual purchase: Flat 30% off on the annual bill.

Note: Annual purchases get you 47% OFF, 17% OFF regular and extra 30% discount over and above regular.

Quick ‘Surfer SEO Black Friday’ Deal Summary

SEO ToolSurfer SEO
Offer date26th November – 29th November
Annual discount30% upfront
Monthly discount10% for 6 months
Deal LinkGet it here
Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Sale

Net Savings If You Avail Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals

Confused about how much will you save if you avail of the black Friday deals by Surfer SEO?

Let us understand the same by the way of an example below.

surfer seo plan

When you choose the monthly mode, as per the table below, you will get a 10% discount for continuous 6 months.

Plan NameModeRegular Price (monthly)DiscountMonths

So, let’s suppose you chose Pro which costs $119 per month (when purchased in monthly mode), you will get a 10% discount.

This means $11.9 savings for 6 months, which is equal to $71.4.

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We will now calculate the savings for annual subscribers.

Plan NameModeRegular Price (annually)Discount
BasicAnnual$49/mo30% Flat
ProAnnual$99/mo30% Flat
BusinessAnnual$199/mo30% Flat

Now, instead of monthly mode, let’s suppose you chose Pro in an annual mode. Pro in an annual mode costs $99 per month, so there is already a 17% discount as compared to $119.

Now, during the SurferSEO black Friday sale, you will get an additional 30% OFF on $1188 ($99 x 12), which is equals to $356.4

New or Current Subscribers, Who Will Get The Discount?

This year, Surfer SEO is offering discounts to both new and current customers (who are planning to upgrade).

Bonus: Annual credits

All the subscribers who will purchase or upgrade to a new annually-billed plan will get access to annual credits, which means you receive all your credits up-front. No more waiting or no more limit resets every month. Honestly speaking, this is a bonus.

5-Step Guide: How to Activate Surfer SEO Black Friday Discount?

You may be subscribing to Surfer SEO for the first time and to help you, we have prepared the step-by-step process to grab Surfer SEO’s black Friday deal.

  1. Step 1: Click on This Special Link, which will take you to the Surfer SEO’s pricing and offers page.
  2. Step 2: Choose the right product like – Basic, Pro, or Business.
  3. Step 3: Decide on the tenure, like Monthly or Annual, and click on “Get 30% OFF”
  4. Step 4: Now you will be asked to enter your subscription details like email, name, address, and card details.
  5. Step 5: Make the payment and start using Surfer SEO

Access To Free Tools By Surfer SEO

If you buy the deal or not, you still get access to 2 awesome FREE tools.

Keyword Surfer

free keyword surfer

Just like SEOQuake by Semrush, Keyword Surfer also integrates with Chrome. Using the extension, you can easily check the competitor’s search volume and estimated traffic.

Now you don’t need to check the competitor’s article’s word count manually. This simple Chrome extension will allow you to check word count on the fly.

You also get an idea of the keyword strategy used by the top 10 results. Try it here for free.

Free AI Article Outline Generator

As the name suggests, it is another tool developed by the Surfer SEO team.

To write content, you read several articles written by competitors and manually note the heading structure used by them.

Free AI Article Outline Generator

Well, it is not required now. It is a free version but still just like Rytr or Jasper (Get a free trial here), it creates possible heading structures according to your keyword.

The free version however is not as powerful as the free version, to be honest. But just to get a hands-on feeling of what magic Surfer can do for you, you must try this tool by visiting here.

What Is Surfer’s Refund Policy During The Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

We have proof here that your purchase is risk-free. You can try the product for 7 days and can ask for a refund if the product is not as per your expectations.

Surfer SEO refund policy

How To Get More Business With Surfer SEO?

This is a practical scenario as you can get additional business from Surfer SEO. You can signup for Surfer SEO’s certified list of copywriters, SEOs, and content creators.

As of November 2023, 202 professionals have already joined.

As per the data fetched from Semrush, Surfer SEO gets almost 50k visitors per month, which means, if you get showcased there, you are sure of getting more and more visibility and orders.

Surfer SEO Plans & Pricing 2023

surfer seo plan

Surfer offers 4 following plans out of which the first plan is free and is suggested for those who just want to explore the features of Surfer. However, if one wants to experience the full power of the tool, then going for the premium plans is suggested.

1. Free Plan

This is suggested for freshers who want to grow their website.

You get the following features with this plan.

  • Allows optimization and tracking of 1 high-impression website.
  • SEO insights are available once every 28 days.

2. Basic Plan

This plan is recommended for small bloggers or business owners who don’t have more than 2 websites.

Monthly pricing: $59/mo
Annual pricing: $49/mo

You get the following features with the basic plan.

  • Allows optimization and tracking of 2 high-impression websites.
  • SEO insights are available once every 07 days.
  • Audit of 20 pages per month.
  • Write & optimize 10 articles per month with the content editor.
  • Free enhanced NLP guidelines for 1st month.
  • Invite 1 team member.

