Anthony Anderson Net Worth 2023, Income, Career, Achievements, Struggles, Luxury, and More

Come what may, no match for the comedians of yesteryear. Anthony Anderson is one of those names that are embedded in every 90’s kid. Now they are searching for the net worth of Anthony Anderson.

After doing a marvelous job in many various movies, including Kangaroo Jack, Scary Movie 3, Romeo Must Die, and Barbershop, Anthony has created a huge fanbase for himself. But what is he doing now? And what he has accumulated in all these years? Want to know?

Here I have included all the information including his life, career, struggles, family background, projects, and everything that you need to know. So, keep reading…

NameAnthony Anderson
Net Worth 2023$28 Million
Date Of Birth15th August 1970
anthony anderson net worth

Background Of Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson was a famous writer and actor, his role in the Black-ish series was spoken about by everyone. He is well known for hosting the “Tell The Truth” reality shows.

Anderson’s net worth chart suddenly hit the top after the Black-ish TV show. Also, Anderson won many awards like NAACP Image Award, Black Movie Award, and so on in his career.

Who Is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson was an American actor, writer, and television host. Anderson was born in August 1970, in Compton, California, US. He has acted in various movies and hosted various reality shows on the ABC network, also he won huge prize money for the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” Show.

Education And Profession

  • Anderson was born and brought up in Compton, he completed his graduation from Howard University. Anderson received a scholarship to pursue his graduation in Hollywood High School Performing Arts. 
  • After his graduation, Anderson decides to become a stand-up comedian. Unfortunately, he was not much liked by the audience at that time people don’t like his performance. 
  • After that incident, he considered himself a failure and broken but his friend pushed him forward to perform. Later Torry and Anderson got an opportunity to act in the film “Life”. 
  • Anderson weighs over 250 Lbs and he was not considered hero material for Hollywood, in the early stages of his career, Mostly his role will be a supporting actor in the movies “Big Momma”, “Me, Myself And Irene” and so on. He delivered his best in all his films.
  • Before joining the cast of Law & Order he played various roles and worked on television programs Bernie Mac Show, Hang Time, Malcolm & Eddie, The Shield, and so on.
  • At the beginning of his career, he considered himself a failure later Anderson played a lead role in the Black-ish show on ABC and was Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy Series.
  • In 2015, Anderson hosted a family reality show “Wall Of Fame” for more than two years.
  • After 2016, he played various roles in the movies “Transformer”, “The Departed”, “Scary Movies Series” and so on.
  • He made his come back in 2020 to the television show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” as a participant and won a huge reward.
education and profession of anthony anderson


Anthony Anderson was born to Doris Hancox in 1970 who was a telephone operator, Sterling Bowman was his stepfather of Anthony. Bowman came to Los Angeles to work in the steel company.

Even though Bowman was his stepfather of Anderson, he did not treat him like that, Bowman raised him with love and support. Anderson has a brother named “Derrick Bowman”.

Social Life Of Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson was active on Instagram for many years with 1.8 Million followers he posted more than 2200 posts. Anderson was in a relationship with Alvina since high school and they become a couple in 1999. They have two children Kyra and Nathan.

Sources Of Income Of Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson’s major income is from media, he earns from acting and hosting shows and he is endorsed by some commercial advertisements. He also participated in reality shows and won prize money. Anderson is also a writer and gave voice to games.

Professional Career

  • Anderson began his career as a stand-up comedian but he was unable to entertain many people his friend Torry motivated him to continue his journey in comedy after so many failures he was broken and started thinking of himself as a “Failure”.
  • People didn’t like his shows much when he starts performing on the stages people demotivated him and they don’t want him to perform. He decides to achieve as a comedian.
  • Anderson and his friend Torry got an opportunity to act in Murphy’s film “Life”. Anderson acted in various supporting roles, he weighs more than 270 lbs he was not considered hero material in Hollywood. 
  • Anderson was known for his television show Blak-ish but before that, he won many hearts with his comedy shows “The Bernie Mac Show”, “Hang Time”, “Tell The Truth” and so on.
  • He appeared in the movies “Big Momma’s House”, “Me, Myself and Irene”, “3 strikes” and so on.
  • His works on the K-vile series, The Shield, and Law and Order were spoken by everyone. He also acted in famous movies like Transformers, The Departed, Agent Cody Banks, Scary Movies series, and much more. 

Projects Accomplished By Anthony Anderson

Anthony Andeson worked on various projects in both television and cinemas. Once he considered himself a failure as a comedian later he achieved a lot as a comedy actor. Some of the projects worked by Anderson are

  • Tell The Truth 1956 – 1991
  • Law and Order 1990 – 2010
  • Black-ish 2014-2022
  • Kangaroo Jack  2003
  • Cradle to the Crave 2003
  • The Departed 2006
  • Transformers 2007
  • Scary Movie 2013
  • The Barbershop Next Cut 2016
  • The Ferdinand 2017
  • Shameless 2011 – 2021

Endorsements By Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson doesn’t endorse any brands but he acted and voiced over various commercial advertisements like Miler Lite Beer, Voice Over for McDonald, Budweiser Beer, Hyundai, Smirnoff, and so on.

