IOC Full Form: What Is IOC And What Does It Means?

Do you know anything about IOC? You have heard many times that IOC stands for International Olympic Committee or Indian Oil Corporation or Investigations Operations Center and many more. There are more full forms, check this post to learn about it.

In this article, we are going to tell you What is IOC? What is/are the full forms of IOC? And their meanings with small descriptions and we will also tell you what IOC exactly is a word, phrase, or abbreviation.

ioc full form

We have also mentioned some of the IOC’s and their Full forms and meanings with the fields they belong to, in the table below. Let’s begin.

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Know About IOC

IOC is an Acronym with multiple full forms and meanings.

There are so many different fields where IOC is used with different full forms and meanings. Each word has its own importance.

We use IOC as an acronym in different fields including Games/sports, the Hotel industry, business, trading, petrochemicals, medical, cyber security, education, physics, chemistry, defence, government organization, space, and many more.

Before moving further let’s have a look at some IOC acronyms with their full form.

Some IOC acronyms with Full Forms

As we know IOC is an acronym that has so many full forms and meanings. So we have drawn a tabular structure below for you to understand the IOC full forms and categories or fields they are related to.

Here are the top 20 IOC acronyms with their full forms and the categories they are related to:

AcronymFull-FormTheir Category
IOCInternational Olympic CommitteeGames
IOCIndian Oil CorporationPetrochemical Company
IOCInter Officer CommunicationHotel Industry
IOCImmediate Or CancelBusiness/Trading
IOCIndian Orthodox ChurchReligion
IOCIntraOperative CholangiogramMedical
IOCIndicator Of CompromiseCyber Security
IOCIntraOral CameraMedical Equipment
IOCInvestigations Operations CenterMilitary
IOCIntegrated Optical CircuitEducation
IOCImpedance Of CircuitElectronics
IOCIteration On CoefficientMathematics
IOCInternational Order of CharactersOrganization
IOCInternational Olive CouncilGovernment Organization
IOCInitial Operational CapabilityConstruction
IOCInput-Output ControllerSpace
IOCInternational Othello CompetitorsGames/Sports
IOCIndoor Obstacle CourseDefense
IOCIn-Organic ContaminantChemistry
IOCIron Ore Company of CanadaBusiness

What is IOC? Get To Know More About IOC

Now we will discuss some of the IOC acronyms with their full form and a small description of those acronyms and also describe what they are used for and where they are actually generated from.

International Olympic Committee

IOC or International Olympic Committee is a Sports federation, which is an Association that comes under the laws of the Swiss Confederation. IOC is a non-profitable international organization, which is responsible and has authority for Olympic movements or games.

Here are the functions of the International Olympic Committee or IOC:

  • It supports and encourages sports ethenic promotion.
  • IOC collects the money for the Olympics through conducting marketing programs and sales including the sale of broadcast rights and The Olympic Partner (TOP) program.
  • And a large amount of that collection is used for helping sports organizations globally and also for helping athletes.
  • It protects the freedom and security of the Olympic movement and makes sure that the Olympic Games celebration keeps going securely.
  • It takes action against any kind of discrimination that attacks the movement.
  • Supports and uplifts women athletes in all-level games.
  • It also takes action against doping and match-fixing or any commercial or political abuse or pressure on athletes.
  • It supports and takes a stand for initiatives that join sport and education with the culture.

Indian Oil Corporation

Indian Oil Corporation or IOC is Indian biggest Petrochemical company. It comes under the Ministry of petroleum and Natural Gas.

Investigations Operations Center

IOC or Investigations Operations Center is a secure-24’s security centre. IOC experts observe and keep track of data centre activity, security systems, applications, and give alerts about bad weather activities. Investigation Operations centres are related to military and defence services.

OPC creates reports on a daily basis that provides statistical trending.

Immediate Or Cancel

IOC as Immediate Or Cancel Order also called accept orders is a term used to buy or sell the stock that must be executed immediately. This allows to buy or sell the order security immediately after the order is placed. There is a need that the order should match the particle and unmatched orders are not accepted or get cancelled.

IntraOral Camera

IntraOral Camera is a device used in the medical field. This camera takes videos and captures photos of the internal condition of your mouth and teeth, which helps in checking and doing the treatment of plaque formation, dental cavities, gum diseases, chipped or cracked teeth, broken dental fillings, and other oral defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IOC?

An IOC is an acronym, that is made from the first letter of a longer name or phrase. The IOC acronym has so many full forms and meanings.

What is the full form of IOC in sports?

In sports, IOC stands for International Olympic Committee.

Which IOC full form is used as a medical instrument?

IOC as IntraOral Camera is used as medical equipment.

Which IOC full form is used for petrochemical companies?

Indian Oil Corporation is India’s one of biggest petrochemical companies.

What is IOC in the hotel industry?

In the hotel industry, ICO stands for Inter Officer Communication.

What is IOC in Chemistry?

In chemistry, IOC means In-Organic Contaminant.

Conclusion: IOC

This article contains all the information that is important for you to know about the acronym IOC. Above we have mentioned all possible full forms of IOC and also mentioned the top 20 frequently used terms and some IOC acronyms with their small description. Go through them and take a look I assure you it will be helpful in understanding IOC full forms and about them.

I hope this will help you in understanding the concept of acronyms and the differences between the IOC acronym and their full forms.

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