Bpo Full Form In English, Types, Advantage and Disadvantages

Want to learn the full form of BPO? Don’t worry, We have detailed everything about BPO in this article.

BPO full form is Business Process Outsourcing.

BPO refers to giving a task to a third party company on a contract basis. Companies like Vodafone, Idea and Airtel hire BPO companies on a contract basis to manage their other services. The third-party company manages the services like technical support, customer support and data entry work.

BPO is a cost-saving process. The company can fully focus on its primary work and give the other less important work to the BPO service.

Let us understand it by example, There are companies like Vodafone and Airtel who sells call service and SMS service. They have 300 employees in their company who works on-call service and SMS service.

bpo full form

Now this company wants to provide technical support for their customer. One thing could be possible that the company will create their own technical support service or give it to the other company who is expert in this work on contract basis. The second option of giving it to a third party company which is more effective and money-saving.

BPO Types

BPO has divided into three types according to their work:

1. Onshore Outsourcing

One company gives its services to the other company which is located in the same country. This process is known as Onshore Outsourcing.

2. Offshore Outsourcing

When one company gives its services to another company that is located in a different country. This process is known as Offshore Outsourcing.

3. Nearshore Outsourcing

When you give your services to a company which is situated in the neighbouring countries. This process is called Nearshore Outsourcing.

Skills Needed For BPO

For joining a BPO you need some skills and a minimum qualification which is mentioned below:

  1. You should be a 12th pass before applying for the BPO jobs.
  2. Good English communication skills
  3. Employees can work on both day and night shifts.
  4. You need a lot of patience for the BPO jobs.

Advantages Of BPO

If you thinking of hiring a BPO company then these advantages will help you to make the right decision:

  1. You can entirely focus on the main work.
  2. It will save you time and money.
  3. BPO will help you to increase the productivity of your company.
  4. Save expenses on the training of employees.
  5. Increase the efficiency of your business.

Disadvantages Of BPO Jobs

BPO job has disadvantages some of which are described below:

1. Timing

There is no fixed time for a BPO job sometimes the worker has to go for the night shift also. If you are working on an international BPO then there are more chances that your job timing will not be fixed. Sometimes you will get a day shift and sometimes you will get a night shift which can lead to poor health problems.

2. Communication Issue

In BPO companies there is always remain some communication issue between the customer and the employee. The customer said something else and the employees understand something else.

Necessity Of BPO

BPO has become very necessary for all big companies across the globe. Everyone needs technical support for their customers. If the company opens its own technical support system then it is going to be very costly and time-consuming for them. The necessity of the BPO is described as follows:

1. Low Cost

Hiring a third-party company for technical support or customer service will cost you less money. If the company does not use BPO and opens its own support system it will cost them more money.

2. Increase Productivity

By hiring BPO the company’s work reduces to its main work only because the other non-essential work is handled by BPO. Now the company can focus on its primary work which will increase the productivity of the company.

3. Latest Technology

Business Process Outsourcing company always stays up-to-date. BPO companies always use the latest and updated technologies. Therefore investing in BPO is always a good thing. The company staff in BPO is very dedicated and experienced so you did not have to worry.

BPO In India

Many international companies take the BPO services of India because of the low cost. India has a high population of many graduates who are jobless in this case it is very easy to find employees for less money. The Indian Rupee value compares to the dollar is very low which attracts many international companies to take the Indian BPO companies.

Other Full Forms Of BPO

Some other full forms of BPO are as follows:

  1. Broker Price Opinion
  2. Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
  3. Benzoyl PerOxide.
  4. Brookfield Properties Corporation
  5. Business Process Offshoring
  6. Bank Payment Obligation
  7. Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
  8. Binary Painter Operator
  9. Blanket Purchase Order
  10. Black Police Officer

FAQ: Full Form OF BPO

What is BPO in simple words?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Big companies hire BPO for managing their other services like technical support and customer support on a contract basis.

Is BPO Good for a Career?

The BPO business is growing day by day it is a good career option for many graduates and 12th pass. The salary in the BPO sector is also good. BPO jobs are very demanding these days.

What is the qualification for a BPO job?

The qualification required for BPO jobs is a 12th pass or graduation. The minimum requirement for BPO jobs is the 12th pass.

Is the BPO job stressful?

BPO job is considered the most stressful job. Workers in BPO experience stress and burnout because of the job nature. In BPO jobs there is always some communication issues between the customer and the worker.

Conclusion: BPO Full Form And Meaning

BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. Big tech companies hire third-party companies for managing their customer support service. The company has many benefits from hiring the BPO it cost them less money and the company can focus on their primary business.

BPO jobs are the most demanding jobs. You don’t need much higher qualifications for the BPO jobs a 12th pass can join BPO. I hope this article will help you to understand the BPO.

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