Best Biotechnology Courses In India After 10th, 12th, Graduation – 2023

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We are living in a golden age where everything is improving for the better. We are witnessing so many changes around us. We are standing in our lives where we have thousands of years of research in science with us. Now coming to biotechnology.

Humans have been using biotechnology for a very long time now.

The way cheese, bread, alcohol, petrol, algae cakes are made, all this is biotech.
So what exactly is biotechnology?

This is rather a broad discipline that covers biological sciences procedures, cells, and organisms, cellular components, to develop new technology as well as to create new products to improve our lives and the health care system.

best biotechnology courses in India

The Future of Biotech

biotechnology courses in india after 10th 12th graduation

Biotechnology or general life science is surrounding us. In research, product development, agriculture sector for reaching higher reap of crops. In medicine to improve health care. This has been happening for generations now.

Let us consider washing powder. Your washing powder is made of enzymes. These enzymes break down the stains of fats, food, blood, and do a great job at cleaning your clothes. 

How about vaccines? We are able to fight COVID because of our research on viruses that caused the deadly disease and vaccines that are saving us. Biotech provides us with a healthy and productive society. 

the future of biotech

The future of biotechnology is very visible. We can expect methodologies to identify cancer easily, to have prosthetics working through our brain signals, we can even expect designer babies. That’s how interesting this is. 

Also read, listen to a TED talk about how biotechnology is beautiful. 

Requirements to do a Course in Biotechnology

The requirements to do a course in biotechnology vary with the degree of education in hand. If you need to pursue it after 10th grade you’ll probably get a course of three-year duration. 

If you are looking for say undergraduate courses the eligibility would increase to your maths and science scores in 12th grade. 

Similarly, if going for PhD-level courses in biotechnology, your basic education in this line will make the benchmark. It will have to qualify the minimum eligibility in respective colleges.

There is a list of courses that are popular in biotechnology. These have been there in the curriculum of many colleges that work in the line of life science. Have segregated them based on the level of education acquired. 

After 10th

After completing 10th grade with maths and science subjects, you become eligible for diploma courses in biotech. Some places take SSC scores to take in applications. 

There are a few subjects in which you can enroll in a diploma in biotech. Like human anatomy, molecular biology laboratory, physiology, biostatistics and computer, chemistry, and others. The duration of these diploma courses is 3 years.

Discussing a few here.

Diploma in Biotechnology Engineering

The course is designed to let students pursue biotech engineering after clearing 10th grade. They will gain knowledge about genetics, biochemistry, and a lot more. This is a 3-year diploma course offered by Shobhit University

The details about the course structure, fees, placements, faculty members can be checked from the page attached above. 

CRISPR Technology Basis Certification Course

CRISPR Technology Basis Certification Course is a self-study course that explains to the student about CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats). The duration of this course is 7-14 days. Certification is provided on clearing the exam. 

This has been provided at BioTecnika. You can check all the course-related details there.

Training in Biotech Instrumentation System

The student will be expected to have a diploma in electronics, biotech, or biomedical. This is a short-term course of a one-month duration. It is offered at Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology.

After 12th

After clearing 12th grade there are a number of undergraduate courses in biotech one can opt for. Namely, Bachelors of Biotechnology, Bachelors of Applied Science, BSc in Medical Biotech, B.Tech in, Food Tech, BSc in Bioinformatics, and others.

There is a wide range of colleges and universities that host this program. Some of the top courses with respective colleges are given below.

B Tech Biosciences and Biotechnology

The program is designed for undergraduate students. This is offered at IIT Roorkee. It is a 4-year program. This includes courses like immunology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and genetic engineering. 

Next-Gen Sequencing Certification Course

This is a self-study program designed by Biotecnika. This course is designed for people who want to specialize in molecular biology. The module is 7-15 days long. After the completion of the course, one has to give an exam to get the certificate. 

B Tech in Industrial Biotechnology

This study specializes in making products with the help of life sciences. The candidate applying for this course is required to have at least 50% in 12th grade. They also have to clear an entrance exam. 

