Grammarly Pricing & Plans: How Much Does Premium Cost?

Looking to upgrade your Free Grammarly? If yes, this post will help you understand Grammarly pricing and the premium plan’s cost.

As a writer, having clumsy slip-ups, especially in grammar, is the worst nightmare. It’s too embarrassing sometimes. While free Grammarly is an option for beginners, for professional writing, we recommend Grammarly Premium.

In this article, we will share the best possible, discounted Grammarly pricing and plans.

Life exceptionally changed with a giant stride for switching to its Premium version. I was annoyed looking at those yellow lines pointing out hidden errors in my blogs. Also, the curiosity to get premium suggestions has always been on my nerves. 

But how much does it cost me? You’ll be surprised that It cost me only $9.60 for a Premium upgrade instead of $12.00. But how? 

Well, I’ll tell you this secret later. First, let’s crack down on Grammarly Premium pricing and finish the argument if it’s worth spending money on.

Quick Overview Of Grammarly Plans And Pricing

In 2023, as per the latest update, Grammarly has three classic versions Free, Premium, and Business for varying operations, professions, and requirements. The free version is best for beginners while Paid arrangements (Premium & Business) are selectively designed for professional authors and companies.

  1. Grammarly Free version: Costs $0
  2. Grammarly Premium: Costs $12 ($9.6 using this link)
  3. Grammarly Business: Costs $15
Grammarly has a specific plan for schools and universities as well that is known as Grammarly Education. Meanwhile, the pricing is configurable and confidential. 

Grammarly premium pricing

Grammarly Premium Pricing 2023

I hope you have a certain clear idea in your mind. Grammarly premium is highly recommended if you want to emphasize your writing skills for good. If we talk about the cost that you need to pay varies over the billing mode. 

For brief flexibility, It offers three modes of payments, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual. Here, you can see the explicit overview of Premium plans.

Billing ModePricingOur Pricing
Annual$12.00 per month 20% OFF
Quarterly$20.00 per month20% OFF
Monthly$30.00 per month20% OFF

Here is the discount link that helps you save 20% on the price mentioned.

If you analyze the above pricing table, you’ll be able to point out some critical remarks that are highly important for choosing the right plan.

Paying Annually will cost you 60% less than the classic month-to-month billing cycle. And if you go with it, you’ve to pay for 12 months at once which might rip off your wallet but is worth it. For writers, university students, and permanent employees, it’s a bewitching markdown. Just pay once for all and get all for once.

If you’ve paid annually, you can access all the premium features at a single stroke which ultimately shields you from any pricing escalation throughout the whole year.

At the same instant, Quarterly billing has a 35% discount which is significant enough. It’s a sumptuous short-term plan for freelancers and contractual profiles. But going for the monthly plan won’t be a savvy pick until you don’t need it for over 30 days.

Pro Tip: It makes no sense to spend $30 every month or a whopping $360 as your total annual budget. Predict the future needs to determine the sufficient period for the premium experience.

Why Upgrade To Premium: Downside Of Grammarly Free

There are numerous whys and wherefores to justify why you should upgrade your traditional Grammarly. The free account has its ends and limits that you must have experienced if you have used Grammarly before. 

  • It’s just a regular grammar checker that merely removes critical mistakes.
  • Delivers limited accuracy and doesn’t suggest engaging edits.
  • Forbids plagiarism checking and expert help.
  • It detects tone but doesn’t proffer the right one.
  • Unable to amplify your vocabulary and word selection.

Now, one simple question arises, how the premium version satisfy all these issues, and what extra it can bring to the table? To get this, have a look over the detailed competition between these two below.

Grammarly Premium Discounts, Coupons, And Free Trials

Is there a way to get a free trial of Grammarly Premium? Yes, Grammarly always offers a free trial to all new users periodically. There’s a 7-day free trial that is open for Grammarly Business. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial or coupons available for Premium on the official website for certain countries.

Here is the list of all the discounts that are currently active in Grammarly.

We are giving you 20% OFF on all premium billing! 
Pay $144.00 $115.2 for a year
Pay $60.00 $48.00 for 3 months
Pay $30.00 $24.00 for a month

Click Here To Know More.

Grammarly offers the following discount to all visitors. We are giving an extra discount.

  • 60% Off on Premium annual billing.
  • 35% Off on Premium quarterly billing.
  • 40% Off on Business annual billing.

Do you know about the latest feature just launched? Visit GrammarlyGO to learn about the AI feature just introduced for free and premium customers.

How To Upgrade Free Version To Premium?

Grammarly pricing page
  • Step 2: Click on the “Premium” tab in the lower-left corner.
grammarly account
  • Step 3: Choose your plan and click on “Get Started“.
grammarly plans
  • Step 4: Choose any billing mode shown on the page and click on select.
grammarly costing after discoung
  • Step 5: Complete your payment. Fill in all the personal and card details. You can also use PayPal if you don’t have a credit or debit card.
grammarly premium payment

Is Grammarly Premium Overpriced?

It’s a genuine question to ask since there are lots of software available in the market with quite competitive plans. I am a cheapskate and have been forced to contend with the same doubts before that drove me to use all the alternatives that are beatable. Let’s check what I mean.