3. Pro Plan

The Pro plan is recommended for businesses handling multiple websites in medium-sized segments.

Monthly pricing: $119/mo
Annual pricing: $99/mo

You get the following features with the pro plan.

  • Allows optimization and tracking of 5 high-impression websites.
  • SEO insights are available once every 07 days.
  • Audit of 60 pages per month.
  • Write & optimize 30 articles per month with the content editor.
  • Free enhanced NLP guidelines.
  • Invite 3 team members.

4. Business Plan

The Business plan is suitable for organizations that operate or handle a large number of websites.

Monthly pricing: $239/mo
Annual pricing: $199/mo

You get the following features with the Business plan.

  • Allows optimization and tracking of 10 high-impression websites.
  • SEO insights are available once every 07 days.
  • Audit of 140 pages per month.
  • Write & optimize 70 articles per month with the content editor.
  • Free enhanced NLP guidelines.
  • Invite up to 10 team members.
  • API Access
  • White labelling
  • Dedicated reports for backlinking.

Key Features Of Surfer SEO

Now it’s time to know why Surfer SEO stands ahead of its competitors.

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Surfer SEO is known as one of the best On-page SEO tools available in the market and this has been possible because of its unique features that are discussed below.

1. Grow Flow

Surfer's Grow Flow

Grow Flow is an amazing feature of Surfer SEO, it creates weekly tasks automatically that you have to perform for getting better SEO for your site.

To use the Grow Flow you will have to link your Search Console with Surfer.

It offers the suggestions and tasks like:

  • Adding missing words to the article
  • Finds the appropriate keywords according to their ranking potential
  • Shows the relevant internal linking suggestions
  • Fresh content ideas delivered weekly

2. Content Editor

The content editor of Surfer is very useful as it gives a real-time score of your written content and shows the on-page SEO optimization possibilities. It suggests the ways through which your content can rank at the top of search engine results.

In addition to this, it is also a multilingual editor where you can write and optimize your content in various languages. Most importantly, it also checks for plagiarism so all these things make it a perfect on-page SEO writing tool.

3. Keyword Research

With Surfer’s keyword research tool, you can get a cluster of keywords and content suggestions related to the primary keyword that will help you in designing the best in-depth article of your niche.

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It also saves the money that you spend on keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

4. SEO Audit

With the SEO Audit tool, you can find the SEO errors of your website in one click without manually checking for each and every single page.

It presents the best possible SEO changes that you should make to your site which after fixing will rank higher. Errors and changes like content length, page speed, keyword density, heading structures, referring domains, meta tags structure, and others are suggested.

5. Surfer’s Integrations

Surfer integrations

Surfer integrates with all your favorite apps and you can introduce Surfer into the interface of the app. Its Chrome extension works with WordPress, Google Docs, and the most popular AI writer Jasper.

Integration with SEMrush is also available which makes ON and OFF-Page SEO management in one place. For developers, it offers Surfer API.

Surfer Pros and Cons

Check the major pros and cons of Surfer SEO.

Surfer Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Free plan available for beginners
  • Highly advanced on-page optimization from the content editor
  • An in-depth SEO audit tool
  • Chrome extension that makes it super convenient to work on Docs & WordPress with Surfer
  • Easy refund via 7-day refund policy without any questions asked
  • NLP suggestions
  • 24/7 live chat feature.

Surfer Cons

  • Slightly expensive for many.
  • The business plan has the option of tracking less number of websites.

Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals: FAQs

1. What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is an On-Page SEO optimization tool that analyses all top-ranking pages of search engines and then presents a new approach where it gives recommendations to rank your content.

2. What is Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal in 2023?

During Surfer SEO Black Friday, two deals are offered. The first one is for monthly plans where a 10% discount is being given for the next 6 months and the second one is for annual plans where an extra 30% discount (besides a 17% annual discount) is being given.

3. When will the Surfer SEO Black Friday deal be live?

Black Friday deals by Surfer will get live on 25th November 2023 and it will end on 29th November 2023.

4. Can I use Surfer SEO for free?

Yes, you can use the free plan of Surfer to explore it but if you have high performing site then the free plan will not meet your needs and you will have to choose the premium for better features.

5. Is Surfer Chrome Extension worth using?

The Chrome extension of Surfer is highly useful when it comes to working with WordPress and Docs, as it saves time by using two tools on one screen without changing the interface.

Conclusion: Grab Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday

Surfer SEO Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the great time to purchase a subscription to this amazing SEO tool you will get the lowest price of the year during this time.

We recommend you for going with the annual plans as you will get a 30% extra discount and a 17% regular discount, so this will make a total of 47% discount on all annual plans.

One more recommended deal: Jasper AI’s official black friday sale

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