BE or B Tech in Cellular Engineering 

The course aims at delivering knowledge in molecular and cellular biology. It is a 4-year program. Entrance exams are conducted for taking in the applications for this program. It is offered at SHUATS Ahmedabad

BSc. Life Sciences

This is an undergraduate program of three years duration being offered at various institutions. ITS Dental College of Murad Nagar, Invertis University, Glocal University of Saharanpur is a few of those names. 

After Graduation

This is considered the postgraduate stage. There are courses that offer advanced studies in biotechnology.

Masters in Advanced Biotechnology, MSc in Biomolecular Sciences, MBA & Engineering in Life Science Management, MSc in Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Research are some of the top courses to master in Biotechnology.

Some famous programs with their facilitators are below.

Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Trivandrum

One Year Certificate Program in Bioinformatics. The program is offered at RGCB, Trivandrum. The duration of this course is six months. The program aims at giving practical training to students in bioinformatics. 

Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai

Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai offers a range of postgraduate, doctoral, and integrated master’s programs in biotechnology, food technology, and life sciences. 

M.Sc. Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences

The program is offered by the School of Life Sciences, Hyderabad. They conduct an entrance test before taking in the application for this program. There is a stipend that they provide for enrolled students. 

M Biotech, AIIMS

Masters in Biotechnology, this program is being offered by AIIMS. The structure of the program covers 16 courses. This is a 2-year program. The fee of the whole program is roughly 2-3k. 

M Tech in Industrial Biotechnology

This is a full-time postgraduate course offered by Delhi Technical University. The course is of 3-year duration. The eligibility states that the students must have cleared a bachelor’s degree in engineering or technology.

List of Biotechnology Courses

There are a lot of programs that one can do in biotechnology. There is specialization in one of the branches of biotechnology attached with every course that is mentioned below.

  1. Molecular Diagnostics
  2. Plant Biotechnology and Disease Biology
  3. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
  4. Biotech Instrumentation
  5. Advanced Chemical Engineering with Bioprocessing
  6. Biotechnology with Project Management
  7. Biotechnology Skills Development Program
  8. PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  9. Molecular Biology with Biotechnology
  10. MSc Applied Biotechnology
  11. Food Science and Biotechnology
  12. MRES Pharmacology and Biotechnology
  13. Biotechnology and Data Analytics
  14. Biotechnology and Management
  15. Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology

Duration of Bio-Technology Courses

Investing your time in biotech courses can be a great idea. We have sorted some courses on the basis of the time required to complete them. The following table shows the name of some biotech courses along with their duration and the college that offers them. 

Name of the CourseCollegeDuration
MTech BiotechnologyAmity University2 years
BTech  BiotechnologySRM Institute of Science and Technology4 years
Ph.D. diploma BiotechnologyAIIMS, Delhi1 year
Masters in Molecular BiologyThe TamilNadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University2 years
Masters in BiotechnologyT. Xavier College, Mumbai2 years

Short term

Short-term courses should not be confused with crash courses. These courses are designed to enhance knowledge and specialize in a certain biotech field. Listed here are mostly 1-2 year programs in biotechnology.

Most of the short-term programs in biotechnology require a basic level of biotech knowledge and hence can be taken up only after a 3-year diploma or degree course.

  • Lab Technician Course
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
  • PG Diploma in Life Sciences
  • PG Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Biotechnology Training Programs
  • Molecular Biology
  • Recombinant DNA Technology

Medium Term

The undergraduate programs in biotech are mostly of 3-year duration. These have been pout under medium-term courses here. Some of the best courses in biotech that are of 3 to 4-year duration are given below. 

  • BSc (Hons) in bio Infometrics, Amity University
  • B.Sc ( Hons) – Biotechnology, Amity University
  • Medical Biotechnology, Miranda House
  • BTech in Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Microbiology

Long term

Integrated programs like masters in biotech with Ph.D. and Ph.D. programs fall in this category. These programs are of 5-6 year duration. More advanced studies are done in the line of genome editing, personalized medicines, metabolic engineering, and more. 

