Youtube Student Discount On Premium In 2023: How To Get It For $6.99!

In the era of high institutional fees, students are struggling with many economic issues and still not getting what they need properly. Like other international platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple, YouTube also has made a discount policy for students.

YouTube is a vast platform with millions of users uploading and viewing videos on a wide range of topics. There are likely many teachers who are using YouTube to share educational content and teach students for free.

youtube student discount

This makes YouTube, the most popular platform for students and that’s why YouTube has brought a discounted subscription plan, especially for students.

YouTube’s Student Premium Plan: Introduction

YouTube Premium offers a student plan for those enrolled in eligible higher education institutions in the U.S. and 60+ other countries.

The student plan includes ad-free access to YouTube and YouTube Music, offline and background listening, as well as access to YouTube Originals, for $6.99/month with a 1-month free trial. Students must be enrolled full-time to qualify for the student plan.

Follow The Steps, Grab The Discount

Get ready to get up to a 40% discount, by following these baby steps to get ad-free streaming.

Step 1: Visit YouTube Premium’s page for Students or visit for students.

youtube premium student discount

Step 2: YouTube will redirect you to to verify your student status. You have to fill in all the details including your nationality, school/college name, name, date of birth, and Email address.

youtube student discount on premium

Step 3: After filling out your application form, the site will ask you for proof of your scholar enrollment. The document should include your full name, school/college name, and proof of your current studying status.

You can upload your Student ID with the termination date or tuition receipt. After Submission, you need to wait for the mail from the Sheer team. Once your account is verified you can enjoy ad-free streaming.

Perks Of Having A YouTube Premium Student Account

YouTube offers a premium subscription-based service called known as YouTube Premium, which offers its users a number of advantages.

The discounted version of YouTube Premium is available to students currently enrolled in a degree-granting institution as a YouTube Premium Student account. It has the same advantages as a regular YouTube Premium account, but it costs less.

  1. Ad FREE experience, no 20 seconds or 5 second Ads. If they are unskippable, they disappoint even more.
  2. You can switch your screen off and listen to songs without any fear of random touch on the screen.
  3. You can use your mobile, or open any other application without interrupting your music or video as it will play in the background.
  4. Want to download your tutorials or any other explainer video? If yes, you can have unlimited video or music downloads, so you can play it offline whenever you want.
  5. It also provides you access to the exclusive and latest content from YouTube Originals including movies, TV series, TV shows, music, and documentaries.
  6. Having a Premium account also gives you access to a Google Play Music subscription that enables streaming and downloading of music from the Google Play Music Library.
  7. The subscription also gives you premium access to YouTube Music.
  8. You also get discounts on Google products and access to exclusive content.
  9. You will get a 41.7% discount on YouTube Premium Subscription as a student.

YouTube Premium provides you exceptional experience. Suppose you are running out of battery but still want to listen to music then YouTube’s background play and offline downloads can help you there.

With YouTube Premium, you can download videos to watch offline on your phone or tablet. If you want to cut down on data usage or are going to be in a place where internet access is limited or nonexistent, this could be helpful.

Not only this it also helps you to save time with ad-free service. YouTube displays a variety of ads, including pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and display ads. It also shows video-specific ads on its homepage and it consumes around 1 hour from your 6-hour watching.

What about the cancellation policy? The best part is, you do not have fixed commitments, which means you can cancel them anytime.

Subscription Plans Provided by YouTube

YouTube claims to have more than monthly 2 billion logged-in users with billions of video-watching hours per day. Since some groups may be more or less likely to use YouTube, the number of users may vary by region and specific demographics.

YouTube has customized its services and plans for users with various groups. Here is a brief description of all plans.

PlanIndividual PlanFamily PlanStudent PlanYouTube TV

Individual Plan

youtube premium plans

In this plan, one user can access all the benefits on his own with a monthly subscription and get all the benefits of a premium user. It is a standard plan for all individuals which comes with the cost of $11.99/month which will cost you $119.99 if you do your billing annually.

Annual billing is under prepaid billing, which means you can pay for a certain time period and you will lose all the benefits by the end of the time.

Meanwhile, this non-recurring plan is available only on the web and Andriod in only 10 countries yet which includes the United States, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Russia, Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.

Family Plan

youtube premium family

As the name indicates, it is a full family plan to join 6 users with the same subscription id. The rest benefits are the same as the individual plan. You have to make sure that each member should be 13 or older.

