Scalenut Review 2023: Is It Worth Its Pricing? My Experience Shared

Want the best and most detailed Scalenut review in 2023? If yes, I will give you the most honest opinion and share my experience of using Scalenut with you in this article.

In this review of Scalenut, I would help first-time users to know all the features, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of Scalenut with many practical demos and samples.

First, let us have an idea of what Scalenut is.

scalenut review

What Is Scalenut?

Scalenut’s team approached us in 2023 to test the product and share feedback. We were till then, using Jasper and Rytr. We used this tool for around 6 months now and for all the AI students, writers, agencies and everyone, I would like to share the positives and negatives both.

What is Scalenut

Scalenut is an AI-based tool for content research and writing (just like Rytr and Jasper AI). GPT-3 technology we all know produces the content within a few seconds and hence saves the time that a writer needs in writing and researching for it. They just raised the funding of approx $3.1M and the purpose is to improve and give the tough competition to industry leader – Jasper

Almost all kinds of content are generated by Scalenut and by meeting all the criteria and quality that a specific industry requires.

It works on NLP technology which seamlessly cooperates with Google algorithm and writes SEO-friendly content that can outperform your competitor easily.

The company claims to produce the most relevant content as per the specific market be it social media ad lines or articles for your blogs. But what is the reality and how much it is true, you will know this in further sections of this article.

What Scalenut Can Do For You?

Scalenut has the major following fascinating features.

AI-Powered SEO Assistant

Available with the name SEO Hub in the Scalenut platform, this feature is very helpful as it brings insights into top-ranking pages of your targeted keywords and breakdowns the necessary factors into points that are required to rank your content.

scalenut review seo hub

You can do keyword research from Scalenut if you haven’t purchased any keyword research tool.

This SEO assistant (SEO Hub) brings detailed SEO reports which give the following data from the top 10 ranking URLs.

  • Word Count
  • NLP Terms (terms that are most widely used by all the competitors)
  • Image Frequency
  • H Tags
  • Quality Score
  • Readability
SEO Insights

You can also check the factors shown in the image above where I entered the keyword “Best AI Writing Software”.

AI Copywriting

With the tons of templates available, you just have to choose the template, type the little information as input, save and then generate your output. This is what the AI copywriter of Scalenut does.

Like any other AI copywriter, Scalenut’s writer also offers features like various tones of voice, sentence restructuring

With powerful technology, it writes like any professional human writer. There is no limitation of words, AI writers of Scalenut can write any kind of content and that too plagiarism free.

The tasks that you can write using Scalenut have been separately discussed in the further section of this article.

Content Editing

If you have prewritten content, you can edit it also from the Scalenut content editor. The UI of the editor is very simple, if you have used WordPress editor or Google Docs then it will be a piece of cake to use and navigate the editor of Scalenut.

Besides general features that all editors offer, some special features you get with its content editor are the followings.

Content Editor
  • Import the existing content from the URL.
  • You can save the content either as HTML or PDF.
  • Tells the readability and word counts.
  • Your work is saved instantly as it is a real-time editor.

Cruise Mode: To Write Blog Posts In Flow

This is the most popular and useful feature of Scalenut. Cruise Mode is a powerful workflow of Scalenut that creates your blog post in 5 minutes.

It comprises the following 5 steps.

  • Blog Context: In this step write the basic information about the article or blog post that you want AI of Scalenut to write. For example, check the snapshot attached below where I have entered some information as input.
cruise mode: blog context
  • Select Title: Now you will get multiple results for choosing the title of your blog post. Select the most suitable one. Here, the best thing is you get to see both AI-generated titles and the title that the top-ranked articles have which lets you compare both results and decide.
cruise mode: title generator
  • Create Outline: In this section, you have to add the H2 (2nd heading) for your article. You can choose both AI generated outline or you can add by writing yourself. If the suggested outlines are not up to the mark then you can click on generate more headlines or FAQs.
cruise mode: outline generator
  • Writing Points: In this segment the article will be presented to you with all necessities. You can also add your points or regenerate the lines if they are not good in quality. Before finalising the post at this step, first read “my experience with Scalenut” section.
cruise mode writing points
  • Download Or Export: Now either you can download the generated blog post or export it to the editor for adding or replacing the content by giving it a final touch.

