Conor Mcgregor Net Worth 2023: Income, Cars, House & Achievements

How much an MMA Fighter can gain in a decade? What do you think? Conor McGregor is a prizewinning example to know how much a person can receive from his willpower. Who would have thought a guy who gets bullied by others would become a tough boxer? So, let me introduce you, to the most prestigious UFC fighter got.

Learn about Conor Mcgregor Net Worth, income, luxuries, growth, cars, achievements, and a lot more that you just need to know.

Conor Mcgregor Wiki:

Full NameConor McGregor
Net Worth 2023$220 Million
Birthday & Age14 July 1988, 34 Years Old
Brands and RevenueMMA Payouts, Reebok, Burger King endorsements & Other Businesses
Overall MMA Record22-6
conor mcgregor net worth

*Net Worth is estimated, not an official document, and not intended for any regulatory or taxation purpose

Background of Conor Mcgregor

Conor Anthony McGregor was born on 14 July 1988 in Dublin, Ireland to Tony and Margaret McGregor. He is also known as “Notorious”. Conor McGregor is a professional MMA Fighter. He has been part of some high-profile boxing fights of the 21st Century.

In 2017, McGregor and Mayweather faced each other in the ring. This fight was adjudged as “The Money Fight and The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History by many big magazines and media houses. His rivalry with Khabib is one of the hottest talking points in sports history.

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Conor McGregor, Education, and Profession

Conor grew up in Crumlin, Ireland where he attended the “Gaelscoil Scoil Mológa, in Harold’s Cross and Gaelcholáiste Coláiste de hÍde“. In his childhood, Conor primarily used to play football.

Although he was one sporty and enthusiastic child, Conor took up Boxing at the age of 12 as a self-defense skill to boost his confidence against bullies. Conor started his Mixed Martial Arts training at the age of 18.

Conor McGregor Family

Conor McGregor has 3 children named Croia, Rian, and Conor Jr. with his partner “Dee Devlin“. Connor and Dee have been together since 2008. Conor has two siblings Erin and, Aoife.

Social Life of Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is one of the most popular boxing professionals in the current generation. He is an idol to thousands and he enjoys a huge following on social media platforms. With his unique style and charm, Conor has gained over 55 Million followers across Twitter and Instagram. Here is a complete brief of his social media account links and Followers.

Conor Mcgregor Source of Income

Professional Career

Conor McGregor has reached the pinnacle of the sport of boxing. He fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and became the first fighter to hold the title of Featherweight and Lightweight Champion at the same time.

In 2017, Conor debuted in Professional boxing against Floyd Mayweather. This fight was the biggest fight of this century in more than one manner. While in the promotion the fight was branded as The Money Fight or The biggest fight in combat history. A total of 4.93 Million PPVs were sold for the fight.

Even though McGregor lost the Fight in the 10th round, He made a whooping $130 Million from the fight.

Fights of Conor McGregor

Conor has fought 28 fights in his life, out of which Conor defeated his opponents 22 times. Some of these fights are the biggest boxing/combat fights you will ever read about. I am adding a list of noticeable matches of Conor McGregor with a brief about the result.

Floyd MayweatherLost2017
Jose AldoWon2015
Eddie AlvarezWon2016
Legendary Fights of Conor McGregor

Endorsements of Conor McGregor

Reaching the heights of his boxing career garnered him fame across the world. And fame brought numerous Endorsements which Conor has accepted with both hands. He is currently endorsing Brands like Reebok, Monster Energy, and Burger King. Overall McGregor has signed a dozen endorsements deal. These are some famous brands Conor McGregor Endorses:-

  • Reebok
  • Burger King
  • Monster Energy
  • Bud Light
  • Beats by Dre
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Other Sources of Income

Along with being a fantastic Fighter, Conor has proved himself to be quite a business personality. He has launched his fashion line named “August Conor” and An Irish Whiskey company named Proper No. 12. He owns a pub back in his homeland. In 2020 Conor made his acting debut with Jake Gyllenhaal in the remake of the movie Road House.

Success Story of Conor McGregor

Fierce Fighting Skills, Notorious personality, Aggressively proud, and Astonishingly charming, this is how you might define Conor McGregor. But there is much more to his life and the story behind the success he achieved.

