15 Best Online Quiz Maker For Teachers (Test Makers Online) Free & Paid

Are you looking for a tool that is the solution to all of your problems to create a well and advanced quiz for your beloved students, customers, employees, and public? So here I have created a list of all premium Online Quiz Makers that will you create professional Quizzes, tests and assessments.

Not only this, In this article, you will get all the details about its key features, pricing, and available offers. If you want to grab a highly advanced tools with great deals then keep reading down.

Quiz MakerRating
Survey Monkey⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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intereact's quiz maker

Interact is one that you shouldn’t go without giving it a try. Here is everything that you should look at, so have an eye on the following crispy features.

  • Integrations: You can connect your quiz with more than 50 integrations that you need including Google, Mailchimp, Zapier, and many more.
  • Templates: It includes varieties of templates that are specially designed for making quizzes.
  • Quiz tutorials: Interact helps its users with proper tutorials to get more productive and interactive quizzes to grow your business.
  • Live Examples: It gives you some live examples as well to optimize your learning with Interact customers.


It has three plans, Interact Lite, Interact Growth, and Interact Pro. On each plan, you can have a free trial of 14 days.

Available Offer: Get a 40% discount !!

The Lite plan will allow you to create 5 quizzes monthly but with Growth and Pro plan, you can have the access to create 20 and 50 quizzes per month respectively. See the details below.

PlanLite GrowthPro
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$27/month (-30.7%)$53/month (-40.5%)$125/month (-40.2%)

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use typeform to create quiz

Typeform comes with a lot of cool features that can change your life completely that’s why it earned one of the top places in our article. With this site, you can create the top, easy, and stylish forms or tests that will rank your level.

Look at some key features below that will engage the audience to promote your brand or profile.

  • Easy to Use: One of the most lovely things about Typeform is it’s easy to use. There are multiple templates that can easily be edited by anyone.
  • Categories: It comes with various categories and subcategories of templates of the survey, quiz, poll, order forms, feedback forms, application forms, request forms, signup forms, business forms, and many more.
  • Products: Besides being a good and best online quiz maker it is a fine survey maker, form builder, poll maker, and test maker.
  • Guidance: It provides guidance for the creation of survey designs, scale surveys, demographic questions, question types, and market research as well.


It comes with three plans to open doors for some individuals who want to take another step to explore more. See the details in the table below:

Available Offer: Get a 16% discount !!

PlanBasic PlanPlus PlanBusiness Plan
Monthly Price$29/ month$59/ month $99/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$25/ month (13.7%)$50/ month (15.3%)$83/ month (16.2%)


premium puzzle maker

If you were looking for a suitable tool that is a great quiz maker for educators and business individuals. Make your own quiz using this tool and get the attention from your audience

Privacy and Security: Your data will stay private to your account only. It doesn’t share your data with any party or publically.

Great For Educators: It provides attractive features such as a fully functional testing environment, graded results, unlimited and random questions, bookmarks, and other countless picks.

Good For Business: It gives you various features such as you can add your own brand name and logo, embedding quizzes directly on your website, and many more.


It comes with separate plans for educators and business organizations. It does not provide any free plan to anyone for business but it does have a free version for education.

Available offer: Use three months for free!!

Yes, you can use ClassMarker free for three months as it gives a free trial for 30 days free of cost, and if you have annual billing of either plan, you will get two months free of cost.

  • Check out the details of all two paid plans, Professional 1 and Professional 2 for business. It also has an Enterprise plan which is a custom plan that you can negotiate as per your need and budget.
PlansProfessional 1Professional 2
Monthly Price$39.95/month$79.95/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$33/month (-17.4%)$66/month (-17.45%)
  • Check out the details of all two paid plans, Professional 1 and Professional 2 for Education.
PlansProfessional 1Professional 2
Monthly Price$19.95/month$39.95/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$16.5/month (-17.3%)$33/month (-17.4%)

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renowned tool to create quiz

Pro Profs is one of the best and most elegant test maker online that is used to amplify your creativity. It is one of the most trending tools in today’s day and is trusted by more than 4M people due to its transparency, backups & reliability, data security, and portability.

Explore some key features to grab the benefits.

