10 Best Digital Board For Teachers: Smart Black/ White Board For Teaching

2023 will witness the 10x growth of online education. You may be a Youtuber, a course creator or a school teacher, moving offline to online is the only way to grow. If you are a teacher who is looking for an advanced innovation that can level up your teaching method as well as your students, then this article belongs to you.

Because I am going to suggest you 10 Best Digital Blackboards & Interactive WhiteBoard To Teach with all the features that you should know about.

With these digital blackboards and whiteboards, you can teach from either the classroom or online from your home or office.

Then let’s have a look at them, without wasting a second.

Digital Blackboard/WhiteboardOur Rating
VIBE S1- ‎S55T01AUS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Samsung Flip 2 WM55R⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Microsoft Surface Hub 2S⭐⭐⭐⭐
ViewSonic IFP9850 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
DTEN D7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Armer DY-H55PA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Helleshen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
best digital or smart boards for online teaching

1. Vibe S1 – ‎S55T01AUS 55″

Vibe is the simple and all-in-one digital board for teachers that you need. It is not just a whiteboard but also an ultimate PC, TV, and conference camera. It is the most powerful smart whiteboard which is powered by Vibe0S.

Intel core inside (i5)128G SSD8 GB RAM, ‎DDR4 SDRAM
Wi-Fi 6Chrome OS & Open App Ecosystem2MP Rear Webcam Resolution
Display55″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsHDMI, USB, Ethernet, Audio Out
Operating SystemVibe OS, Chrome OS
Weight ‎62.9 pounds
Dimensions‎56 x 35 x 7.5 inches

Whiteboard: If you look into its Canvas, it is the place where onsite/remote teams combine and is captured in the cloud instantly.

This means it can create, ideate, and illustrate the concepts together. It also gives you a stylus and brush mode to draw with a free hand.

Webcam: It comes with an easy/adjustable, AI-powered SmartCam C1 for a face-to-face remote video experience. This cam has FOV 4K (2MP) camera with 6 microphones and an NPU chip for smart frame detection.

camera, board and online teaching solutions

Conferencing: It is the best digital board for teaching that is compatible with connecting with various top conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google meet, Webex, GoTo Meeting, and Microsoft Teams for easy plug & play used.

Screencasting: It shows a dynamic screen-sharing collaboration with Airplay, Chromecast, or Vibecast that makes file sharing easier than ever.

You can cast from anything to anywhere through any device whether it is your computer, smartphone, or tablet for larger audiences.

Smart Annotation/AI-Powered Handwriting: It provides better-shared feedback with smart annotations on images, third-party apps, and PDFs.

It also helps you if you don’t have good handwriting with its AI-powered handwriting recognition for fast and accurate notes.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Buy it on Amazon at $3,199 to get $100 off.

Shipping ChargesFree shipping in the U.S.
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$115/month with Affirm

2. Samsung Flip 2 WM55R 55″

LEDLDAP synchronizationPowerful Tizen 6.5
Secure Wireless Connection60 Hz Refresh RateBuilt-In Speakers

According to Samsung, you need to say goodbye to those messy whiteboards and paper flipcharts that’s been such a headache to you. It’s time to get advanced with the Digi-technology of Samsung digital whiteboard for a fast-paced and focused workflow.

Display55″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsHDMI, USB, Ethernet, Audio Out
Operating SystemTizen 6.5: Samsung Proprietary OS(VDLinux)
Weight ‎77.00 pounds
Dimensions‎51 x 30.2 x 2.3 inches

Whiteboard: It gives you a digital flipchart of a 55″ 4K UHD touchscreen that gives you a pen and paper-like experience.

It also gives you a brush mode that allows you to create digital art in water and oil mode which is good for Art teachers. It is also available in 65″, 75″, and 85″ displays.

Conferencing: You can sync your all personal devices for the live conferences. You can also keep a record of all of the data of meetings that is also sharable. You can share it through email, printouts, or a network thumb drive.

online samsung's digital smartboard

Screencasting: You can easily cast for large audiences through SmartView+ and Airplay 2 instantly without any lag.

You can connect your flip 2 with a Bluetooth keyboard, speaker, and mouse and use it as a PC. Easily distribute notes, PDFs, and assignments to all attendees.

Smart Annotation/AI-Powered Handwriting: You can write on any background source through its note layer button to get smooth writing without affecting the other layers.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it at $2,199 by Amazon.

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$122.17/month for 18 months by Amazon

3. Tiburn Flip HUB S1 55″

Gyro SensorLCD Free Rotatable & Movable Stand
Nano Capacitive Touch8ms ResponseAPP Ecosystem

TIBURN always designs multiple products that are highly suitable for all the needs of office, study, and life. This company is actually known as the manufacturer of intelligent devices for office and conference rooms.

Here is the info about its adaptive nano-capacitive smartboard.

Display55″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsHDMI, USB, Ethernet, Audio Out
Operating SystemAndroid 10.0
Weight 212 pounds
Dimensions56.5 x 40.5 x 19.75 inches

Whiteboard: It comes with a rotating and nano-touch display within 1mm for this smart whiteboard. If you want smooth handwriting and digital strokes. It has a built-in sensor for gravity that automatically adapts with a flip.

