21 Savage Net Worth 2023: Income, Struggle, Achievement, News, Awards

Find the estimated 21 Savage net worth for 2023 here. Not only that, In this article much more has to come about 21 Savage’s personal life, education, income, success stories, and Luxurious life. I hope you will be thrilled by going through his career.

Net Worth of 21 savage
21 Savage  Net Worth 2023 Estimates$20 Million
Monthly Income$150,000 +
Networth Trend For The Last 3 yearsGrowing
ProfessionProfessional rapper
Age30 years
Height6’0” (180 cm) approx
Weight75 Kgs or 165 pounds approx

Background Of 21 Savage

Sheyaa Bin Abraham- Joseph famously and popularly known as 21 Savage, has flabbergasted the world with his extraordinary performances and success in the early stage of his life. His story combines crime, poverty, violence, luxury, and humanity as well.

Who is 21 Savage?

21 Savage is a world-famous Rapper with whom everybody wants to be featured in events and shows. He was born in London on 22 October 1992 to Heather Carmellia Joseph and Kevin Cornelius Emmons.

He is famous for his superb rapping which is his own life experiences and thoughts. He started his rapping career when he was 21 years old and after the first two albums, he has been recognized as an underground hero of Atlanta.

Early Life And Education Of 21 Savage

21 Savage’s childhood started in poverty and was surrounded by instabilities. He was born in London but due to his parent’s divorce, he shifted with her mother to Atlanta, Georgia, US.

There he joined South Gwinnett high school but he was expelled in 7th grade due to illegal possession of a gun. Even after that, he was banned from all the schools in that area.

He was then sent to a juvenile detention center for some time. After that, he joined another school but he dropped out of that also and joined a local street gang called “Bloods” gang there he used to be involved in criminal activity like selling drugs called cannabis. He also indulged in other criminal activities like robbery and car theft for making extra money.

Family Members Of 21 Savage

He is having strong bonding with his mother and he always talks about his mother in many interviews but on the other side, he rarely shares anything about his father. He always praised her mother for the hard work she has put into raising all the children. His mother was fond of music and the band “Silk” was her favorite among all. His inclination toward music is because of her only. 

He has twin sisters and two brothers. This rapper family has two sons and a daughter named Kamari, Ashaad, and Rhian. Earlier they lived in Domnica, London but later they shifted to Atlanta. Still, 21 Savage lives in Atlanta, the US with his family.

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journey of 21 savage

Contributors In Net Worth Of 21 Savage

The criminal turned rapper has immense capability and talent in his rapping & songwriting skill that the whole world is now his fan. Apart from popularity, he has a Net worth of $20 Million as of 2023 at the age of only 30 years old. So let’s deep dive into his career to understand the quality of this Gem.

Professional Career

He started his musical career with a single called “Picky” with DJ Plugg in November 2014. Then he released his first mixtape called “Slaughter Tape” in May 2015 which was a huge success. Later he included his single song “picky” under this mixtape.

He worked with many artists like DJ Plugg, Migos, Fall out Boy, Drake, Post Malone, Cardi B, and J. Cole. With Post Malone, he released “Rockstar” which was ranked in the top position on Bill Board Hot 100 for the first 4 weeks. In 2020 he brought an album “A Lot” with J. Cole for which he won Grammy Award

Projects Accomplished By 21 Savage

21 savage has done till now 273 songs with many artists and with famous musical companies like Sony Digital, Metro Boomin, and Upstart F-12.

Some of his famous albums are worth mentioning so that you can also have a chance to listen to this legendary rapper and connect with him.

2015Slaughter King, Slaughter Tape
2016Savage Mode, 21 Gang
201721 UZI, Issa
2018I Am > 1 Was
2020Savage Mode II

His hit songs are “Bank Account”, “Red Opps”, “Lord Forgive”, “X”, “No Heart”, “Ocean Drive”, “Dip Dip”, “FaceTime”.

Monetary Values Of 21 Savage’s Projects

  • After the first mixtape, 21 Savage was charging $500-$1000 for each show.
  • After getting 117000000 views on his song “Red Opps” 2 years back he tripled his show’s price.
  • He signed LA Reid’s Epic Records for millions of dollars.
  • He charged other rappers $500-$1500 for featuring with him.
  • In 2019 he made $120,000 for each show.
  • He charged $250,000 for a single feature.
  • He has millions of earnings from his records and streaming.
  • 21 Savage got paid $1 Million to Perform at Bar Mitzvah.

Success Story Of 21 Savage

Like others, 21 Savage’s success story is also full of challenges. He also faced rejection in his life. His net worth today is growing by leaps and bounds but without his dedication, it couldn’t have been possible.

success story of 21 savage

Struggles And Rejections Faced By 21 Savage

Here are the rejections, controversies, and struggles that he has faced.

Poverty Made Him Criminal

Since childhood, he was surrounded by struggles. He was very poor in his early years as all the responsibilities were on his mother. That forced him to indulge in criminal activity like robbery, car theft, etc. In school days he was expelled due to gun possession and also banned by other schools. Later his friend died in a firing in drug dealing and he got shot 6 guns in his body but by god grace, his life was saved.