  • Easy to use: It is well-navigated and organized which makes your journey easier than ever with quiz-making.
  • Templates: You can easily customize your quizzes with templates. You can also add some question banks and get analysis faster.
  • Integrations: It allows the integration of multimedia elements such as video and images in quizzes and other tools.
  • Sharing and Tracking: You can share your quiz with your students directly and you can also track your results faster or get faster feedback.
  • Training Maker: ProProfs has created more than 100,000 courses & tests for 4+ million learners by various institutions.


For Its different products, ProProfs has different pricing plans. Quiz maker has three paid plans and a free version in two categories(Business and K12) that allows using its features. You will also get a free trial of 15 days after signing up.

Available Offer: Get up to 70% discount.

The free plan is just for fun, you can use only public quizzes and don’t even get reports. But the paid version can give you all that you will need.

  • Check out the details of all three paid plans, Essentials, Business, and Buisness+ for Business.
PlansEssentials BusinessBuisness+
Monthly Price$25/month$50/month$250/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$20/month (-20%)$40/month (-20%)$200/month (-20%)
  • Check out the details of all three paid plans, Essentials, Premium, and Schools for K12.
Monthly Price$9.99/month$19.99/month$14.99/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$3.99/month (-60%)$5.99/month (-70%)$9.99/month (-33.3%)

I have described the pricing of ProProfs Quiz maker but if you want to use its other products such as Training maker and others, you can visit the website below.

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riddle maker

I would like to introduce you to the world-class online quiz maker, Riddle. With Riddle, you can create many premium quizzes that will blow your mind.

Look at some crisp features of Riddle

  • 100% GDPR Compliant: It will care about your privacy strictly as the worthy privacy leader in the industry. It is in full compliance with CCPA and GDPR.
  • Powerful Toolbox: It can make your content quickly, you can match your brand’s style, collect leads and enrich them.
  • Infinite Content Types: You can create various quizzes such as Personality quizzes, graded quizzes, timed quizzes, product recommendations, contests and giveaways, audience polls, employee surveys, listicles, sponsored content, and many more.
  • No usage caps: It gives you unlimited access to plans and you need to worry about views, data, or how many quizzes are taken.
  • Integrations: It has integrations with many marketing funnels such as Zapier, MailChimp, AWeber, Google Sheets, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Google Tag Manager, and many more.


It gives you a free trial of 14 days for all of its plans but it doesn’t have any free plans yet.

Available Offer: Get Upto 29% discount

Check out its plans and available deals below.

Monthly Price$69/month$129/month$299/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$59/month (-15%)$119/month (-8%)$249/month (-17%)

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Woorise is a Lead Generation and Marketing Platform, highly integrative with multiple marketing apps.
It is the one-in-all platform to make surveys, quizzes, landing pages, and viral giveaways in minutes, making it easy for small businesses to reach their target audiences, collect leads, and close sales.

  • A drag-and-drop campaign builder and form builder lets you create beautiful and high-converting campaigns in minutes.
  • Publish instantly anywhere with the Bio-Link page that links to all your important content.
  • Manage all your entries with ease and send personalized email notifications.
  • Woorise supports all languages, including RTL languages. You can easily create your campaign in your preferred language or in your target audience’s language.
  • Improve your lead generation and revenue with interactive calculators and CSV exports for analysis, or for merging data from multiple campaigns.


It has a free plan that gives 200 Entries/month and an email-support for all individuals. It has three paid plans Basic, Grow, and Pro which comes with annual and monthly billing.

Available offer: Get a 20-30% discount!!

Check out its plans and available deals below.

Monthly Price$29/month$49/month$99/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$23/month (-21%)$39/month (-20.4%)$79/month (-20.2%)

It is currently providing up to 30% discount for a limited time.

Edapp – Free Quiz Maker

edapp to create quizzes

Edapp provides everything you need in one platform that focuses on microlearning and is available on any device you need.

  • Core Products: It provides top products such as 80+ templates, 1000+ free courses, an admin portal, a learner portal, and many more.
  • It gives AI translation into 100+ languages, rapid refresh quiz maker, and allows sharing through QR and links.
  • You can get public API, SCORM, AICC import /export, and security as well.
  • It is easy to use and creates attractive quizzes to attract more audiences.

It is one of the cheapest quiz / test maker online.


It comes with affordable plans that will really blow your wallet. Edapp has a free version that allows each individual to create unlimited lessons and many editable course libraries.

For more features, you can switch to paid plans that are so affordable. The DIY plan gives you a free trial and the Managed plan gives you a preview. Check out its plans and available deals below.

