Best Marine Engineering Colleges In India 2022

Are you finding the best Marine engineering colleges in India? With an emerging field and massive scope for career advancement for the aspirants and opportunities that are lucrative, Marine Engineering is considered one of the toughest career choices. Some top colleges are providing these courses.

Best Marine Engineering Colleges In India

What Is Marine Engineering?

Marine Engineering course comprises of controls used on a ship to control navigation and maintain the safety of the people on board and the study of various systems.

The program also consists of concepts such as

  1. Ship Structure Design
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering for a dynamic approach

A challenging, as well as an exciting course among Engineering Aspirants as the course, offers some brightest and promising career opportunities ahead. The job demands to work on-shore but gives an equal opportunity for the candidates who love seas and oceans. However, marine engineers can work off-shore too.

The technology and techniques learned during the course of Marine Engineering are used for creating

  1. Cruise Ships
  2. Oil PLatforms
  3. Harbours
  4. Cargo Handling
  5. Air Conditioning

Eligibility: Who Is Eligible For Marine Engineering?

Many people want to pursue Marine engineering but don’t know the courses and eligibility of it therefore we are describing the Marine engineering courses and their eligibility below:

B.Tech Course

  1. From a recognized Board stream of Science, grade 12th exams or any equivalent candidates must have completed it.
  2. It is mandatory for students to have taken Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the qualifying exams to be eligible for the marine engineering programme of the
  3. A minimum aggregate of 55% or above in a qualifying exam is also mandatory by the candidates.
  4. For the B.Tech Engineering Course, candidates who have a 3-year diploma in the relevant specification are also eligible.

M.Tech Course

The prescribed eligibility for the M.Tech Course is candidates who have cleared B.Tech in Marine Engineering.

Diploma Course

The candidates who have cleared Grade X examinations are eligible for diplomas in Marine Engineering.

Quick List of Top 10 Colleges For Marine Engineering In India

  1. International Maritime Institute
  2. Delhi Maritime Academy
  3. Tolani Maritime Institute
  4. Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training
  5. Samundra Institute Of Martime Studies
  6. Indian Maritime University
  7. Coimbatore Marine College
  8. Vels Academy of Maritime Studies
  9. Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering
  10. Indian Maritime University

We will now discuss each of them in detail with proper zonal bifurcation.

Marine Engineering Colleges in North India

Looking for Marine Engineering Colleges in North India. Then check out our list of best Marine Engineering Colleges in north India as per research:

1. International Maritime Institute

With approval from AICTE and DG shipping one of the premier maritime institutes of India. Helping the candidates to perform well in IMUCET through preparatory classes and with several value addition programs.

  1. Location: Greater Noida
  2. Courses:
    • B.Tech in Marine with fees approximately around 5,00,000 Rs.
    • B.Sc in Nautical Science with fees approximately around 14,00,000 Rs.
  3. Infrastructure:
    • Labs: Navigation, Bridge Simulator, Seamanship lab
    • Sports Complex: Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball court
    • Library
    • Shuttle Service
    • Cafetaria
    • Hostel: Mandatory staying in a hostel
  4. Faculty: With trained faculty, all retired captains teach the subjects.

2. Delhi Maritime Academy

One of the top Marine Engineering Colleges and Training Academies in India. With the courses, the Academy also offers coaching classes to help students prepare for the entrance exams and 100% assured sponsorship with leading shipping companies.

The academy has centers at various locations such as:

  1. Mumbai
  2. Goa
  3. Puducherry
  4. Delhi
  5. Cochin
  1. Location: Delhi
  2. Courses:
    • UG Diploma with fees at 4,50,000 Rs.
    • B.E./B/Tech with fees at 9,00,000-10,50,000 Rs.
  3. Admission: With admissions secured by IMUCET, the Academy provides eight full-time courses at UG and PG levels in Marine Science and Engineering.

Marine Engineering Colleges in West India

There are few colleges of Marine Engineering in west India. We have listed all those colleges that are in west India below:

1. Tolani Maritime Institute

One of the largest maritime educational centers providing MARINE ENGINEERING programs that have been awarded by A1 Grade, the grade reflects “Tolani Maritime Institutes’ placement track record, qualified and experienced faculty.

  1. Location: Pune, Maharashtra
  2. Courses: With 9 courses available for candidates
    • B.Tech/B.E. with admission fees of approximately around 22,92,000 Rs.
    • UG Diploma with admission fees of approximately around 5,00,000 Rs.
    • B.Sc with admission fees of approximately around 16,80,000 Rs.
  3. Infrastructure:
    • Library: With a broad range of titles from maritime journals.
    • Hostel: With three hostels having 250 rooms each with separate dining halls, screen projections.
    • Sports Complex: Multi-purpose large field. Also Basketball, Badminton, Squash court
    • Labs: Computer, Physics
    •  Auditorium
    • Gym
    • Cafetaria

2. Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training

The Institute of Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training was founded in Kothrud Campus and then shifted to Rajbaug Campus under the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research (MAEER).