Immigration Scandal

In 2019 he went under the custody of U.S Immigration because of an expired visa he was having from that country. He has been there a week. Many knowns came to his defense and one of them is Jay Z. 

The Luxury Of 21 Savage

21 Savage’s net worth shows his luxurious life. Luxury houses, cars, and jewelry are part of 21 Savage’s Net worth.

Houses Owned By 21 Savage

As he grew in his career, he moved to a massive mega mansion in the Hollywood Hills and was paying for this multi-million dollar mansion around $45000 per month. Later he moved back to Atlanta and bought a luxurious 2200-square-foot penthouse on the 24th floor.

This penthouse has all the modern appliances and is also equipped with automated windows which operate with only a button press. It has a professional service staff for your food delivery and laundry requirements.

Earlier the price of this penthouse was not known but when 21 Savage listed it for sale it was $800,000. So you can imagine how a $15 million worth of person can lavishly enjoy his life.

Cars Collection

21 Savage has very few collections of cars but that doesn’t mean he possesses ordinary cars. His car collection is pretty impressive.

The first car which will love to mention is none other than the most famous “Ferrari” 488 which he owned by paying $250,000. 

The car which comes in 2nd place is “Bentley Bentayga” also known as Bentley Truck, it’s the fastest and most expensive SUV on the market and he owns this car after spending $230,000. 

The last and final car which I would like to mention is the Mercedes Maybach S600 which he purchased right after he was paid $1 million for that Bar Mitzvah performance. He bought it for $192,000.

Jewelry Collection 

21 Savage is a big fan of jewelry but recently he admitted to no longer buying it anymore because he wanted to be smart with his money so he started investing in real estate and cryptocurrency.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a unique and expensive jewelry collection. One significant piece of jewelry he has is a double-sided chain made of his face with John Voorhees on the other side.

Another piece 21 Savage has is a “Slaughter Gang” chain with a Jason mask in between the two words. Also, his notorious 21 dagger chain which is flooded with crystal clear VVS diamonds as well as another chain that just says “Savage”.

Apart from the jewelry he has an expensive collection of designer clothes and accessories. He has luxurious brands like YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many many more. I am not sure of the exact price of his wardrobe collection but it won’t be less than $300,000. He also has $55,000 for a watch from a brand called Patek Phillip.

Award Received by 21 Savage

Billboard Music Award 

He is the winner of this award for his song “Rockstar” in 2018. 

Grammy Award

His best rap song “A Lot” won “Grammy” award in 2020.

Image Award( NAACP)

He has been nominated for this award in year 2022 for his outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap song.

The Streamy Awards

21 Savage won the Purpose Award in 2019 for being a good creator.

Life-changing Steps Taken By 21 Savage

As earlier I mentioned that he was involved in criminal activity till the age of 20 years but when we saved his life from an incident in which he was shot 6 times. He realized that if he will continue in this profession then one day either he will be in jail or he will be murdered. Then after he shifted to music and changed his destiny forever.

How Much Does 21 Savage Make In A Day?

It is now the time to discuss his income. 21 Savage earns via many sources related to music and is around $5000 daily. He earns about $25000 to $30000 per show.

Top News about 21 Savage

  • 21 Savage runs a drive called “Issa Back to School” in which backpacks, shoes, uniforms, and school supplies are being provided to poor children.
  • 21 Savage also promotes a campaign called “Bank Account” to literate youngsters about financial literacy.
  • 21 Savage also donated $1000 to 21 kids with an NGO called “Get Schooled”.

Last 3 Years Networth Of 21 Savage: Is It Growing?

lat three year net worth of 21 savage
Year21 Savage Net WorthChange in Net Worth
2023$20 million+33.33%
2022$15 million+25%
2021$12 million+50%
2020$8 millionN/A

In the last 3 years, the net worth of 21 Savage is increasing by $3-4 million every year. He is just 29 years and making this much money which is incredible.

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FAQs: People Also Ask

How many times was 21 Savage shot?

He was involved in drug dealing and he was shot 6 times in the body but he survived.

How did 21 Savage get rich?

When he was 21 years of age he launched his first single track and 1 year later his first mixtape “Slaughter Tape” which gave him popularity and money.

When did 21 Savage start his career?

In November 2014 he released his first song “Picky” and in July 2015 mixtape “Slaughter Tape”. This has uplifted his music career.

Who is 21 Savage’s wife?

21 Savage was dating the model “Amber Bush” but they separated in 2019. Now his girlfriend and wife’s details are not disclosed by him.

Final Words: Is 21 Savage’s Net Worth Growing, Declining, or Stagnant? 

A musician who’s Net worth stood at $20 million at the age of 30 years and is increasing by an average of 20% every year, will do wonders in the coming future.

I hope 21 Savage has fascinated you quite enough with his achievements and fame.

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