Screencasting: You can do multi-remote presentations that give you brainstorming. Easier sync from anything and anywhere could be done with compatible devices.

tiburn smart board for teaching

Conferencing: Video conferencing is so quick and comfortable with many popular third-party platforms and applications such as Zoom, Meet, Teams, WebEx, and many others.

It gives 4-user cast screens in an instant with Mac, Windows, iOS, and other Android devices with easy connectivity of HDMI.

Easy Interaction: It also gives you a Live Smart Assistant Teleprompter which helps you to interact with your audience, friends, or family, through social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it at $2,899 with $210 off with Coupon Code from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI AvailableN/A

4. Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50″

Intel UHD Graphics 620128 GB SSDCore i5
Accelerometer, Gyro sensor8 GB RAM, DDR4 SDRAMLCD

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 could be a great investment for you if you want to get high on budget. Microsoft is a name that is undoubtedly in any case. It has a truly unbeatable premium quality that can resolve everything that you are looking for.

Display50″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsHDMI, USB, Ethernet, Audio Out, 4xUSB-C
Operating SystemWindows 10 Team OS
Weight 61.7 pounds
Dimensions 29.2 x 43.2 x 3 inches

Quality: It is a high-quality gadget that has premium software including Drivers & Utilities, Microsoft Office Mobile, and Skype for Business. It has a built-in Accelerometer and Gyro sensor for less response time.

Team Management: It could be proved as the most powerful platform for live hosting or conference as its totally certified for Microsoft Teams.

WebCam: Its dynamic Smart Camera allows you to have ultra-quality video meetings for more human face-to-face interactions with 4K resolution.

microsoft digital board

Audio: With high noise canceling feature it gives you a crystal clear voice to your ears.

Security: You are more secure than ever with Microsoft as it offers many management suites, defensive security protocols, and enterprise-grade modern safety for your Surface Hub devices.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $9,247 from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$513.73/month for 18 months by Amazon


128 GB SSD8GB RAMWindows10 Intel i5 CPU
178 ° Visual Angle6 ms Response± 2mm Identification Accuracy

JYXOIHUB is one of the tech-tycoon of this modern world as a collectivized operation. It creates all-in-one PC, IR tech-research-based electronics, and many devices with the trust of over 14 years of experience.

See what cool features have been provided by JYXOIHUB for you.

Display65″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsHDMI, USB, Ethernet, 4xUSB-C
Operating SystemWindows 10 & Android 11.0
Weight ‎94.6 pounds
Dimensions‎58.94 x 3.54 x 36.14 inches

Dual Operating Systems: The unique and smart point that this smart-Digi LCD whiteboard is, it makes you feel like that you are using two boards as it has two operating systems, Windows 10 & Android 11.0.

Windows has 8GB RAM & 128GB SSD ROM while Android 11.0 has 4GB RAM & 32GB SSD.

Camera/WebCam: Your video conferencing is going to be revolutionary with its 20MP camera, 8 array microphones, and 2*20W speakers that need no extra purchase.

samsung digital board

Open App Ecosystem: One of the greatest things that you are going to have, it’s Open App Ecosystem that allows choosing the best application for your organization with no learning curve.

Connectivity: It supports a variety of equipped functions that can be integrated into your whiteboard, speakers, tablet, smartphone, computer, camera, and many others. It also supports 4 users at an instant feature via Airplay, HDMI, and Eshare. 

Sharing: The content is also sharable through QR and documents. It has other handy features such as a split screen, whiteboard drawing, IR touch 20-point touch, and screen annotations.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $2,999 from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$166.61/month for 18 months by Amazon

6. Soulaca 65″

32 GB SSD expandable3GB RAMDual system
Built-in 5G/Wi-FiWaterproof Technology48W Resolution

Soulaca is recognizable for its waterproof display and screens for mirror TVs, smart mirrors, electronic whiteboards, glass panels, and many more.

With its integrity, transparency, teamwork, and passion, this company has made very close relationships with its customers.

Display65″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
PortsAV, VGA, YPbPr, Headphone Jack, MIC, HDMI2.0, USB3.0
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0
Weight 83.6 pounds
Dimensions58.46 x 3.78 x 35.24 inches

Display: It is the most affordable suite for you that gives you all features. Its display includes screen touch on 10 points, and 2-4 people touch an instant.

soulaca digital board

Compatibility: It can be used for different purposes such as a computer or huge tablet/phone that allows you to install selective apk.With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it fits all those who are currently working in the education or business sector.

Screencasting/Conferencing: It is so cool with its multi-screen, anti-noise casting that is all you need.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $4,499 by Amazon with a 5-7% discount

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI AvailableN/A
Sidenote: For teachers and students, we also have a $9.6 deal by Grammarly, best ever discount for education sector. 