The Institute is approved by the Directorate General of Shipping ( DG Shipping), Ministry of Shipping, Government of India and is also ISO Certified.

With more than 200 marine engineers and deck officers working as Chief Engineers and Masters of ships at an International Level.

  1. Location: Pune, Maharashtra
  2. Infrastructure:
    • Library: With a collection of a total of 7,924 books with 700 reference books holding various marine engineering codes and technical periodicals like Maritime Gateway.
    • Hostel: Boys and Girls
    • Sports Complex: badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing courts,c ricket, football grounds.
    • Labs: Computer, Electrical, Navigation, Lifeboat and muster station
    • Cafeteria
    • Gym
    • Auditorium
    • ATM FAcility
  3. Courses:
    • B.Tech with Marine Engineering
    • B.Tech in Lateral Entry
    • B.Sc in Nautical Science 
  4. Admission: With IMU CET entrance exams, candidates can start with the process of admission.

3. Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies

Ranked as 1 among all maritime training institutes in India by the DG Shipping Government of India and also rated as the highest Grade by ICRA.  The Institute offers various courses and training programs as well safety awareness specialized in gas, oil tankers.

  1. Location: Pune, Maharashtra
  2. Courses:
    • B.Tech. in Marine Engineering with fees approximately around 17,60,000 Rs.
    • B.Sc. in Nautical Science with fees approximately around 6,60,000 Rs. 
  3. Scholarships: There are scholarships and awards by the Institute
    • Scholarship Award
    • Loan Assistance
    • Cash Award Scheme
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Sports Complex: Basketball court
    • Labs: Computer, Chemical labs 
    • Library
    • Cafeteria
    • Auditorium

Marine Engineering Colleges in South India

Students who want to pursue a career in Marine Engineering can check our list of Marine Engineering Colleges:

1. Indian Maritime University (Chennai)

The IMU plays a pivotal role in the development of trained human resources for the Maritime Sector. The University is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 and accredited as grade 1 rating by ICRA.

  1. Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  2. Courses:
    • with 2,55,000 Rs. 
    • Diploma with 2,55,000 Rs. of total fees
    • B.Sc. with 2,55,000 Rs. of the first year
  3. Campus: With formerly known as the National Maritime Academy campus is located on a 20 acre -beachfront on the outskirts of Chennai. The campus having the state-of-art Ship Maneuvering Simulator. 
  4. Infrastructure:
    • With 23 classrooms equipped with audio-visual aid.
    • An archive of over 600 titles on DVDs covering marine and port operations.
    • Equipped Machine Shop and workshops for plumbing, electrical, pneumatic, fitting, hydraulics.

Visit: IMU Courses | IMU Campus

2. Coimbatore Marine College

An educational institution for Maritime courses approved by the Director-General of Shipping, Government of India and affiliated to Indian Maritime University. Awarded with A1 Grade in CUP by Indian Registry of Shipping.

  1. Location: Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu
  2. Other Institutions of CMC :
    • Mangalore Marine College at Karnataka
    • CMC Internationals Schools at Coimbatore
    • CMC Maritime Academy at Chennai, Tamilnadu
  3. Campus: The size of the campus is 40,000 square ft. designed like a ship called T.S.                        Clarissa, a real-time model.
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Library: With an area of 5000 square ft, it is stocked with enormous collections of Marine and Engineering Books, Journals, magazines. The Institute also provides Videocassettes and CDs to offer students an insight into what is happening in marine and ship operations.
    • Hostel: Accommodation of 300 students, Coimbatore Marine College provides accommodation for boys and girls.
    • Facilities with: laundry services, water purifiers, common room, security, surveillance systems.
    • Sports: Cricket Ground availability
    • Labs: The types of labs available are
      • Chemistry 
      • Computer
      • Physics
      • FLuid 
      • Thermal
      • Marine
  5. Other Facilities:
    • Cafeteria
    • Hospital/ Medical
    • Shuttle
    • Auditorium
    • Conference Hall
    • Engine Room
    • Bridge deck
  6. Courses: With 25 courses provided by the University at different levels such as UG, PG, Diploma and certified levels.
    • BTech – Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Lateral Entry
    • BSc, BBA, MBA, Diploma
  7. Faculty: To provide quality education, there are 90 faculty members with years of experience. Captains and Chief Engineers at the college provide Theoretical and Practical Training Classes.

3. Vels Academy of Maritime Studies

For students wanting to pursue a career in shipping companies or shipping-related activities can join the Vels Academy of Maritime Studies.

  1. Location: Chennai, TamilNadu
  2. Campus: Within the Ship-in-Campus, the school of maritime studies has a full mission engine simulator in order to training for Marine Engineering Cadets 
  3. Infrastructure
    • Labs: Computer with high-speed internet connection laboratories
    • A fitting shop and machine shop
    • Spacious library
    • Swimming pool with separate diving pool
    • Sports Complex
    • Gymnasium
    • Hostel
  4. Courses:
    • B.E. in Marine Engineering
    • B.Sc Nautical Science
    • B. Sc MAritime OPerations
    • Presea Training for Diploma Holders( DME)
    • Presea Training for Graduates (GME)
    • Diploma in Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering Colleges in East India

Here we have collected the best Marine Engineering Colleges in East India:

1. Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering

With the aim to attain holistic development for all the students and to commit to the pursuit of excellence. By providing a truly inspirational academic environment, the Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering takes care fro its students to emerge with strong allegiance for advancement.

