What is E RUPI? How ERupi Works As a Payment Service?

The government of India introduced e-RUPI, a digital payment service that is powered by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It’s a hassle-free one-time payment solution that will provide users with the ability to use their vouchers without carrying cash.  All you’ll need is some basic information and this new digital option to carry out transactions.

The digital voucher payment method has made the transaction process easy. However, it is only valid for 6months and you can use it only for a single time.

what is e rupi, erupi

Understanding ERUPI

E-Rupi is a digital voucher that is used for transaction purposes. However, unlike the digital payment system, you need not have a bank account or UPI id. As said before, it is transferred digitally without the need to carry your documents

understanding e-rupi, e rupi

You can share your e-RUPI with family members or friends so they may redeem it for vaccination at any of the merchants accepting UPI e-Prepaid vouchers.

Note: You can call it ERUPI, E RUPI or even E-RUPI.

Benefits of E RUPI

benefits of erupi

Here are some benefits of e-RUPI:


It is a seamless one-time payment mechanism that helps users redeem vouchers without a card, digital payments app, or internet banking access, at the merchants accepting UPI e-prepaid vouchers.

Cashless Vaccination solution

The e-RUPI is a cashless solution to provide quick access to the COVID-19 vaccine. It provides for an easily redeemable voucher, enabling vaccinations without carrying money on your person, card, or digital payment app. This eliminates complications at vaccination centers and allows you and your family to take care of health hassles in one place with ease.

cashless vaccination solution

Easy to use

The system is easy to use. You do not need a bank account or payments app to use E-RUPI. It is safe and secure due to the OTP system.

Corporate benefits

UPI Prepaid Vouchers can distribute well-being and security to employees of corporate entities. Rather than the traditional card or voucher, these are distributed digitally through SMS or Qr code which requires less effort for both organization and the customer. Tracking redemption of UPI vouchers is possible with this option by the issuer.

Physical issuance of the card isn’t needed

The e-RUPI does not require any physical issuance (card/ voucher) and lets you make secure and seamless transactions at your fingertips. With the E-Rupi, letting go of cash is no longer a nightmare because it gives you convenience and flexibility all in one.

E-RUPI’s open system makes the customer experience easy to use.

The Two Key Features Of E-RUPI

e-RUPI voucher distribution system offers two key features that make it one of the most innovative products.

Contactless Capability

The first is its contactless capability – you can securely send vouchers from your phone without having to worry about losing them or carrying multiple cards around with you. This is perfect for those who want access to these vouchers instantly and don’t want huge plastic credit card stacks bulking up their wallets or purses!

Tracking Capacity

The second feature is location awareness – the voucher redemption can be tracked easily.

Wallet Less And Contactless Way

E RUPI is a wallet-less, contactless way of allowing communities to have access to quality healthcare. The beneficiaries need not carry a printout of the voucher. It is safe and Secure for those without bank accounts or digital payment apps.

wallet less and contactless way

How Does e-RUPI Work?

  1. The issuers need to issue a voucher
  2. After this, the issued money  remains blocked
  3. In an SMS  or QR code form, you will receive the voucher.
  4. After, this you need to show the SMS to a shop or hospital that accepts E-RUPI
  5. Now, the shop or hospital will scan the QR code
  6. After, this the money gets transferred
  7. If the money isn’t fully used, then it stays back with the government. Only one-time use is possible
  8. The voucher is valid for 6 months. If not used within the particular time, then it lapses

Which Banks Are Connected to ERUPI?

  1. State Bank of India
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. Axis Bank
  4. Punjab National Bank
  5. Bank of Baroda
  6. Canara Bank
  7. IndusInd Bank
  8. ICICI Bank

FAQ about E RUPI

What is E-Rupi?

e-RUPI is just a digital voucher that a recipient receives on his phone in the form of an SMS or a QR code. It is a prepaid certificate that can be redeemed at any location that takes it.

Do I need to have a bank account for e-Rupi access?

No, you need not have any digital wallet or bank account to get e-RUPI. It is a voucher that is transmitted electronically via SMS or QR code

For How long Is the e- Rupi voucher valid?

The E-Rupi voucher is valid for around 6months. If you do not redeem it within the span of 6months, then the voucher lapses.

Is e-Rupi similar to Paytm?

No, e-Rupi is not similar to Paytm. Even though it is a digital payment mode, but it isn’t like Paytm. It is a voucher and not an app. You do not need any money in your digital wallet to carry out the transaction. The voucher code will be sent to you via SMS or Qr code. You just need to show it to your merchant and the money will be transferred.

How many times can I use the e-Rupi Voucher?

You can use the voucher only for one time. If you do not use the entire money then the rest of the money goes back to the government account.

How does e-Rupee work?

E-Rupi is a payment instrument that works with smartphones having some features and that can be used without any bank account or linked account.

Summing  Up – E RUPI As A Unique Payment System

E-RUPI is a voucher that can be shared electronically via SMS or QR code. The beneficiary needs to just show the QR code to the affiliated shop or hospital. The shop will then scan the code. After the scanning is completed, then the money will get transferred to the shop/hospital. The best part about e-RUPI is that it is contactless and cashless.

You do not need to have a bank account or UPI id for a successful transaction. Also, you need not carry credit/debit cards with you. Remember, you can use the payment method only for one time. The validity of the voucher remains for 6months. After this, it will lapse.

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