Monthly Price$2.95/month$2.95-$5.95/month


use outgrow for customized quiz creation

Outgrow performs better because it offers personalization with relevant information for any quiz, calculator, recommendations or chatbot. It helps you to increase your sales, ROI, and conversations.

  • It increases lead conversation rates through 1000+ pre-optimized templates.
  • You can publish in minutes from anywhere and embed your quiz to your page or subdomain.
  • You can integrate your data with more than 1000 tools and can have intelligent analysis.
  • Through outgrow, you can create calculators, quizzes, assessments, recommendations, polls, chatbots, giveaways, forms, and surveys.
  • You can bring your own brand, logo, colors, images, icons, fonts, and styles to customize your showcase.
  • It gives you branching logic for each question and specific results.


It comes with a popular and custom plan with various features according to your needs.

Available offer: Save up to 44% and Get 20% off on selected plans

The popular plan has four sub plans, Freelancer, Freelancer Limited, Essentials, and Business. Meanwhile, the custom plan has a free version (Free Forms/Surveys) and a startup plan (Startup special).

Check out its plans and available deals below.

PlansFreelancerFreelancer LimitedEssentialBusinessBusiness
Monthly Price$22/month$45/month$115/month$720/month$85/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$14/month (-36.3%)$25/month (-44.4%)$90/month (-21.7%)$600/month (-16.7%)$55/month

Survey Monkey

try survey monkey for survey kind of quizzes

With Survey Monkey, you can get fast answers with automated scoring and you can easily make your own quiz with your skills, knowledge, and competency.

  • It creates professional high-quality quizzes in just a couple of minutes.
  • It provides you with analysis tools to simplify scoring to make results easier.
  • You can track who has taken the quiz and who didn’t.
  • You can see the hardness of the question level to see what was easy or what wasn’t.
  • You can add your own branding, feedback, display, and many more.


It comes with a team plan and an individual plan, these two plans have some sub-plans.

Check out its plans and available deals below for the Team plan.

PlansTeam AdvantageTeam Premier
Monthly Price$25/month$75/month

Check out its plans and available deals below for the Individual plans.

PlansPremier AnnualAdvantage AnnualStandard Monthly
Monthly Price$119/month$39/month$99/month


simple quiz form creator

The most significant profit that you can get using Paperform is to create innovative pages and various types of content so quickly. It seamlessly matches to your landing pages perfectly and looks like a part of your website.

  • It offers you a hassle-free quiz that you can create from 500+ quiz templates.
  • It covers all the quizzes you need including a personality quiz, a math quiz, a history quiz, a movie quiz, and many more. 
  • It shows dynamic calculations as numbers can be typed directly into the calculations.
  • You can build a quiz that adapts according to the respondent’s answers.
  • It has built-in email automation which helps you to send results and summaries to the responder directly.
  • You can use HTML & CSS to further customize quizzes and games. 
  • You can easily embed it in your website and share it directly with your audience.


The popular plan has three sub plans essentials, pro, and agency. You can get its free trial of 14 days without any credit card details.

Available offer: Get upto 18% discount

Check out its plans and available deals below.

Monthly Price$24/month$49/month$159/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$20/month (-16.67%)$40/month (-18.3%)$135/month(-15%)



You can make an interactive quiz with a more handy solution known as Slido. With this tool, you can run more engaging pieces of training and energize your audience with live quizzes.

  • You can test people’s knowledge with spice representation and bring a competitive spirit among them.
  • You can share your quizzes through a link or QR code and host them live.
  • You can also announce top players, scores, results, and unattempted questions.
  • You can create different kinds of quizzes for your business, education, surveys, pop culture, and many more.
  • It gives you a quiz question generator and suggested beta options.
  • It has integrations with WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google slides, Live video, PowerPoint, and many more.


Slido offers popular sub-plans such as free, engage, professional, and enterprise. The free plan includes 100 submissions per month forever. With its paid plan it offers a 14-day free trial.

One time $80/event$250/event$700/month
Annual Billing$10/month$30/month $150/month



iSpring gives you the ultimate choice to create, edit or modify your quiz as your desire. The most beneficial deal with iSpring gets you an anti-cheat feature that allows you to keep an eye on your test.

