Steve Harvey Net Worth 2023: Income, Cars, Houses, and Shows

This article is for everyone who (like me) wants to know the net worth of Steve Harvey along with his income, cars, and house-related stuff.

Family Feud is one show I loved watching since my school days. And I loved it even more when Steve Harvey started hosting it back in 2010. Steve Harvey has been in the industry hosting shows and doing stand-ups for over 40 years.

I thought to look into his lifestyle, the cars he owns, and the Houses he lives in. So In this article, I am sharing a detailed analysis of Steve Harvey’s net worth, income, houses, achievements, and much more.

Steve Harvey Net Worth 2023$220 million
Net Worth Trend for Last 3 YearsUpward
Brands & RevenuesHosting, Steve Harvey Global, Various Investments in Sports and Television
Salary$100,000 per show
steve harvey net worth

*Net Worth is estimated, not an official document, and not intended for any regulatory or taxation purpose.

Background of Steve Harvey

If you love to see comedy shows, Game shows, or stand-ups, or even if you just turn the tv on and go through tv channels, chances are you will see Steve Harvey hosting some show somewhere.

Steve Harvey has hosted some of the most popular tv shows like Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, Miss Universe competition, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and Judge Steve Harvey in his career.

Who is Steve Harvey?

Broderick Stephen Harvey Senior was born to Jesse Harvey and Eloise Vera on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia USA.

Harvey comes from a humble background. His father Jesse Harvey was a coal miner. In his childhood, Steve had a severe stammering issue, which he overcame later.

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Education and Profession

Steve graduated Highschool from Glennville in 1974 and joined Kent State University but never completed the degree. He describes it as a point from where his life went on a downward spiral.

After dropping college he took up many jobs. He has been a mail carrier, auto worker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, and even a boxer in his career. But eventually, he found his calling in Stand-up comedy and performed first time in 1986.

Harvey was homeless for 3 years, having a tough time breaking into the industry. In his early years, he performed at a comedy club in Cleveland and slept at night in his car when he did not have gigs to perform. He got his big break when he became a finalist in Johnny Walker National Annual Comedy Search.

After that, he grabbed the hosting role of the show “It’s showtime at the Apollo” which ran for almost 4 years. And he never looked back after that. From having his show with his name “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”, to performing in the most successful comedy tour of the time “The Kings of Comedy”, Steve reached the heights of show business.


Steve Harvey has been married 3 times, currently married to Marjorie Bridges. He is a father of 7 children, having 3 each with Marcia and Majorie and 1 with Mary Shackelford. Not much is known about his parents and siblings. Steve Harvey has a twin brother Terry Harvey and two sisters named Mona and Pauline.

Social Life

Steve Harvey is active on both Instagram and Twitter and enjoys a huge following on both social media platforms. On Instagram, he has over 10.6 Million followers, and over 6.2 Million on Twitter.

Sources of Income for Steve Harvey

After struggling for a few years, Steve Harvey has been at the top of show business for more than 2 decades. Hosting most than half a dozen shows and anchored numerous shows in his career.

In this career spanning four decades, Harvey has earned from various resources and created many new sources of income.

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Professional Career

  1. Harvey started his professional career by hosting “It’s showtime at the Apollo” in 1993. He hosted this show for a long seven years.
  2. In 1994, he portrayed the role of “Steve Tower” in the sitcom “Me and the Boys“. In this show, Steve Harvey also worked as a writer for the show.
  3. In 1996, Steve Harvey got his show titled by his name “The Steve Harvey Morning Show“. In later years, Steve also produced the show. It ran for 6 years and had 122 episodes.
  4. Between 2002 and 2010, Steve Harvey hosted and acted in many shows like My wife and kids, The Parkers, Who wants to be A Millionaire and The Proud Family.
  5. In 2010, Steve Harvey grabbed the hosting role at the game show Family Feud and it proved to be a game-changer for Harvey himself. It’s been 12 years since this show has been in the running.
  6. Along with this show, Steve Harvey hosted many game shows, talk shows, and award shows over the years.