The main account holder is known as a Family manager who should be 18+. You can buy this subscription with only your regular Google account but not with a Google Workspace account. And you also shouldn’t be part of another family group.

In this plan, each individual can have his own search, recommendations, and history which means the data won’t be cross-shared among the members. It will cost you $22.99/per month.

Student Plan

student plan by youtube

The YouTube student membership program is only available to full-time students in select countries. The eligibility requires verification by a third-party platform such as

There is a maximum period of validity of four years for student memberships and you need to re-verify your student id per year.

After the completion of your 4 years of student membership or if you are unable to update your student account then you will be switched to an individual plan automatically. You can cancel any kind of membership at any time. You need to pay just $6.99/month.

YouTube TV

youtube tv

With YouTube TV, users are able to watch on-demand content and live television channels with a good internet connection. In addition to offering a wide selection of television channels and content from YouTube, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and AT&T TV NOW are also available.

Among the many popular television channels available through YouTube TV are ESPN, AMC, FX, and others. A cloud DVR is also available as part of the service, which allows you to save and record the shows and movies you want to watch later.

YouTube TV offers live television as well as on-demand content, including movies. A compatible device, such as a smart TV, streaming player, or mobile device, as well as a high-speed internet connection, is required to use YouTube TV.

There is no long-term contract or commitment required, and the service is available on a monthly subscription basis at the Base Plan of $64.99/month.

YouTube Free Vs YouTube Premium: Demerits Of Free Version

YouTube Premium, formerly YouTube Red, is a paid subscription service with a number of advantages over YouTube’s free version. The following are some of the main differences between YouTube Premium and the free version:

  • The free version of YouTube does not allow for this. The Videos and the music will stop when you switch apps or turn your screen off. But With YouTube Premium, you can keep on watching recordings while utilizing other applications or when your gadget is locked.
  • YouTube Free Version also allows you to have offline downloads but you can’t download it in high quality. YouTube Premium allows you to get your downloads in 1080p to 4K.
  • You won’t see any ads while watching videos with YouTube Premium. But if you are using YouTube’s free version then the advertisements of 5-30 seconds are distracting or intrusive due to the recurring duration of 60-120 seconds.
  • You can get exclusive content from well-known YouTube creators and original movies and TV shows with YouTube Premium which is not available for free users.

In general, YouTube Premium surpasses the free version in terms of features and benefits, but it does require a monthly subscription fee. How much you value ad-free viewing, background playback, and offline access to YouTube content will determine whether or not it is worth the price.

How To Cancel YouTube Membership

You must follow these steps to cancel your YouTube Premium student membership:

  • Open the YouTube app or the YouTube website on your device.
  • To access your account, log in. Select “My channel” from the drop-down menu after clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the option labeled “Membership and billing.” Click the “Cancel membership” button under the “YouTube Premium” section.
  • Affirm that you need to drop your membership by clicking “Cancel Membership” once more.

Please be aware that if you cancel your YouTube Premium student membership, you will no longer be able to watch videos without ads, view exclusive content, or download videos to watch later.

You won’t be charged again for your subscription after the current billing period has ended because it will remain active until then.

You will need to re-register for the service and provide a valid payment method in order to reactivate your YouTube Premium student membership at a later time. You can do this through the YouTube site or application, and you should have a Google record to get to these choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use third-party apps or sites to download YouTube Videos?

If you use the YouTube website or a website or app from a third party, you can download videos from YouTube for free.
Please be aware, however, that downloading videos from YouTube generally violates the company’s terms of service, and the video owner may report the download as a copyright infringement.
Additionally, due to restrictions imposed by the video owner, some videos may not be accessible for download.

How many users does YouTube have?

YouTube Music and Premium have surpassed 80 million customers, an impressive increase of 30 million from the 50 million subscribers the company announced last September.

Conclusion: How To Get Youtube Premium Student Discount In 2023?

YouTube Premium may be available at a reduced price if you are a student and have a email address. You can sign up for YouTube Premium by going to the website and following the on-screen instructions to see if you qualify.

Please be aware that this discount may only be available to students in particular nations and may change. For the most up-to-date information on student discounts and other offers, it is always best to check

You will need to have a Google account and provide a valid payment method in order to sign up for YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium can be accessed via the YouTube website or the YouTube app on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Please be aware that YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service with monthly fees for accessing its features. Through your account settings on the YouTube website or application, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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