The names of such a few courses are given below. 

  • B.Sc (Hons) Bioinformatics (Research)- 5-year course 
  • Integrated M.Sc Biotechnology – 5-year course
  • MSc and PhD in Biotechnology 

NOTE- The field of biotechnology requires a lot of time investment. It is one field where you get recognition after a lot of experience in this line. The name of the college or institute is not as important as your efforts in this line. 

recommended courses in biotechnology

These are some of the most sought-after courses on Coursera and Udemy. Note that these do provide a professional outlook on the skill that you are interested in learning but can not be compared to campus courses.

BioTech Courses On Coursera

Coursera has a range of courses available on its platform that are put under biotechnology. Most of these are paid courses curated by professionals who are specialists in that line.

This course is set to teach you the ways to formulate materials and chemicals that produce a renewable source of energy. 

This course can be helpful if you are thinking of entering the pharmaceutical industry. This will provide you with specialization in the drug-making process.

The skills can also be used in curating personalized medications.

This course will help in sequencing genomes, identifying genetic diseases, and more.

In this course, you will study how to understand the genetic structure and how and when genes can be regulated. The instructor of this course is a Director at Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology.

This course helps in understanding the biomedical system. Its methodologies and more. This will help you in understanding genomics, different models, etc. 

Through this course, you can get a piece of in-depth knowledge about plants, their biology, genetics, and much more.

BioTech Courses On Udemy

These are some of the best courses on biotechnology in Udemy. One can sort from beginner level course to expert level course over here. Note that these are affordable ones, the price ranges from 450 INR to 1900 INR. 

The instructors are professionals and experts of the programs they are vouching for. Udemy makes sure that the courses on its platform are well crafted.

Through this course, you will be able to learn about the DNA model, fertilization in plants and in humans, and more. 

With a basic biology understanding, you can enroll in this course. You will learn about molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and more. 

This course has a 4.2-star rating. It explains the immune system in our body, vaccines, how vaccines play a role in creating immunity, and a lot more. 

This is one of the best-selling courses on Udemy. It helps in understanding the regulations of biotechnologies, patents on biotech, what is stopping the growth of biotech, and a lot more. 

This 450 INR course will help you understand the regulation of genetics in plants and different organisms. After enrolling in this course you will learn what is mentioned here and a lot more. 

FAQs: Best BioTechnology Courses

Which countries offer the best education in biotechnology?

Finland, Germany, and Denmark are amongst the top countries where you can study biotechnology at an advanced level.

What is the pay scale after completing a course in biotech in India?

Biotechs are paid well in general all around the world. The pay scale depends on a lot of factors like the college opted for doing the course, the specialization in biotechnology, the job sector opting for, the experience if any.

In India, the range starts from 10k for lab assistants and can go up to 66k a month for a research scientist.

What is the scope of biotechnology in India?

When talking about India, unlike traditional disciplines like computer engineering, data science, biotechnology is yet to receive the recognition it deserves. This is not a field that is talked about that often.

The results and achievements in biotech are however accepted wholeheartedly. However, we would like to mention that biotech is a rising field in other countries. You could think about relocating to other countries during its practice.

Name some of the fields of biotechnology.

Clinical technician, biochemist, microbiologist, biomedical engineer are some of the fields of biotechnology. These are also some of the best career options in the line of biotechnology.

Want to learn more about Biotechnology? See this YouTube video below:

Summary: Bio Technology Courses In India

Biotechnology is a vast field that covers almost all areas of our lives. Medicines, surgeries, treatments, products around us almost everything has a relation to this life science. The future is holding a lot in store if we talk about biotech. We will talk about that some other time. 

Have tried to cover some of the important and sought-after courses in this line. Hope this article brings the insight you were seeking. Let us know your views on the information that is delivered here with your comments.  

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