Grammarly Pricing Vs Competitor’s Pricing

ProWritingAid$10.00 per monthSaves $2.00 extra
Ginger$6.99 per monthSaves $5.00 extra
WhiteSmoke$6.66 per monthSaves $5.34 extra
LanguageTool$4.99 per monthSaves $7.00 extra
HemingwayFreeSaves $12.00 extra

As it’s pretty straight that Grammarly is comparatively extortionate pricing than other leading brands. This fact kicks out another fair thought—why choose Grammarly anyway? I tried out the free trials of all these tools to find a compatible one.

Considering an honest opinion, Grammarly has raised my standards. There’s always a sort of blow with every tackle. However, ProWritingAid is Grammarly’s chief rival, yet its extension assistance for Chrome is overly taxing, irritating, and slow in some areas.

Paying a few extra dollars isn’t a big deal if the quality weighs in gold. The premium version of Grammarly works like a magic wand over sentences making them too engaging and fluent. Grammarly doesn’t cost more than Starbucks anyway. It has fair prices for something pleasing that’s worth investing in.

If you are studying, you can save your pocket money by availing Grammarly discount for students.

Grammarly Business For More Powers: How Much Does It Cost?

In some areas, the Premium version lacks to cover your back when it comes to managing a team of more than 3-5 people. For some companies or content marketing & writing agencies, Grammarly Business is the right choice for grammar-nazi-environment. Over 50,000 companies are using the Business plan as it gives:

  • Vocabulary suggestions, in-built thesaurus, and every Premium feature.
  • Style guides that help to maintain a uniform writing style among separate teams.
  • Customized brand tones for the best client experience.
  • Monitoring analytical dashboard to track the productivity and performance of your employees.
  • Early access is available for the newly launched ChatGPT like AI GrammarlyGO.

Pricing Breakdown

The business plan is comprehensively easy to configure according to the size of your company. The annual plan comes with 40% off and a special discount for teams having more than 10 members. It ultimately helps you to build your business at affordable rates.

No. Of MembersAnnual Price (40% Off)Monthly Price
1$15 per month$25 per month
5$75 per month$125 per month
10$145 per month$250 per month
50$625 per month$1250 per month
100$1250 per month$2500 per month

How To Cancel Grammarly Premium Subscription?

After the completion of your billing period, Grammarly automatically discontinues your membership and downgrades your account to the free version. But in case, you aren’t satisfied or you don’t need Grammarly any longer, you can cancel it anytime by following simple steps.

  • Step 1: Log in to your Grammarly account through the official website.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Account” tab in the lower-left corner.
  • Step 3: Click on “Subscription” in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Cancel Subscription” link at the bottom.

Please note that you won’t be able to get a refund if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the billing cycle.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Grammarly Premium Pricing

Who can use Grammarly?

All individuals can use Grammarly to amplify their writing. It’s especially recommended for students, professional writers, publishers, editors, bloggers, and non-native English speakers.

How much does Grammarly Premium cost for a mobile app?

To use Grammarly on your mobile, you have to download a Grammarly app through Play Store or Apple Store. Here, you can use it as a keyboard for FREE. Also, if you’re a Premium user already, you can use it on mobile too using the same Google account.

What is the cheapest Grammarly plan?

Grammarly’s cheapest plan is its Premium annual plan which includes 60% off charging $12.00 per month instead of $30.00 monthly. If you want an additional 20% discount, you can check our page.

What are the payment modes of Grammarly, does it accepts Bitcoins?

Grammarly doesn’t accept any Cryptocurrency, gift cards, UPI, or cash. It only accepts certain PayPal, and credit or debit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover have eligibility for international payment.

Does Grammarly work on Macbook?

Grammarly is compatible with all devices including Macbooks, iPads, Windows, Chromebook, Android, Linux, and iOS. You can use its app versions on Microsoft Word, Outlook, desktop, mobile, and web.

Who’s the CEO of Grammarly

Brad Hoover has been the CEO of Grammarly, Inc. since 2011. Rahul Roy Chowdhary will be the next CEO of Grammarly on May 1, 2023.

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a cloud-based software that was specially designed on July 1, 2009, by three Ukrainian authors Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider. It’s currently used by 30 million users and is based in San Francisco.

What is Beta in Grammarly?

The Beta term is considered to be the features and products that are still in testing, not fully prepared, and not fully prepared. Browser extensions for Google Docs and GrammarlyGO for Grammarly Business are still in beta versions.

Are there any additional charges in the billing cycle of Grammarly?

Grammarly doesn’t charges extra costs during any billing cycle. But in case you’re using paid benefits with payment dues, it sets 1-1.5% extra for that month.

Conclusion: How Much Does Grammarly Costs?

Grammarly Premium is truly worth your money. It is the one solution for all tasks that helps you to write confidently without hesitations and deep cross-checking of written long content. It’s been more than 5 years, I am using it and it works so well.

If you are thinking of unlocking a premium, it would be a great experience for you. I hope this blog is helpful to you. Have a nice day!

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