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NameVikram Singh Barn
Vikkstar123 Net Worth 2023$11 Million
Date Of Birth2nd August 1995
*All figures are estimated and only for reference purposes.
net worth of vikkstar

Background Of Vikkstar

Vikram Singh Barn is also known as Vikstar, Vik is a Youtuber. He started his Youtube journey in 2010. He started his youtube journey at a very young age and he used to stream games like Minecraft, COD: Modern Warfare 2, and so on.

His gameplay tutorial videos are also quite famous among his subscribers, He is also a member and co-founder of the Sidemen Gaming Community. Let’s know more about his journey, struggle, net worth, and so on.

Who Is Vikkstar

Vik is famous for his gameplay Youtube videos, he was born in England. He used to upload his gameplay videos of Call of Duty, Minecraft, and so on. Along with the gameplay videos, he also uploads gameplay tips and tricks videos. He has a huge fan base for his Youtube videos. Vik is a co-founder and member of “Sidemen”.

Education And Profession: Key Points

  • Vikkstar was born in Guildford, later his family moved to Sheffield where he completed his schooling at Silverdale School. 
  • Vik got an offer to pursue his bachelor’s degree from London University, but he refused to accept the offer. He wants to pursue his career as a Youtuber.
  • He was used to playing Battle Royal games along with his friends, he was hyper-active while playing games, and he understood that he could play even better, in 2010 he created his Youtube channel and started uploading his gameplay videos. 
  • His gameplay made him famous and attracted more views to his channel, His tutorial video about how to use knives hyped his popularity.
  • After a year he met KSI in a game fest, and after two years Sidemen was formed. Along with Call Of Duty, he also uploaded his gameplays in Minecraft too.
  • Later he joined the Sidemen community in 2013, he shared a room with the Sidemen members and they used to play Call Of Duty together. Sidemen increased his popularity even more.
  • Vik is also a member of “The Pack”, Pack is a group of YouTubers playing Minecraft and they record their gameplay along with Vik. 
  • The members of the pack and sidemen have collaborated a few times, and Lachian the member of the pack has played with the members of the sidemen a few times.
  • Vik shared a room with members of Sidemen from 2014 – 2018, After 4 years he moved out ofofSidemen’shouse.
  • He is also a member of “Dream SMP” it is a Multiplayer survival game developed by Youtubers. During his Youtube career, he has collaborated with a lot of famous YouTubers. 
  • He is not only a Youtuber but also an actor he has appeared in various web series and TV shows like “The Sidemen Show”, “How To Be Bezhinga” and “The Wheel in 2021”.
Education and profession of vikkstar


Vikkstar was from an Indian family and was born in Sheffield, He didn’t reveal much about his parents, he has two elder brothers, and one of his brothers’ names is Lewis.

He did not come from an easy path to becoming a successful YouTuber he was born in Sheffield but he came from an Indian background he faced a lot of difficulties adapting. 

Social Media Handles Of Vikkstar

Vikkstar was much active on his social media handles, he has huge fan-followers on social media more than 4 Million people are following him on Instagram.

He is a popular Youtuber like Pewdiepie and SSSniperwolf. In case you follow them, check out the Pewdiepie Net worth and SSSniperwolf Net worth that we created after long research.

Sources Of Income Of Vikkstar

The major source of his income is Youtube he earns approximately $790,000 per year through Youtube Adsense. Vik also earns income from promoting the clothing brand of Sidemen.

Professional Career

  • On April 12th, 2010, Vikkstar started his career as a Youtuber, In the early stages, he recorded his gameplay of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare along with his friends.
  • Vik became the member and cofounder of Sidemen in 2013, along with the YouTubers KSI, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Benzinga, and TBJZL.
  • Later in 2014, he moved to the house of Sidemen along with other teammates, after moving into Sidemen’s house his views and popularity started rising. 
  • Vikkstar also owns three subsidiary channels, they are Vikkstar123HD, Vikkstarplay, and Vikkstarshorts.
  • Vikkstar is not only a member of Sidemen, but he is also a member of The Pack Community, the members of the pack are used to playing Minecraft. Vikkstar also runs his own Minecraft server, player can play various modes on his Minecraft server.
  • In 2021, he announced that he will not play Call Of Duty Warzone due to insufficient Anti cheating matrices, Following him there a lot of problems were raised against Call Of Duty Warzone, These issues were fixed by Activision.

Other Sources Of Income

Apart from YouTube, he earns money through advertising on his channel, also he earns from merchandising the sidemen clothes and he makes a good income from the Minecraft server.

sucuss story of vikkstar

Success Story Of Vikkstar

  • Vikkstar completed his schooling at Silverdale school, he has a good academic record and was the most attentive student in school, after completing his studies he wants to be a full-time YouTuber, and for that, he refused the offer to study at London University. 
  • He followed his dream and became a successful millionaire. His parents were disappointed by his decision because they wants to see him as a doctor, but Vik followed his passion and became successful.

