Blippi Net Worth 2023: Bio, Income, Subscribers & Achievements

A video superstar who has won the hearts of millions of children across the globe, Blippi is sure a megastar in the making. All thanks to his catchy tunes and super fun videos, the YouTube sensation has managed to rack up more than 14 billion views to date. 

Owing to his hype, we are sure that you must be intrigued by his lavish lifestyle. Together, let’s deep dive into the finer details of the star’s life and find out about his net worth! 

Networth of Blippi (2023)$73 million 
Networth Trend For The Last 3 yearsGrowing 
Projects Accomplished13 YouTube channels
Age34 years 
blippi net worth

*Net Worth is estimated, not an official document, and not intended for any regulatory or taxation purpose.

Background of Blippi

Who is Blippi

Stevin John, popularly known as Blippi is a famous YouTube content creator who earlier served in the US Air Force. He creates entertaining content for children on channels Amazon Video, Hulu, and YouTube. His USP is creating content based on nursery rhymes, numbers, colors, alphabets, and much more. 

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Education and Profession

Stevin never went to college but always aspired to become a fighter pilot when he was a kid. He turned his dreams into reality and reported to the US Air Force on active duty in 2006. He completed his time in the service in 2008. 

When he returned home, he was disheartened by the poor-quality YouTube videos his two-year-old nephew was watching. He then set out on a quest to transform the face of the kids’ entertainment industry with the Blippi show that premiered on YouTube in January 2014. 

In his popular show, Stevin dresses up in a blue and orange attire as an eponymous man and entertains children with rhymes, alphabets, colors, etc. His character was inspired by a children’s educator Mr. Rogers


If you look up the Stevin John bio, you’d learn that he was born on 27 May 1998 in the town of Ellensburg, Washington. Steven grew up on a farm surrounded by horses, cows, and tractors that cultivated his curiosity. He always dreamed of making it big in life by becoming a fighter pilot. 

Social Life of Blippi

Blippi got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Alyssa Ingham in 2021. The couple posted their engagement photos on Instagram and were showered with love by their followers. Recently, the couple became proud parents to a gorgeous baby boy on March 9, 2022. 

Sources of Income of Blippi 

Professional Career

Blippi (real name Stevin John) rose to stardom by posting educational yet entertaining videos for children on YouTube. From nursery rhymes to alphabets to numbers, Blippi was doing it all on his channel. 

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He made his way into the daily routine of millions of children through the display of his curious and energetic persona in videos. A lot of his videos revolve around visiting the outdoors such as farms, parks, and museums, and building construction equipment. 

His main YouTube channel – Blippi Educational Videos for Kids has grown to over 16.3 million subscribers since posting his first video around January 2014. Based on his main YouTube channel, he has also created other foreign language channels. 

Not just YouTube, Blippi has also conquered the children’s entertainment landscape on Hulu, Amazon, and Ruku. His most famous video to date is – Blippi Learns about Jungle Animals for Kids with over 800 million views on YouTube. 

Projects Accomplished by Blippi

When Blippi started creating videos, he was directing, acting, and graphics working on everything by himself. A few years down the line, He has half a dozen channels and a big team to manage everything. Blippi owns 13 youtube channels and he has created countless numbers of videos for children’s education and fun.

blippi cars house income

Endorsements by Blippi 

Blippi is not endorsing any brands as of now. His 13 Youtube channels in various languages are his main source of income. We will update the article when Blippi as we want. 8 without joining

Other Sources of Income

Blippi is one of the highest-earning YouTube icons in the children’s entertainment industry. His main sources of income are the views on his YouTube channels and YouTube ads. Here’s the breakdown of how much Blippi makes through various sources! 

  • YouTube Ads 
    • It is estimated that Blippi gains up to 6,000 new subscribers every day. 
    • He earns approximately $25,000 every day through ad revenue. 
  • Steaming Services 
    • Subscriber fees are another major income source for Blippi.
    • He sells all of his children’s learning videos on Amazon for either $60 a season or $1.99 per episode. 
    • He also charges a subscriber fee of $5.99 per month on Hulu in addition to the regular platform streaming fee. 
  • Blippi Products 
    • The best-selling Blippi products in the store today include – mini action figurines, Blippi beret, shoes, y boxing toys, etc. 
    • Each of these products sells for anywhere between $4-$20 at Walmart and on Amazon. 
  • Blippi Musical 
    • This is a popular musical show for kids throughout America where professional stage artists perform an enactment of Blippi’s videos. 
    • The tickets for the same range from $27.50 – $52.50. 
  • Blippi Toys Channel 
    • This branch channel of Blippi garners nearly 4 million views daily and makes him roughly $20,000 daily. 
  • Stocks 
    • Blippi owns about 10 lucrative stocks that are currently valued at $15 million. 
    • The YouTube sensation also has cash reserves of about $18 million. 

Success Story of Blippi

The struggle of Blippi leads him to success. His determination despite all odds and willingness to stay afloat led him here.

