Anna Kendrick Net Worth 2023: Journey Of Struggle, Achievement, And Luxury

If you are looking for the net worth of Anna Kendrick for 2023, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have covered her sources of income, expenses on luxury, her struggles, top news, and the last three years net-worth comparison.

Anna Kendrick Net Worth 2023 Estimates$25 million
Monthly Income$175,000 +
Networth Trend for For the  Last 3 yearsGrowing
ProfessionActress, Singer, Producer
Age35 years
Height5’2” (157 cm) approx
Weight51 Kgs or 112 pounds approx

*Net Worth is estimated, not an official document, and not intended for any regulatory or taxation Purpose.

Anna Kendrick Net Worth and Income

Anna Kendrick, why she is famous, what made her so rich, what kind of lifestyle she is alluring, and what is her net worth till date, all these details we will be covering in this article.

Background Of Anna Kendrick

We have watched a very famous movie “Twilight Saga” many times and with Bella, the main actress in the movie, we must have noticed her friend Jessica Stanley. So you got the clue, today we will be discussing Anna Cooke Kendrick in this article. We will explore here her personal life, education, family, career, net worth, and many more.

Here is a video about her before she was famous and her growth path:

Who Is Anna Kendrick

Anna Cooke Kendrick is an actor, producer, and also singer. She started her career in theatres and later upgraded to movies. Now she is doing movies, TV Shows, music videos, and also producing a few movies.

She was born on 9 August 1985 in Poland, Maine, Unites States. She has performed in many movies and one of them is “Twilight Saga”. From 1998 til the present she has continuously upgraded herself with better movies and TV Shows.

Education And Profession

She was very clear about her passion for acting that’s why she has opted for higher education. But she completed her school at Deering High School and then joined theatres to enhance her acting skills.


Her mother Janice Kendrick was an accountant and her father Mr. William Kendrick was a teacher and was also involved in finance-related work. Her elder brother Michael Cooke Kendrick is also an actor and has done a few movies.

Social Life Of Anna Kendrick

Anna is active on Instagram since 2012 where she is having 23.8 million followers and a total of 997 posts. She is also having a youtube channel “Anna Kendrick Vevo” which she is using to connect with her fans in a better way.

Sources Of Income Of Anna Kendrick

In 24 years of her career in this industry, she is recognized as a multi-talented actress who is associated with movies, TV Shows, and albums and also showed her creativity in production as well voiceovers.

Along with movies she also earned through shows, brand endorsements, and publications. So let’s start to understand her career and other income sources.

Professional Career

She began her career in theatres in 1998 with Broadway Musical “High Society”. She gained much appreciation for her last performance and with the help of that, she got another play “A little Night Music” in 2003. In between this period she also got a chance to debut in movies with the film “Camp” in 2002. She has worked in more than 40 movies, a few of them are the “Twilight Saga” series from 2008 to 2012, and the “Pitch Perfect” series from 2012 to 2017.

She has also worked in TV Shows as an actor as well as executive producer from 2007 till date. A few of them are “Dummy” and “Love Life”. She is also known for her singles tract “Cups” in 2013 and music videos like “Starships”.

Projects Accomplished By Anna Kendrick

We have searched many websites, news articles, and posts related to her and found that till now she has delivered 40 movies, 13 TV Shows, around 14 musical shows, 2 theatres, and 1 single track. Her movies are Camp, Rocket Science, Twilight Series, Elsewhere, Up in the Air, 50/50, End of Watch, Pitch Perfect Series, Into the Woods, and the list goes on. 

Endorsements By Anna Kendrick

She was part of the blockbuster movies Twilight and Pitch perfect. These movies bought fame and money into her life.

Nowadays she is the brand ambassador for many companies like Kate Spade, Newcastle Brown Ale, Wars Battlefront, and Frito-Lays.

She was also part of Hilton Hotels promotion in 2018 which became very famous among millennials and Hilton’s popularity increased from 8% to 14% because of that advertisement. People from age groups from 18 to 34 prefer to use products referred by celebrities.

Other Sources Of Income

Apart from movies that paid her millions on yearly basis, there are other sources too that contribute to her net worth of $ 25 million in 2023. As I have already mentioned that she is interacting with her audience through youtube and Instagram but those are also revenue contributors for her.