7. ViewSonic IFP9850 98″

VESA-Compatible Design45W soundbar98″ Touchscreen
20 touch points4-way split screen sharingUFT Technology

Viewsonic is another revolutionary display generation for an elegant classroom and is known for its bestselling monitors and projectors. It gives you a 20-touch point display of 98 inches which can easily replace the old traditional blackboards.

Display98″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
Weight 228 pounds
Dimensions78.74 x 3.94 x 39.37 inches
viewboard digital smart whiteboard

It will be box expensive but really worth your budget if you are looking for a good size for your purposes.
With more than 2160 pixels of resolution, you can easily interact with multiple audiences at once. The display is touch sensitive and you can write, draw, and illustrate through your finger or pen.

The 45W of the soundbar, 10W of the speaker, and 15W of the subwoofer give an optimum sound for all the listeners and attendees

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $9,982.86 by Amazon with 3% cashback

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI AvailableN/A

8. DTen D7 55″

DTEN Audio AI Multi-touch Display16-Microphone Arrays
120 Degree4K UHD Display60 Hz Refresh Rate

DTEN store has multiple ranges of digital blackboards or digital boards for teaching and business conferencing. It is highly suitable for various meetings through Zoom that can give you the most marvelous meeting experience that you ever had.

Display55″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
Operating SystemWindows IoT
Weight 50.7 pounds
Dimensions49 x 30 x 2.13 inches
dten digital white smartboard

Its special touchscreen has something that continuously keeps attracting many customers. It’s easy to install and use, which makes video conferencing outstanding without any lag. You can edit and share your documents to your phone and contacts easily.

Its 4K 3840×2160 pixel display resolution does a wonderful impact with its 16-element microphones, integrated speakers, AI lighting & audio effect, and wide-angle camera.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $4,978.35 from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$276.58/month for 18 months by Amazon

9. Armer DY-H55PA 55″

3mm High Precision8 GB RAM32 GB SSD
365 days Exchange4K UHD Display7 ms Response

If you want a solution or a collaboration hub for your smart office then you shouldn’t be away from Armer electronic whiteboard.

It is the smartest equipment that can work as a projector, tablet, whiteboard, TV, Display, and monitor that is powered by the Android 11.0 operating system.

Display55″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
Operating SystemAndroid 11.0
Weight ‎73.4 pounds
Dimensions‎50 x 30 x 3 inches

You can easily connect with all the third-party platforms and edit anything from any device. With real-time annotations, you can easily clear concepts of your classroom and manage all the familiar learning apps including Google Classrooms.

armer digital whiteboard

It is compatible with iOS, Android, or Windows connectivity and gives you multiple device sharing through QR and cloud records.

Its other features include 9 screen display at an instant with 20 touch points and support of Airplay, Miracast, and Chromecast mirroring.

Overall, the display and the tech-built quality are good. If you liked it, go get it.

Budget Care

Smart board for teaching price? Get it for $1,699 at 15% from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI Available$94.39/month for 18 months by Amazon

10. Helleshen 75″

3mm & 8mm High PrecisionBuilt-in Android 11.020 touch points
‎32 GB SSD4K UHD Display8 ms Response

It is our last but still the best recommendation for the digital board for online teaching. It is another affordable choice with more features that is very handy. 

It allows you to draw and annotate simultaneously on its high-quality 20-touch point display. You can freely write with your pen or hand, which feels so natural.

Display75″ UHD Touchscreen with 4K resolution
Operating SystemLinux
Weight ‎147.7 pounds
Dimensions‎72 x 48.5 x 7.78 inches

The display is truly dedicated to flawless presentations as it automatically fixes contrast, brightness, and clarity for powerful face-to-face interactions.

Up to 4 screens could be shared in an instant and you can keep all the records safe. It has 50,000 hours of a lifetime and cable-free connectivity.

helleshen digital whiteboard

Sharing is possible through QR, HDMI, Eshare, mail, and so on. Streaming or conferencing is easier with the compatibility of devices and platforms. Hellsehen supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and other platforms and you can easily connect with students and audiences within a minute.

Budget Care

Most Discounted Deal: Get it for $3,999 from Amazon

Shipping ChargesFree shipping and returns
Return PolicyRisk-free 30 days return
EMI AvailableN/A

FAQs: Smart Board For Teaching

Which digital whiteboard is good for art class?

If you are a digital artist or an art teacher and want to give a boost to your teaching then go for Vibe and Samsung Digi board collections.

Does Zoom have a compatible interactive whiteboard?

Zoom doesn’t have any interactive digital whiteboard but it invests in multiple edu-related hardware and software. If you are looking for a Zoom-compatible device, then go for DTEN digital whiteboard series.


Which one you should choose and which is the best smart board for online teaching depends on various factors.

Before purchasing any, there are some points that you need such as the size of your class, availability of compatible devices, audio quality, cam quality, sound/speaker quality, easy use, sharing, and third-party applications like Google Meet, Zoom, and so on.

Your budget needs some warmth too, that’s why Amazon has brought you jumbo discounted deals that I have mentioned above. So, what are you waiting for??? Go grab them now.

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