Struggles and Rejections faced by Blippi  

Blippi has faced various struggles early on in his career. John failed at being a YouTuber too in 2013 when he was badly criticized for the kind of content he was creating at the time. In 2014, though he made a comeback and never looked back.

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Major Turning Points in the Life of Blippi

  • Stevin John (aka Blippi) played a two-year stint in the US Air Force from the year 2006-2008. 
  • He also spent some time working as a marketing consultant and venturing into video production. 
  • His inspiration for creating children’s content came from his 2-year-old nephew. 
  • After going through the kind of videos his nephew liked, John decided to take a shot at the educational entertainment industry for kids. Thus, Blippi was born. 
  • He carefully designed his costume to turn Blippi into a trustworthy and fun character. 
  • He posted his very first YouTube video in 2014 and hasn’t looked back ever since. 

Achievements of Blippi’s Career

Over 16 million subscribers and 13 billion overall views are the biggest achievement. Also, the income sources that are diversified, like brands, stocks, etc are making part of his net worth.

Awards and Recognition 

  • Blippi has won the Amazon Video Direct Star a whopping 6 times. 
  • The show has consistently ranked in the top 100 performing self-published shoes every month ever since it went live on Amazon. 

Criticism Faced by Blippi 

  • Earlier in 2019, Blippi told Buzzfeed about his 2013 YouTube stint as Steezy Grossman. 
  • He made comedy videos titled “Underwear Man” and “Turdboy” that instantly became viral. 
  • In one of his R-rated 2013 YouTube videos, John made a rendition of the infamous “Harlem Shake” meme by pooping on his naked friend’s butt. 
  • He regretted making the video so much that he changed his legal name from Stephen J. Grossman to Stevin John.  

Life-Changing Steps Taken By Blippi

In 2014 Blippi got inspired to create an education channel when Blippi saw his 2-year-old nephew watching. He saw that the videos his nephew is watching are low quality and he decided to challenge the established channels in the industry.

He has got so much popular that people requested him to open a channel in their language. He listened to the audience and today he has over a dozen channels.

How Much Does Blippi Make In A Day?

We went through several celebrities’ net worth websites and newsletters to conclude that Blippi earns roughly $11 million every year, all thanks to his Amazon media rights and YouTube ad revenues. 

Therefore, as per our calculations, his monthly income comes to about $916,000. Now to answer the question of how much money Blippi makes in a day, the figure comes to an estimated $30,555. 

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Blippi House

Owing to his massive revenue collection every year, it’s no wonder that Blippi leads a luxurious life. He owns a 9,000 sq. ft luxury mansion in California. The YouTube star bought the property for 16 million dollars which features 7 humongous bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a game room, a home theatre, fireplaces, gorgeous Greek interiors, and 3 swimming pools. 

Blippi Cars 

If you’re a Blippi fan, then you must be interested in knowing the big rigs he drives! Want to know how many cars Blippi owns

Well, the YouTube celebrity drives some swanky cars such as – BMW X8 ($200,000), Audi A6 ($120,000), Volvo XC40 ($70,000), and Mercedes-Benz C-Class ($50,000). 

Brands and Companies Owned By Blippi 

Blippi owns 13 different youtube channels. He started creating videos for children in 2014. He has started 13 youtube channels for children from different countries and regions.

Top News of Blippi   

  • Recently, a London-based entertainment company, Moonbug Entertainment Ltd. has acquired the two most popular brands in kids’ entertainment on YouTube – Blippi and Cocomelon. 
  • The media house has paid 3 billion dollars for the acquisition. 

Last 3 Years Networth Of Blippi: Is It Growing? What Do We Learn From Blippi’s Life? 

Our curiosity to dive deeper into the lavish lifestyle of children’s entertainment celebrity – Blippi, led us to over 25 websites trying to get an estimate of Stevin John’s net worth

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In conclusion, there is some confusion about the exact Blippi net worth but most major websites project it to be 75 million dollars. Some websites also suggest that the number could lie between $16 million – 40 million dollars.

As per our research on the topic of Steven John or Blippi’s net worth, here’s the upward trend of his net worth growth year after year. 

blippi net worth trend
YearNetworthChange in Networth
2023$73 million+12.3%
2022$65 million+10.2%
2021$59 million +7.27%
2020$55 million+14.6%
2019$48 millionN/A

FAQs: People Also Ask

What is Blippi’s real name? 

His real name is Stevin John. 

What did Blippi do before making YouTube videos? 

Before venturing into the world of YouTube, Blippi served in the US Air Force on active duty between 2006-2008 as a loadmaster on the C-17 Globemaster. He also worked as a marketing consultant and tried his shot at video production. 

How many YouTube channels does Blippi have? 

Blippi has 13 channels on YouTube under his name. 

Final Words: Is Blippi’s Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, or Stagnant in 2023? 

Without a shadow of a doubt, Blippi has come a long way from his first YouTube video in 2014. His net worth is estimated to grow even further following the Moonbug acquisition!

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