Struggles And Rejections Faced By Vikkstar

  • Even though Vikkstar was born in London, he faced a lot of difficulties adapting as he was from an Indian family. 
  • In the early stages of his YouTube career, he faced a lot of struggles his videos couldn’t make up the views he expected.
  • Vikkstar was trolled for his Indian ethnicity, sidemen members used to edit Vikkster shorts in their videos to make their videos look funny. 
  • Vik has suffered a lot at that Sidemen Sessions. Sometimes those jokes hurt Vikkstar. 

Major Turning Points In The Life Of Vikkstar

  • The First Major turning point in the life of Vikkstar is his decision to pursue his career as a full-time Youtuber, by following his passion he became a millionaire.
  • The second turning point in the life of Vikkstar is when he started uploading Minecraft videos which helped him to bring more audience to his channel.
  • Th,e third turning point in the life of Vikkstar is when he joined the “Sidemen”, which helped to increase his popularity even more.
  • The fourth turning point in the life of Vikkstar became the investor of his own gaming club.

Achievements Of Vikkstar’S Career

  • Vikkstar has achieved a lot as a Youtuber, He won Guinness World Record for playing Minecraft in Consecutive days.
  • Vikkstar was a popular YouTuber with 7.6 Million subscribers on his channel Vikkstar123 and 3.3 Million subscribers on his other channel Vikkstar123HD. He started his channel in 2010 playing Minecraft most of the time. Now, he reached over 3 Billion average views on YouTube.

Awards And Recognition 

  • As a Youtuber Vikkstar has received Youtube Creator Awards, and Vikkstar has received Youtube Silver Play Button and Youtube Gold Play Button.
  • He was nominated for the awards Vlogger Of The Year in the NME Awards,
  • Vik was nominated for the award Choice Gamer in Teen Choice Awards,

Life-changing Steps Taken By Vikkstar

The major life-changing step taken by Vikkstar is that he decided to become a Youtuber after completing his studies. By following his passion he became a millionaire.

How Much Does Vikkstar Make From Youtube?

Vikkstar has become a popular Youtuber with his hard work, he earns approximately $400,000 per year from Youtube. He also earns from Merchandising Sidemen clothes.

Brands And Companies Owned By Vikkstar 

In 2021, Vikkstar invested in his own gaming club ReKTGlobal, and he became the co-owner of his gaming club.

Top News and Deals By Vikkstar and His Brand

  • Vikkster won the Guinness Record for playing Minecraft in consecutive hours,
  • Vikkstar became the Co-owner of his own gaming club(ReKTGlobal) by investing in it.
  • Vikkstar earns a lot of money through his Minecraft server””.

He makes some great thumbnails for his channel, Maybe using some tools like Jasper Art!

Last 4 Years’ Networth Of Vikkstar: Is It Growing?

As a Youtuber, his popularity along with his net worth has gradually increased in the past years, 

last four year networth of vikkstar
YearNetworthChange in Networth
2023$11 Million+10%
2022$10 Million+25%
2021$8 Million+60%
2020$5 Million+25%
2019$4 MillionN/A

The estimated net worth of Vikkstar in 2023 is around $11 Million.

We could see his growth in terms of popularity and net worth, his net worth is gradually increased in the past years, and there is no doubt that his net worth Vikkstar will reach higher heights in the upcoming years.

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FAQs: People Also Ask

Who is Vik?

Vikkstar is a Youtuber, Gamer, and the Member of the Sidemen group. He used to upload Gameplay videos on his channel.

Who is Vikkstar’s Girlfriend?

Ellie Harlow is the girlfriend of Vikkstar.

How Much Did Vikkstar Earn From Youtube?

He earns approximately $400,000 Million per year from his Youtube channel.

Who Are The Members Of The Sidemen Youtube Group?

There are 6 members in the Sidemen Group they are,
Simon Minter,
Josh Bradley,
Vikram Barn.

Who Is The Richest Person Of the Sidemen Group?

KSI is the richest person in the Sidemen Group.

Final Words: Is The Vikkstar’s Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, Or Stagnant?

Vikkstar decided to become a YouTuber after completing his schooling, he refused to accept the offer received from London University and he followed his passion and became successful. The net worth of Vikkstar increased from $10 Million to $11 Million.

His parents were disappointed by his decision to become a YouTuber, they wants to see him as a doctor. He proved to them that he could achieve a lot as a YouTuber.


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