Which Kind Of Content Scalenut Can Write?

Want a general dashboard overview of Scalenut, watch this video.

Scalenut is a SaaS platform that can generate any kind of content from short to long form. If you want to name of each kind of content that can be generated using it then read the names below.

  1. Blog posts (Cruise Mode).
  2. Product descriptions.
  3. Question and answer content.
  4. Social media posts.
  5. Copywriting (Frameworks): AIDA, PAS, BAB, and feature to benefits.
  6. Website copies.
  7. Full video content from title to the description.
  8. Email copywriting.
  9. Advertisement copies.

Pricing Of Scalenut

Scalenut comes with the following four plans.


scalenut pricing

All paid plans are available at a 60% discount when billed annually. Also, you can get a free trial of 7 days in all plans.

Free Plan

  • Word limit: 2,000
  • SEO reports: 2 per month
  • Other features: 40+ AI tools, 24/7 email, and live chat support.


  • Monthly cost: $29/ mo
  • Annual cost: $12/ mo
  • Word limit: 100,000
  • SEO reports: 5 per month
  • Other features: 40+ AI tools, 24/7 email, and live chat support.


  • Monthly cost: $79/ mo
  • Annual cost: $32/ mo
  • Word limit: Unlimited
  • SEO reports: 30 per month
  • Extra features: everything in an individual plan, cruise mode, 30 topic clusters, app integrations, instruct, AI settings, paraphrasing, SERP facts, and collaboration.


  • Monthly cost: $149/ mo
  • Annual cost: $60/ mo
  • Word limit: Unlimited
  • SEO reports: Unlimited
  • Extra features: everything in the growth plan, 100 topic clusters, 2 user seats, additional users after 2 members cost $49/year, dedicated customer success manager.

Pricing Analysis

The price of Scalenut is more affordable when you choose the yearly billing. However, if you can not pay a lump sum amount for the whole year at once you can also go for monthly billing where the plan starts at $29/mo which is one of the cheapest among all its competitors.

Talking about Jasper, the most competitive AI writer in the market. Its monthly plan starts at $29/mo but it lacks the SEO assistant and the word limit is also lesser than the Scalenut’s plan.

Another alternative to Scalenut, Frase starts its basic plan at $44.99/mo. So, from all this, we can conclude how affordable Scalenut is.

3 Alternatives Of Scalenut

Frankly speaking, Scalnut is good but some of its competitors are even better. Check some best alternatives of Scalenut if you want to switch to some other platforms.

Frase (For Better SEO Plan)

Frase is a complete alternative of Scalenut. But it is quite expensive its basic plan costs $44.9/mo additionally if you want SEO add-on then you’ll have to pay $35/mo. (Try Frase)

Jasper + Surfer SEO (For Advanced AI + SEO)

Please note that Jasper alone is not the complete alternative to Scalenut, as it lacks the SEO assistant so you need to integrate with the tools like Surfer SEO.

Only Boss mode plan of Jasper supports integration with Surfer. It costs $99/mo and Surfer costs $59/mo, so the total cost will be $158/mo which is way more expensive.

Get Jasper AI Free Trial 2023: Get 10K Words For 5 Days Free.

For Jasper users, there is an offer in which you can get Surfer SEO at the cost of $1 for the first 30 days.

My Experience With Scalenut

I am sharing this Scalenut review after using it for 15 days. For the initial 5 days, I used its free trial then I switched to the Growth plan as I have to check it mainly for the long-form content writings like blog posts or article generation.