  1. Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
  2. Campus: With the campus size of 32 acres
  3. Faculty: With trained and qualified faculty, 51 members are there to give out the best possible outcome
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Boys and Girls Hostel
    • Gym 
    • Library
    • Gym
    • Sports
    • Auditorium
    • Medical/Hospital
    • laboratories
    • Swimming Pool
    • Guest Room
  5. Courses:
    • B.Tech with a period of 4 years
    • Biotechnology with a period of 4 years.
    • Marine Engineering with a period of 4 years

2. Indian Maritime University

With its headquarters in Chennai and six regional campuses with 18 Affiliated Institutes. The University was established under The Ministry of Shipping, Government of India. The courses at the university are offered through its four schools:

  1. School of Maritime Management
  2. School of Marine Engineering and Technology,
  3. School of Nauticals Sciences 
  4. School of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering.
  1. Location: Kolkata, West Bengal
  2. Campus: With the stunning infrastructure, the management has three state-of-the-art simulators
    • Transas GMDSS Simulator TGS 2000/3000
    • Decca Bridge Master
    • Multi-screen Ship Handling Simulator and the training ship ‘TS Bhopal’
  3. Courses:
    • B.Tech in Marine Engineering with fees approximately around 9,00,000 Rs.
    • M.Tech in Marine Engineering and Management with fees approximately around 4,00,000 Rs.
  4. Infrastructure:
    • Hostel: with multi-level formation, the first level -divided into 10 houses.The second level- divided into a junior hostel. The girl’s hostel adds addition to the existing infrastructure 
    • Sports Complex: Basketball Court, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Hockey Feild
    • Labs: Language, Electrical lab
    • Cafeteria
    • Library
    • Gym
    • Auditorium

Career Prospects & Growth of Marine Engineering in the world

With experimentation and career advancement, the shipping industry generates numerous opportunities with each coming year. The reports suggest, witnessing a growth rate of 12 % in the Employment Rate of  Marine Engineers.

The growth rate in Marine Engineering is faster than growth in any other occupation. With increasing trade relations between countries, there has been a high demand for Marine Engineers in the global market.

With the Course having a global reach, Marine Engineers gets placed in top national and multi-national companies. Thus ensuring a bounty of money and career benefits. A marine engineer explores his career in various fields such as:

  1. Navy Personnel
  2. Ship Operator
  3. ICAR Officer
  4. Ship Manager
  5. Port Manager
  6. Marine Surveyor
  7. Maintenance Engineer

A fresher graduate will join a ship as a trainee or junior engineer for a period of 6 months. After completion of the training, a 5th Engineer is eligible to give exams for a 4th Engineer. And then the company gives the promotion for 3rd Engineer and then is eligible to give 2nd Engineer to finally become Chief Engineer.

career prospects and growth of marine engineering

Marine Engineer or Naval Architects?

With both the professions working with the ships and allied structures. Marine Engineers ensure that the ship systems function as per design whereas the NavalArchitects work towards designing the vessel.

The main difference between Marine Engineers and Naval Architects is that :

  1. While receiving the order for a ship or boat by the shipping company, the naval engineers start working on the design from scratch. He may then consult Marine Engineers that the design he has developed is suitable for the vessel in terms of safety.
  2. Mechanical Systems are used on a ship, to ensure that the ship keeps running smoothly. i.e. supervising the maintenance of the ship’s engine, navigation equipment and air conditioning are the areas where Marine Engineers work.


How many years are required to become a Marine Engineer?

After meeting the eligibility criteria, candidates may then pursue the course and the duration for the courses varies :
1. B.Tech /B.Sc/ B.E. – Four Year Program
2. M.Tech -Two Year Program
3. Diploma – Three Year Program

What are the duties of a marine engineer on board the ship?

The duties on board the ship for deck officers:
1. Follow instructions from the captain and chief engineer
2. Supervise the maintenance and upkeep of the ship
3. Running, Operation of all types of machinery onboard the ship.

Is Marine Engineering is available in IIT?

No there is no marine course for B.Tech in IITs.

Which Marine Engineering is demanded in India?

The demand for Marine Engineering and Naval Architects are highly demanded in India.

Do we need to qualify JEE for Marine Engineering?

No, Marine Engineering has nothing to do with JEE, you can go for IMU CET Exam.

Important links: HT report

Summary: Best Marine Engineering Colleges In India

With people having an ambition of serving your nation, wearing pride on your sleeves you might explore career options in the Indian Navy/Coast Guard with one of the toughest career options for mental ability and physical capability. With challenges ahead, a ship’s complicated setup and natural interest in maritime technology will help you stay focused and motivated.

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