Projects Accomplished by Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has been around for more than 30 years. He has acted and hosted almost the same number of television shows and 10 movies. His stand-up comedy shows and tours are not included here.

  1. Host of “The Showtime at the Apollo” show from 1993-2000
  2. Acted in “Me and The Boys as “Steve Tower”
  3. Worked as a producer and actor on “The Steve Harvey Show” from 1996-2002.
  4. Between 2000-2005, he worked on shows like The proud family, Essence Awards, My Wife and Kids, The Parkers, and Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge.
  5. In 2010, Steve Harvey grabbed the role of host of the game show titled “Family Feud”. He has been hosting this show for more than 12 years now.
  6. Two other variants of this show are called, “Celebrity Family Feud” and “Family Feud Africa” and are also by Steve Harvey.

Endorsements of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is one of the most popular names in show business today. His following has grown stupendously in the last few years which brought him a lot of endorsements and deals. As per next shark, these are the endorsements of Steve Harvey

  1. Hawks Cay Resort
  2. Majorie Harvey
  3. Cheap Tickets
  4. Kiehls
  5. Mandalay Bay
  6. Helen Ficalora

Other sources of Steve Harvey’s Income

Steve Harvey has many other sources of income like

  1. Book Publishing
  2. Real state
  3. Steve Harvey Global
  4. A dating site (known as “Delightful”)
  5. Harvey’s Foods Limited

The success story of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s success story is an inspirational one. He comes from a humble family of coal miners and after years of struggle, he has achieved impossible feats in his career.

After years of struggle, while performing in small comedy clubs, sleeping in his car, and traveling with the help of an old couple’s generosity, Steve achieved what he has today.

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Steve Harvey’s Struggles and Rejections

Steve went through several highs and lows in his career. Early in his career, he had a lot of financial issues due to not finding enough work.

At times he slept in the parking lot in his car because he didn’t have money to pay for hotels. For almost 3 years Steve Harvey didn’t have a home and was living on the road.

In a story, he shared about the time when he was about to give up on his career and return to his father’s house just before he got the hosting spot on the Showtime at the Apollo” show.

You can watch it here:

Major Turning Points in Steve Harvey’s Life

  1. The biggest Turning point in steve Harvey’s life is being called to New York for a gig at the Showtime at the Apollo” show. Not only did that complete Harvey’s lifelong dream to appear on Tv but it also gave Steve Harvey a new life and hope to continue what he has been doing.
  2. The second turning point in Steve Harvey’s career was his decision to leave scrambling around and be serious about comedy. As he took up many jobs before becoming a full-time stand-up comedian.
  3. Another turning point in Steve Harvey’s life as he claims is His marriage to Majorie in 2007. After not being on tv for a couple of years, Harvey made a staggering comeback with “Family Feud”.

Achievements of Steve Harvey’s Career

Steve Harvey has achieved the possible heights in the world of show business. He has been at the top for more than 2 decades. During this time he achieved a lot of recognition and made numerous records.

  1. He hosted Showtime at the Apollo for 8 long years, which became a record for hosting that show for the longest time and the record still stands.
  2. His current show “Family Feud” has been running for over 12 years and has made several records in television history.
  3. Steve Harvey has won Daytime Grammy Award in various categories 7 times for being the best host/executive for his shows like Family Feud, and Steve Harvey.

Awards and Recognition

Award NameAwarded For Show/CategoryYears
Emmy AwardsFamily Feud, Steve Harvey, Steve2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2022
NAACP Image AwardOutstanding Actor, Producer for The Steve Harvey Show1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002
Macroni AwardSyndicated Personality of the Year2013, 2015
TelevisionPeople’s Choice Award2013
Hall of FameStar on the Hollywood Walk of Fame2013
steve harvey income cars house

Steve Harvey Cars

Steve Harvey owns a luxury car collection, consisting of a brand-new Lamborghini, Ferrari Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce. After researching various websites, we created a detailed list of Steve Harvey’s cars:

  1. Lamborghini Aventador, $1 Million
  2. Ferrari GTC4, $850,000
  3. Aston Martin DB11, $245,900
  4. Rolls Royce Dawn, $356,500

Steve Harvey House

Steve Harvey is an active real estate buyer and seller. He currently owns 3 mansions in various states of America. Even though the one Steve Harvey currently lives in is leased on 110,000 dollars per year.