  • On Youtube, she is having 1.43 million subscribers on her channel “Anna Kendrick Vevo” which has a total of 635,587,420 views on her videos to date. So from this platform, she can easily make millions in a year.
  • Next, is her Instagram account which has 23.8 million followers. Celebrity uses their Instagram for paid promotion and sponsorship so it is another source of millions of dollars in earnings. 
  • She has also written a non-fictional book “Scrappy Litle nobody” which was the New York Times best-seller in 2016. She has also recorded her voice for the audio version of her book. Her book has three categories hardcover which cost INR 1731 ($21.03), paperback which costs INR 754 ($9.16), and audio CD which cost INR 1994 ($97.11).

Success Story Of Anna Kendrick

Anna is a famous personality in Hollywood at this moment and also a highly paid actress. But this is not the scenario a few years back. She has struggled a lot in her career from the grass root level.

Here in this section, we will see her struggle story,  breaking points, and awards for her performances. The price of an antique piece is determined by its struggle in formation. 

Struggles And Rejections Faced By Anna Kendrick

Once Anna openly shared her struggles with Flare Magzine doing the promotion of her new book “Scrappy Little Nobody”. 

  • Despite being popular in Hollywood she was facing a financial crisis for many years and because of that, she was depressed and frustrated at that time.
  •  It was a tough time for her to meet ends for a living. Celebrities like Anna who is famous for her funny nature have gone through this level of situation but never lost faith in themselves. 

Major Turning Points In The Life Of Anna Kendrick

She has quipped on Twitter about many events and one of them was when she recalled her critical turning point in acting and auditioning. 

  • The Vampire Franchise “Twilight” helped her to provide career stability and also psychological. 
  • It was her first Oscar nomination in Hollywood which further opened many doors for her success.

Awards And Recognition 

She has received many awards for her movies like the Satelite award, 3 MTV movie awards, and 5 Teen choice awards. She has been nominated for awards like the Academy award, a prime-time Emmy award, a Tony award, a BAFTA award, and a Golden Globe award. She is also the youngest actor who is been nominated for the Triple crown of acting.

How Much Does Anna Kendrick Make In A Day?

Now we know her famous movie Twilight earned $750 million and Pitch Perfect $ 500 million globally. Along with movies she also earns from various sources; so will combine her monthly salary will be around $1,75,000 and her daily salary will be close to $ 6000.

Top News Of Anna Kendrick 

According to some news channels and social media, we have gathered some latest news about Anna Kendrick for you.

  • According to sources, Anna was dating Bill Hader the last year but now their splitting news has come.
  • Anna’s Twitter account was hacked and offensive tweets were being posted through it. But it was resolved later.

Last 3 Years’ Networth Of Anna Kendrick: Is It Growing? What Do We Learn From Anna Kendrick’s Life?

It is evitable that Anna is sitting on a pile of millions of dollars from the past few years. I would like to put some light on data available for the last 3 year’s net worth

last three year net worth of anna kendrick
YearNetworthChange in Networth
2023$25 million+13.6%
2022$ 22 million+10%
2021$ 20 million+11.11%
2020$ 18 million+12.5%
2019$ 16 millionN/A

The latest 2023’s net worth of Anna is touching $25 million.

Car Collection Of Anna Kendrick

As you can see from the data above her net worth is increasing year after year. She is regularly working on her asset building whether it’s her million-dollar worth of houses or luxurious car collection of Porse 911, Range Rover, Toyota Prius, Lincoln Navigator, Audi A8, and Audi R8 Spyder. She owns $ 3,00,000 worth of car collection and $10 million dollars of luxurious houses.

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FAQs: People Also Ask

What is Anna Kendrick net worth?

Anna Kendrick’s net worth is $20 million.

 What kind of car does Anna Kendrick drive?

She has a collection of Toyota Prius, lincoln navigator, Audi A8, Audi R8 Spyder, Audi Q3, and classic Chevrolet convertible.

 When did Anna Kendrick start her career?

 She started in 1998 with the theatre “High Society”.

When did Anna Kendrick become famous?

 She came into the limelight after her movie Twilight Saga in 2008.

Final Words: Is The Anna Kendrick Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, Or Stagnant?

From $16 million in 2019 to $22 million in 2022, Anna Kendrick’s net worth is growing consistently.

Anna Kendrick portrays a funny image but she has gone through an extremely tough time throughout her career. Despite her struggling moments she never reflected those anxieties and frustration in her work or in public. She continuously worked towards getting a breakthrough and converted them into glorious opportunities. The hard times are beautiful because they teach you to stand firmly.


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