Conor McGregor Struggles and Rejections

After starting boxing at 12, Conor moved into MMA fighting style after the age of 15 when his family moved to Lucan. Where he met his long-time friend/coach John. Conor belonged to a middle-class family. His Dad used to take up multiple jobs like Cab-Driver, Hospital Service, etc.

With his Dad’s persistence, Conor took up a plumbing apprentice. He left due to a lack of interest and pursued MMA fighting to achieve his goals. Here is a video of Conor McGregor telling about his journey and struggles:-

After starting as a promising lad in his first two fights, Conor lost a fight by submission. It set Conor’s career back a mile. It took him time to jump back into the ring but he made a strong comeback and didn’t stop before reaching the UFC Title.

Major Turning Points in Conor McGregor’s Life

Conor McGregor took up boxing at a very early age and a boxing/combat career was always in the sight. Still, it was not until the age of 16 that he fully dedicated himself to fighting. It happened so because of his family condition and lack of resources. Many turning points in his life led him to become the champion we know him as today.

  1. Conor took up boxing first because he wanted to learn self-defense against school bullying and wanted to boost his confidence.
  2. In the Crumlin Boxing Club, Conor met his first coach “Phil”. who taught McGregor the “Bob and Weaves” of boxing.
  3. The third turning point in McGregor’s life was his family moving to Lucan where he was introduced to the MMA fighting style. It was the MMA fighting style that made Conor what he is today.

Achievements of Conor McGregor’s Life

Conor has been among the best MMA fighters in the last 15 years. He has fought the best fighters and won numerous championships in his career. His achievements can’t be matched by just any other fighter of the current generation. I am listing some of his known and unknown achievements below.

  • Conor McGregor is the very first MMA Fighter to hold Featherweight and Lightweight championships simultaneously.
  • His fight with the legend “Floyd Mayweather” has been regarded as the biggest combat sports event ever.
  • His professional boxing debut fight sold 4.93 Million PPVs. Most for any combat sport in history.

Awards and Recognition

Conor McGregor doesn’t need recognition from any established organization. His titles and records are proof of everything he earned in his life. Still, he has been recognized and awarded numerous times in various categories.

AwardCategory/Awarded forYear
Best FighterESPY Award2016
International Fighter of the YearWorld MMA Award2014, 2016
Fight of the YearMMAInsider.net2013
Fighter of the YearSherdog Breakthrough2014
Awards and Recognitions received by Conor

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conor mcgregor cars house income

Conor Mcgregor Cars

Conor McGregor is more than just a boxer or fighter. He lives a king-size life and has a larger-than-life aura around him. His car collection is a specified representation of his personality and choice. As per, Conor McGregor owns a caravan of 9 Cars. Here are some of Conor McGregor’s favorite cars he has in his Garage:-

CarAverage Current worth(USD)
Land Rover Discovery$56,600 – $75,300
BMW i8$147,500
Caddilac Escalade$79,295 – $91,095
Bentley Continental GT$222,700
Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe$247,609
Rolls Royce Ghost$311,900
Lamborghini Urus$239,070
Mclaren 650S$325,530
Lamborghini Avendator Roadster$546,847
Conor Mcgregor Car Collection

Conor McGregor House

When you earn $100 Million in a year, You gift yourself some nice things like buying some holiday property, buying some luxuries, and properties for your family. Conor McGregor is one of the highest paid sports-personality in the world. His fights have broken all previous records in ticket sales.

Conor has bought 3 real estate properties in Nevada, Ireland, and in Marbella. Here is a detailed analysis of Conor McGregor’s houses:-

Ireland Home

Conor was born in Ireland, which makes it obvious why he bought his hometown, Emerald Isle, Ireland. Conor McGregor bought this house in 2019 for a whopping $2.5 Million. This luxurious property consists of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen.

Other than this, the property has a beautiful river view and a horse riding facility. Conor’s house has some sports rooms and an in-house modern facility Gym. You can check images of this house on Conor McGregor’s Instagram, We have added a link to his Instagram link in the Social Life section.

Las Vegas House

Conor McGregor bought his Las Vegas house in 2015 for $2 Million. As you may know, most of Conor’s fights took place in Nevada, which inspired Conor to buy this house for his comfort and convenience. Although, he sold this house in 2017 for $2.7 Million.

This house consisted of 7 Mega Bedrooms with included washrooms. This house was built in a 12000 square foot area. Along with 7 bedrooms, the house included a spa room, swimming pool, garden golf course, and much more.

