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Do you want to know the actual full form of IPS?

IPS full form is the Indian Police Service. The IPS exam comes under the Civil Services Examination(CSE) which conducts by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) every year. The IPS service is formed in 1948. IPS officer serves the central government as well as the state government. The primary duty of an IPS officer is the safety of the public.

Becoming an IPS officer is the dream of millions of people in India. Kiran Bedi is the first woman to become IPS in 1972. In the 80 IPS officers batch, she is the only woman. An IPS salary ranges from 56,100 to 2,25,000.

For becoming an IPS you have to crack the UPSC exam and also you have to pass the medical examination for it. The minimum age for becoming IPS is 21 and the maximum age is 32. There are age relaxations for the reserved categories like SC/ST and OBC.

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The candidate who is applying for IPS must have a graduate degree from a recognized university. The IPS post is a very respected and reputed post. The candidates selected for IPS through civil services examination undergo 2 years of the training programs before joining their post.

Eligibility Criteria For IPS

For becoming an IPS officer the candidate must match the eligibility criteria which is set by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC). The IPS eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The candidate should have Indian citizenship.
  2. The candidate should be a graduate of a recognised university.
  3. The minimum age for IPS is 21 years, maximum age is 32 years for the general category. For OBC candidates 3 years of age relaxation are available. For SC/ST government has provided 5 years of age relaxation.
  4. General category candidates can attempt 6 times for IPS. OBC category candidates can attempt 9 times for IPS. SC/ST candidates can attempt till the age of 39.
  5. Officers who are already in services like IAS and IFS would not be eligible for this exam.

Physical Requirement For IPS

Physical fitness is very necessary for the IPS post. Some of the following physical fitness is mentioned below for IPS:


The minimum height for men is 165 cm and for women is 150 cm. There are some relaxations in height for categories like SC/ST and races like Gorkhas, Garhwalias, Assamese and Kumaonis, etc.


Myopia with cylinder should not be exceeding 4.00D in minus and hypermetropia including cylinder should not be more than 4.00D in plus. Any candidate with a squint is directly disqualified. Candidate distant vision should be 6/6 or 6/9.


The minimum chest is 84 cm for men and 79 cm for women.

Skills You Need For Becoming An IPS

IPS job is a very responsible job. The person needs a positive approach for this job. For becoming an IPS officer you have to be very intelligent and hard-working. You should have the ability to calm in every situation and have a clear mind. You need good observation and communication skills. The person should be physically and mentally fit. The person needs the ability to handle tough situations.

Work and Responsibilities Of An IPS Officer

An IPS officers have many works and responsibilities some of them are mentioned below:

  1. An IPS officer responsibility is to maintain peace and order in public.
  2. IPS officers have to check and manage the security of important people and important events. 
  3. IPS officers have to command the agencies like RAW, IB, CBI and CID.
  4. They have to check the railway policies.
  5. They have to keep eye on illegal activities like drugs and smuggling and take action against them.
  6. IPS officer has to interact and guide other Indian services also.
  7. IPS has to manage the border-related responsibilities and duties like counter-terrorism and border policing.

Exam Pattern Of IPS Exam

For becoming an IPS you have to qualify for the civil services exam. The civil services exam has 3 phases. First is Prelims, second is Mains and third is Interview. Below I have mentioned these things in detail:


Prelim is an offline exam that has two papers. Prelims is an MCQ-type paper. The first paper contains the general ability questions whereas the second paper checks your English language. Paper 1 and paper 2 both contain 200 marks. For each paper, you would have a time of 2 hours.


In the mains there are 9 papers, 1 is an essay paper, 4 general studies papers, 2 language papers, and 2 optional papers. For every paper, you will have a time duration of 3 hours.


The interview round consists the 275 marks. Students who qualify for the main paper are eligible for the interview round. In the interview round they check the intellectuality and personality of a candidate. The interviewer is mainly asked about current affairs and hobbies. The marks you obtained in the interview round will add to your final scores.

Salary And Other Benefits Of IPS

The starting salary of an IPS officer is 56,100 rupees with DA(Dearness Allowance), HRA(House Rent Allowance), and TA(Travel Allowance). IPS salary differs according to their ranks:

Rank Salary
Deputy Superintendent of PoliceINR 56,100
Additional Superintendent of PoliceINR 67,700
Senior Superintendent of PoliceINR 78,800
Deputy Inspector General of PoliceINR 1,31,100
Inspector-General of PoliceINR 1,44,200
Director-General of PoliceINR 2,05,400
Director-General of Police/ Director of IB or CBIINR 2,25,000
*indicative salary figures, Check the actuals from the official site.

IPS officer post is a very honorable post. IPS officers get many medals and awards during their lifetime. They have many medical facilities during their lifetime career. IPS officers get residence houses for their family and transportation facilities are also available for them.

IPS Training

New joined IPS officers have to go through 2 years of training. The first part of the training is called the Foundation course which is 3 months long which held in LBSNAA, Mussoorie. After completing the 3 months course they have to go for the 11 monthly courses at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Academy, Hyderabad.

The third training is the district practical training the duration of this training is 6 months. The last training is done at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad which duration is 1 month.

FAQ: IPS or Indian Police Service

What is the IPS salary?

IPS salary ranges from 56,100 to 2,25,000 according to their rank. IPS officers get allowances like DA(Dearness Allowance), TA(Travel Allowance) and HRA(House Rent Allowance). The highest rank of IPS is Director General of Police whose salary is 2,25,000.

What is IPS full form?

IPS full form is the Indian Police Service which was established in 1948.

What is an IPS qualification?

For IPS you need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university after that you can appear for the civil services exam. After qualifying for the civil services exam you can join any post like IAS, IPS, and IFS.

Can I join IPS after the 12th?

No, you can not join IPS after the 12th. For becoming IPS you need to qualify for the civil services exam and For appearing in the civil services exam you need a bachelor’s degree.

Conclusion: IPS Full Form and Details

This article is all about the IPS. You will get all the information you need about the IPS. After reading this article you would have knowledge about what exam you should give for IPS, eligibility criteria for IPS exam, Physical requirement for IPS, exam pattern of IPS, Salary of an IPS and many other things. If you are preparing for IPS then this article is very helpful for you. If you like our article then plz share it with your friends.

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