Other Sources Of Income

Anthony Anderson’s major income source is from television shows and movies, apart from these he does voice-over for games and he had acted in various commercial advertisements. Anderson participated in the reality show and won rewards.

Last 4 Years Networth Of Anthony Anderson: Is It Growing?

The Net Worth of Anthony Anderson is growing year by year and there is no doubt that he will soon reach his highest potential in the upcoming years. After researching the success of Anthony, we have concluded that he is increasing his net worth by 10% each year and is expected to have a net worth of $28 million in 2023.

The Networth of Anthony Anderson was influenced a lot by the income of his show Black-ish where his annual income reached around $8.5 Million after the Black-ish show. 

YearNet WorthIncrease in Net Worth
2023$28 Million +12%
2022$25 Million+8.69%
2021$23 Million+9.52%
2020$21 Million+10.5%
2019$19 MillionN/A

Success Story of Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson was a failure at his first stage performance but he never quit on his goal he worked hard in every show and movie and with his dedication and hard work his net worth claimed to peak in a show.

No one will believe his salary for the show Black-ish. He earned $4,00,000 per show for Black-ish’s fifth season.

success story of anthony anderson

Struggles and Rejections Faced By Anthony Anderson

  • Anthony Anderson’s first stage show as a stand-up comedian was not much-liked by the audience, whenever he started performing on the stage people don’t want to see his performance.
  • A humorous stage performer Torry was a good friend of Anderson he pushed him to perform continuously as a stand-up comedian. Both of them got an opportunity to act in the movie “Life”.
  • Anderson weighed more than 270 lbs so he was not considered Hero material in Hollywood. Because of that, he always got an opportunity to play supporting roles.
  • Later Anderson suffered from Type 2 diabetes and he lost weight more than 40 lbs in a few months with the help of Alvina.
  • He was accused two times of sexual assault but none of them proved that he is guilty. He opened up about mental health earlier in 2023 encouraging other people about mental health and awareness.

Major Turning Points In The Life Of Anthony Anderson

  • There were a few turning points in the life of Anthony Anderson that made him successful. 
  • Anderson’s mother was in the film industry during his childhood, and Anderson started performing in advertisements in his 5 years.
  • His performance was not liked by people and he decided to become a comedy actor, he followed his goal and become the highest-paid host.
  • With his talent, Anderson got a scholarship to graduate from Howard University.
  • While performing as a stand-up comedian he got an opportunity to act in the movie of Murphy. Followed by that he got various movie opportunities.
  • The major turning point in the life of Anderson is the Black-ish show. He worked as a producer, actor, and other income from the Black-ish show he earned almost $4,00,000 per show
  • The total number of episodes of The Black-ish Show is 22 episodes, Anderson earned More than $8 Million from the Black-ish Show.

Achievements Of Anthony Anderson’s Career

He performed a Monologue at Afro Academy Technological and Scientific Olympics and won an Award. He was rejected by the people as a comedian and later with his hard work his performance on television and in movies was liked by the people more. He became successful to earn more than $8 Million in a year.

Awards and Recognition

Anthony Anderson won various awards throughout his career which have been listed below.

  • Satellite Awards for Best Ensemble in 2006.
  • National Board of Review Award for Best Cast in 2006.
  • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in Comedy Series in 2022, 2021, 2020, and so on.
  • Black Movie Awards for Supporting Role in 2005.

How Much Does Anthony Anderson Make In A Year?

With his hard work, Anderson earned $400,000 per show during the Black-ish series. Currently, his yearly income is around $2 Million.

Top News And Deals By Anthony Anderson

  • Anthony Anderson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and lost 40 lbs weight in a few months,
  • Anderson earned $400,000 per show for Black-ish season 5.
  • Anthony Anderson was accused 2 times of sexual assault but none of them was proven with evidence.

FAQs: People Also Ask

Who Is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony was an American Comedian known for his roles in K-vile, Law, and Order, and so on.

What is the reason for Anthony Anderson to drop Law and Order?

Anderson dropped Law and Order show because of the project he was involved in on NBC Universal.

Who is the wife of Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson married his school lover, Alvina. They had two children Nathan and Kyra.

Is Anthony Anderson proven guilty of Accusations?

No, both times he was not proven guilty there is no sufficient evidence to prove him as guilty.

Final Words: Is The Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth Growing, Degrowing, Or Stagnant?

From his failure to successful comedian in the film industry, he reached a net worth of $28 Million in 2023 after a few years.

His growth in the film industry is undeniable, his role in the sitcom Black-ish was liked by everyone, and he was nominated for various awards in various categories.


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