I have generated multiple blog posts from 500 to 2500 words on different topics and in the meanwhile tried many short-form contents also. To give a better opinion I also tried its alternatives in those 15 days. Here are my findings:

  • It is one of the cheapest tools offering both AI writing and SEO assistance.
  • It has a very beginner-friendly user interface.
  • Short-form content are generated in good quality, especially eCommerce product descriptions. But I did not find its quality good enough for Google Ads.
  • For short-form content, I used its Chrome extension and it’s promising for short-form content mainly for social media posts and for sales email copy generation but not for long-form AI copy.
  • I observed some flaws in long-form AI copy generation that have been discussed in the next section below.
  • Puts emojis and hashtags on social media posts.
  • Generate multiple copies of short-form content.

Where Did Scalenut Disappoint Me?

  • Blog posts are not accurate when you want topic-sensitive information. Check the snapshot below where in the Scalenut section it also defined Jasper. Now, to my surprise, it wrote a few lines about Scalenut that too without relating to the sentence.
    I tried generating other copies also but the result improved only to a little extent.
scalenut drawbacks
  • No mobile application, not only this but it is not also compatible to use from mobile.
  • No WordPress integration, since it has a workflow for creating blog posts, so it should give its plugin for WordPress to make the process easy.
  • Long-form content is limited to the generation of blog posts only. The company claims to write ebooks and other long-form content but you will not get any quality in these copies except blog posts.
  • You can not write songs using Scalenut, like Rytr.
  • They only claim to have 24/7 customer support, the waiting time sometimes go up to 6 hours from the chat response.

What Makes Scalenut Different From Other AI Writing Tools?

Check some of the best and unique things Scalenut offers and rarely available in other tools.

Topic Clusters

A topic cluster is a feature of Scalenut in which once you add a keyword, you will get the group (cluster) of other related keywords with all SEO statistics that are required for keyword research like region with search volume.

For example, in the following sample snapshot, our keyword was Keto diet and you can see the cluster.

topic clusters

You can add these keywords in your article to rank better or directly start creating content by clicking on create SEO doc button.

Talent Network

Scalenut has a team of professionals from which you can get your work done. They bring the top 2% of creators to your service. In case, you want your blog post to be written by a professional writer you can place your request in market place or talent network.

Talent network

A total of around 50 services are available. But the cost of getting service with Scalenut’s professionals is quite higher than any other freelancing platform. For example, if you want a blog post of 1000 words to be written by Scalenut’s writer it will cost you $50. The reason behind this can be that your work gets done by the top professionals in their field.

App Integrations

Supports the integration with the following mentioned apps.

  • Integration with Semrush: Keyword researcher and cluster booster to scale up your SEO strategy.
  • Integration with Copyscape: Plagiarism checker.

To add integrations, go to my account section on the dashboard and click on app integrations, select the one you want to integrate with and log in with the credentials of the app that you want to integrate with.

Note: All app integrations work with the pro and growth plans of Scalenut.

Google Chrome extension of Scalenut is also made available by the company that can write any kind of content. But from my point of view, it is good for short-form content only.

Users’ Ratings & Reviews Of Scalenut

Now let us check the Scalenut review and ratings on various customer review sites.

Scalenut reviews

It has the ratings of:

  • 4.8/5 stars on Capterra,
  • 4.7/5 stars on G2, and
  • 4.9/5 on Trustpilot.

FAQs: Scalenut Review 2023

1. Is the content written by Scalenut unique?

Yes, Scalenut generates unique content and does not plagiarize it from anywhere. You can also integrate it with Copyscape to check whether the content is unique or plagiarized.

2. Does Scalenut offer an API?

No, Scalenut does not offer API.

3. Which AI writing tool is better Scalenut and Jasper?

For long-form content AI of Jasper is better than Scalenut but it does not offer the SEO assistant that Scalenut provides. Pricing wise Scalenut is better as it offers extra features of SEO at a reasonable cost which are not available with Jasper.

Final Verdict: Scalenut Review 2023

Overall Scalenut is a genuine all-in-one AI writing tool which is worth using in 2023. It also brings updates from time to time to keep its AI advanced with the progress of technology. Anyone who is looking for an affordable AI writing plus SEO tool can opt for Scalenut without any doubt.

Have any queries in your mind? Ask us in the comment section below.

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