Kevin Samuels Net Worth 2023: Career, Growth, Achievements And More

Are you interested in figuring out the Kevin Samuels Net Worth for 2023? If yes, you will find his finances, career, struggles, and various ups and downs of the life.

Name Kevin Roshon Samuels
Kevin Samuels Net Worth4 Million USD
Monthly Income More Than 15,000 USD
Date Of BirthMarch 13th, 1965
kevin samuels net worth

Background Of Kevin Samuels’s

Have you watched the videos “Are Modern Women Doomed?”, “A World Without Men” these videos are quite motivating to viewers, Yes let’s know more about the motivational speaker and lifestylist Kevin Samuels. He quit his manager job to become you tuber. Through his youtube videos, he delivered tons of motivation to the youngsters. 

Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Roshon Samuel was born on march 13th 1965 in Georgia, US. Samuel has grown up with a passion for styling and grooming. Later he became a youtube influencer who provides advice to growing businesses and also gave advice about grooming and lifestyle.

Education And Profession

Kevin grew up in Georgia and completed his schooling at Millwood High School. Samuels pursued his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma university. Kevin began his career as a Business Development Manager and moved to the media field after three years.

Kevin started his journey in media, In 2009 Kevin joined Supermedia and worked for two years as a marketing sales agent followed by Kevin joining “The Real Yello Pages” in 2011.


Kevin’s parents got divorced after a few years of his birth. Samuel didn’t reveal much about his parents, but once he revealed that he was close to his mother He was born in Georgia and brought up in Oklahoma.

Sources Of Income Of Kevin Samuels’s

Kevin Samuels’s passion for styling and grooming began in his childhood later he became a lifestylist, Business advisor and Youtuber.

Professional Career

  • Samuels started his career in 2006 in Office depot as Business Development Manager and worked for three years
  • Kevin moved to media in 2009 and began his career in Supermedia as Sales manager he expertise himself in two years. 
  • In 2011 he started his career in an advertising company as a Consultant in The Real Yellow Pages.
  • Later in 2013, he started his own company “Life and Style by Kevin Samuel”. In Life and Style by Kevin Samuels, he offered various services like styling, coaching, and Business development ideas etc.,
  • After the successful growth of his startup Kevin started a youtube channel in his name “Kevin Samuels” and posted videos about Lifestyle and Motivation.

Other Sources Of Income

  • Kevin Samuels inspired thousands of people through his youtube channel, Currently, he has 1.21 Million youtube followers. Apart from his company most of his income is from the youtube channel. 
  • Apart from his own company major income is from the youtube channel and as an Image Consultant. He earns around 5000 USD per month through his youtube channel. 
  • As an image consultant Samuels earns 10000 USD for a consultation. Through this income, his net worth has grown well in the past few years.
sucess of kevin samuels net worth

Success Story Of Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels has done hard work throughout his career and helped lots of startups to reach higher heights through his ideas for their business. He also succeeded in his business. Has inspired thousands of youngsters through his motivational speech on youtube. Kevin Samuels was not only successful in his life but also helped lots of teens to lead successful businesses and life.

We found this video about his finances, was his financial condition broke?

Struggles And Rejections Faced By Kevin Samuels’s

  • Samuels parents divorced after a few years of his birth, So he doesn’t spend much time with his parents, he mentioned that he was close to his mother.
  • Samuel was married twice unfortunately he could not lead a happy life with both of his partners.
  • Kevin gave lots of advice to teens about life and relationships but he failed to lead a happy life.
  • There was a controversy that Kevin criticise black women. According to some people’s opinion, Kevin is earning money by creating controversial content against black women.

Major Turning Points In The Life Of Kevin Samuels

  • The first turning point of Kevin Samuels’s life is that he started his career as a business development manager.
  • The second turning point in Samuels’s life is that he started his own company Life and Style by Kevin Samuels
  • The third turning point in his life is that he became popular through his motivational speeches on the youtube channel.
  • The fourth turning point in Samuels’s life is that he owns a showroom where he offers life lessons and advice to lead a successful business. 
  • He also provided advice through his youtube talk show where his subscribers can interact with him. With his speeches during those interactions, Samuels gained even more popularity among teens.
  • Kevin Samuel became a sensation on youtube in 2020 because the woman talks about she is no more interested in dating men earning very less and the reply of Samuels was appreciated by his subscriber’s

Achievements Of Kevin Samuels’s Career

  • There is no doubt that he achieved in all the companies he worked for. The companies gained more with his marketing skills and business ideas. 
  • Kevin started his own youtube channel named Kevin Samuels and achieved a subscriber count of 1.21 million and earned around 5000 USD per month.
  • BET Awards tributed Kevin Samuels with a video by displaying his image on the big screen.

Car Collections Owned By Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels owns a variety of Luxurious cars in various price ranges,

  • BMW Sedan Worth 19,000 USD
  • Mini Cooper Worth 40,000 USD
  • Tesla Model X Worth 99,000 USD
  • Mercedes Amg G-63 worth 200,000 USD
  • Lamborgini Urus worth 300,000 USD

Life-changing Steps Taken By Kevin Samuels’s

Kevin Samuels decision to start his own company in 2013, is one of the biggest reason to become a millionaire.

Along with his company, Kevin decided to run a youtube channel where he posts lifestyle, motivational and business idea videos that made him popular.

How Much Does Kevin Samuels Make In A Month?

Kevin Samuels earns around 15,000 USD per month through his youtube channel and consulting.

Brands And Companies Owned By Kevin Samuels.

Kevin Samuels started his own company in 2013 named Life and Style by Kevin Samuels.

Last 4 Years Networth Of Kevin Samuels: Is It Growing? What Do We Learn From Kevin Samuels’s Life?

last four year net worth of kevin samuels
  • In 2019 the Net Worth of Kevin Samuels was 2.4 million USD,
  • In 2020 the Net Worth of Kevin Samuels was 3.1 million USD,
  • In 2021 the Net Worth of Kevin Samuels was 3.6 million USD,
  • In 2023 the Net Worth of Kevin Samuels was 4 million USD.

Death Of Kevin Samuels

The Lifestylist, Business Advisor and the famous YouTuber Kevin Samuels passed away on the 5th of May 2023 

FAQs: People Also Ask

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuel is an Image Consultant and YouTuber.

What was Kevin Samuels’s Profession?

He provides advice about lifestyle and Consults ideas to grow business.

Who is Samuels’s Wife?

Kevin Samuels got divorced two times, and he was dating many women.

What was Kevin Samuels’s Company Name?

“Life and style by Kevin Samuel” is the name of his company.

When Was Kevin Samuel Passed Away?

Kevin Samuels passed away at age of 57 due to high blood pressure which later on turned into hypertension.

Final Words: Is Kevin Samuels’s Net Worth Grown Or Degrown?

Kevin Samuel is a popular YouTuber, Lifestylist and so on. He had a passion for lifestyle from his childhood and later on he achieved and become a millionaire by providing advice about lifestyle and business consultation. Kevin’s net worth kept growing and crossed $4 million this year.

His controversial speech won the hearts of many youngsters and also helped them to grow their businesses, at the same time he succeeded in his business too. There is no doubt that his net worth has grown well in the past few years.

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