  • Your quiz can be accessible on all devices whether it is a tablet, smartphone, iOS, or laptop.
  • You can have a test of all employees at once and assign it via corporate LMS.
  • You can have 14 question types with 14 ready-to-go quiz templates to build it so quickly.
  • You can give your audience worthy feedback that points outs the mistakes with awesome explanations and answers.
  • It also has branching scenarios,i.e. if an individual is unable to answer a question then you can provide an info slide to them.
  • You can create questions with audio and equations for a professional.


The iSpring solutions have various suite plans out of which iSpring quiz maker pricing is around $370/year.



It is a wonderful quiz-making tool that captures lead, collects feedback, and energizes your audience. It helps you to create quizzes without coding with A/B tests and growth hacks.

  • Content types: You can create MCQ questions with images, input your texts, rate the items, embed videos, page timers, signup forms, and many more.
  • It gives you more than 60 templates, multiple-page backgrounds, 35+ web fonts, color pickers, image scaling, image uploads, background brightness, and many more.
  • You can collect data from users’ personal feedback, analytical reports, 6 native integrations, webhooks, Zapier integrations, and many more.
  • It gives you live chat support, illustrated online guide, and a 24×7 support center.
  • It also gives a drag-and-drop HTML 5 editor to get more leads.


Brainquiz offers popular sub plans for free, starter professional, and business. The free plan includes 100 submissions per month forever. With its paid plan it offers a 14-day free trial.

Available offer: Get upto 34% discount 

Monthly Price$25/month$75/month$195/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$19/month (-24%)$49/month (-34%)$149/month(-24%)



Thrive, a quiz builder is a platform that makes online quizzes and helps gain meaningful insights and desires of visitors and helps build up the customer base.

  • Using the thrive, quiz builder, is easy to use without any mandate coding. 
  • Feature-rich A/B testing that helps in continuous optimization. 
  • This tool is mobile-friendly and works on any smartphone or mobile devices 
  • Detailed analytics alongside the tool makes easy analysis and stats. 
  • It also supports social media-optimized badges and results in sharing. 


It offers a discounted price of 50% off at  $299 for 1st year and then $599 afterward. It also offers 30-day money-back guarantee.

Available offer: Get upto 50% off

Quarterly Price$149
Annual Billing$599 



Fyrebox helps many educators and teachers to generate a lead among students. It is one of the best sites that gives you multiple features to grow entrepreneurs as well.

  • You can create one quiz in two formats.
  • It automatically records the data of all participants
  • Easy to setup implement and edit.
  • It has capability of dynamic content along with Landing pages/web forms.
  • Fyrebox also supports ROI tracking.
  • This builder provides sales analytics.


Available offer: Get upto 16% discount

PlansStandardProPro ( Team )
Monthly $24/month$39/month$69/month
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$20/month (16.7%)$33/month (15.4%)$58/month(16%)

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For Offline Quiz Where You Need Printouts: Canva

Canva is an online editing and learning platform which helps students, trainees, and attendees. It is a free tool that provides quiz templates that can be used during a quiz. You can easily access it offline.

  • It provides a free customizable presentation prototype for quizzes along with the addition of questions and answers.
  • It provides an extensive library with drag-and-drop features for ease of use. Also provides the facility to add your own illustrations and photos.
  • It also has additional features such as fun transitions and animation which can be easily added to the template.
  • You can easily save your customized quiz in mp4 or pdf format alternatively can present it directly from the dashboard.
  • It is easily shareable across social media and via emails, You can easily create quizzes from your laptop or mobile.
  • It has various quiz templates for math, science, and even for various other features such as spelling bees and quiz bees. It’s the perfect tool for teachers, students, and even for event coordinators.
  • You can also add various question formats in a single presentation like fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, and enumerations.
  • You can add up various filters to organize design based on theme, style, or topic.
  • You can also add riddles, brain teasers, and many more before the quiz making it interactive for the audience. 


Canva offers popular sub-plans such as Canva free, Canva pro, and Canva for teams. Canva free provides 250,000+ free templates and around 5GB of cloud storage. 

PlansCanva ProCanva for Teams
Discounted Price on Annual Billing$9.99/month (23%)$12.49/month (16%)

Conclusion: Quiz Makers For Teachers and Professors

Different quiz maker tools provide various feature-rich capabilities but in the end, it also depends on your requirement and needs.

Every quiz maker tool has been crafted with affordable dynamic pricing with a short-term and long-term plan. You can visit their website for further details.

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