According to some websites, Steve owns a mansion outside of Los Angeles, in Atlanta worth 3.4 million dollars. This mansion is spread over 9000 square foot areas. Another mansion Steve Havey owns currently is in Dallas, Texas which is worth a whopping 4 3 million dollars.

2 years ago, Steve Harvey bought the mansion from Tyler Perry for 15 million dollars. The mansion is built in 35000 square foot areas and spread over 17 acres of land.

Life-Changing Decisions Taken by Steve Harvey

Remaining at the top for 3 decades takes more than talent, luck, or pure hard work. It takes smartness and timing in the decisions you make. And Steve Harvey has made necessary decisions time by time to remain at the top of show business.

In the hard times, Steve focused on his work instead of what he was getting and what he should get. He was persistent in success and after 8-9 years of struggle in stand-up comedy, he got his first break.

Almost everyone goes through hard times even after achieving success, Around 2005 Steve had a hard time. But he came back and made it big again with the TV show “Family Feud”.

How Much Does Steve Harvey Make In A day?

Steve Harvey’s income as per our estimation is $40-45 million per annum, on that basis, Brendan Fraser per day earns over 116,438 dollars.

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Brands And Companies Owned By Steve Harvey

As per various websites, Steve Harvey owns these companies and businesses:

  1. Book Publishing
  2. A dating site called “Delightful”
  3. A show with Ellen Degeneres called “Little Big Shots”
  4. Steven Harvey Global
  5. Easy One Twelve
  6. Harvey Events
  7. Family Feud Africa

Top News Or Deals By Steve Harvey And His Brand

  • Steve Harvey will continue to host radio programs for another five years. Renews Radio-Syndication Deal through the end of 2026
  • Steve Harvey’s new show “The Judge: Steve Harvey” is reported to be an initial hit by the independent.
  • Steve Harvey canceled culture killing new comedy show.

Last 3 Years’ Net Worth of Steve Harvey: Is It Growing? What Do We Learn From Steve Harvey’s Life?

Not just the last 3 years, Steve Harvey’s net worth has been growing continuously for many many years. He has been doing multiple shows simultaneously and his business ventures are earning him good sums of money.

On the internet, different websites are showing a different net worth of Steve Harvey. As per our estimation, Steve Harvey is worth more than 200 Million dollars. He earns somewhere between $40-45 Million per year.

All these figures are based on the analysis of extensive research about Steve Harvey’s life. Based on the analysis of that research, the best information about Steve Harvey’s life is mentioned in this article.

YearNetworthChange in Networth
2023$220 Million+10%
2022$200 Million+11.12%
2021$180 Million+5.9%
2020$170 MillionN/A
steve harvey net worth trend

*The figures shown above are estimated from net worth shown on multiple websites over the internet.

Steve Harvey is an example of becoming successful via hard work, grit, and passion. We learn from his story to never give up in hard times. Life gives you an opportunity, Be ready to take it and never look back.

Plans for the Next 5 Years: Impact on its net worth

Steve Harvey has many things going and planned for upcoming years. As I said he just renewed his deal with radio syndication for the next five years. He already has two shows in production under his belt. He owns many other business ventures as we mentioned. So all looks well and upward for Steve Harvey and Steve Harvey’s net worth.

FAQs: People Also Ask

Who is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is an American TV host, comedian, actor, and producer. He is famous for hosting the game show “Family Feud”.

How much is Steve Harvey’s net worth?

Steve Harvey’s net worth is over $220 million.

How much money does Steve Harvey earn per episode?

Steve Harvey earns around $50000 for the 1-hour episode.

How old is Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey is 65 years old.

Final Words: Is Steve Harvey’s Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, or Stagnant?

Steve Harvey’s net worth is growing hefty and in upcoming years it is expected/estimated to grow more. From his various sources of income, Steve Harvey earns more than $3 million per month.

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