Marbella Holiday Home

In 2018, Conor gifted himself a well-deserved Holiday home to relax from his fights and escape the 24×7 fame. Conor bought his house in Marbella for $1.6 Million to chill out in his break from fighting and winning championships.

This house has a master bedroom with direct access to the swimming pool. Along with the swimming pool, there is a personalized gym and spa.

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Life-Changing Decisions Taken by Conor McGregor

Conor is a self-made person. He has stood by his decisions without paying too much attention to results and focusing on his work ethic and hard work. Conor has taken life-changing decisions on more than one occasion in his life.

In his teen years, Conor gave up a Plumbing Internship even after hard arguments with his father to complete that internship and get a stable honest man’s career. He has been predicting the right results from the events that are occurring in his life. This tells about the clarity of decisions in Conor McGregor’s mindset and decision-making.

Brands and Companies owned by Conor McGregor

Conor is known for his famous Ireland whiskey and clothing line investments. He has invested in various businesses listed below:-

  • Conor bought a club named “The Black Forge INN”.
  • Conor McGregor invested in “Proper No. 12 ” Ireland whisky in 2018 which is one of the biggest addition to Conor Mcgregor’s Net Worth.
  • Conor McGregor launched a clothing line named “August-McGregor”. Conor partnered with David August to launch this clothing line.

How much does Conor McGregor make in a day?

As per our estimation, Conor McGregor makes around $35 Million every year. On calculating, we see that Conor McGregor makes $98,890 per day. If we calculate further, Conor makes $673K per week and, $2917 K per month.

Top News and Deals by Conor McGregor and His Brand

  • Conor McGregor might fight Floyd Mayweather again next year.
  • Conor’s whisky brand has sold over 100s & 100s of bottles as per Conor’s update on social media.
  • The notorious fighter seems to have focused back on his UFC return next year. UFC manager Dana White expects Conor to return by early 2023.

Last 5 Years’ Net Worth of Conor McGregor: Is It Growing? What do we learn from Conor McGregor’s life?

In 2023, we estimate Conor McGregor’s net worth to cross $220 Million.

When you reach the heights of MMA fighting. He is one of the most-paid sportsmen. His fight with Floyd Mayweather gained Conor more than $130 Million. He has retired temporarily but his investments and business ventures have added substantial information to this topic.

conor mcgregor net worth trend
YearNet WorthChange in Net Worth
2023$220 Million+10%
2022$200 Million+5.26%
2021$190 Million+5.55%
2020$180 Million+9.09%
2019$165 Million+10%
2018$150 MillionN/A

On the internet, different websites are showing the different net worth of Conor McGregor. As per our estimation, Conor McGregor is worth more than $220 Million. He earns somewhere between $30-35 Million per year.

Conor Belongs to a middle-class family and rose through the ranks with his hard work. He has never given up in any situation, even when he couldn’t see the way ahead. He is an inspiration to those who want to try their luck in sports, even after belonging to an economically downgraded family.

Plans for the Next 5 Years: Its Impact on Net Worth

Next year, Conor is planning to return to MMA. Along with that, Conor McGregor might re-engage with Floyd Mayweather next year. If Conor makes a successful comeback and fights Floyd again, It’ll be a blessing for Conor’s net worth.

In 2017, Conor earned $130 Million from his fight with Floyd Mayweather. Thus, if the fight takes place again, it might break all records of sales for a match. These incidents make the next 5 years promising and leave a positive review to make all hopes in favor of Conor McGregor.

FAQs: People Also Ask

How much is Conor McGregor worth in 2023?

Conor McGregor is worth over $220 Million in 2023.

How old was Conor McGregor when he started fighting?

Conor McGregor started training as a boxer when he was 12 years old in Ireland.

How can I contact McGregor?

You can go to McGregor’s website and fill out a contact us form from there. A number is also provided for USA citizens on the website.

Who is the highest-paid UFC Fighter?

Conor McGregor, also known as Notorious in the ring, is the highest-paid UFC fighter.

Final Words: Is Conor McGregor’s Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, or Stagnant?

Conor McGregor’s net worth has been growing since the moment he put his first step in the ring. And the last few years have been no exception. Conor has earned a big buck since his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

He has invested in many business establishments, and as I have mentioned, making investments in those businesses is his second source of Income.

In upcoming years, Conor McGregor’s net worth will grow significantly, and the notorious fighter will make good on his promise to return to MMA soon.

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