How to Concentrate on Studies | Learn To Focus When You Study

Are you struggling to focus and want to know how to concentrate on your studies?

When you start studying something, do you feel burden? Or not enjoying studying these days? How will you concentrate on your studies if you? Need some tips and tricks. You have reached the right place today.

There are a lot of people who struggle with their studies. They try to figure out ways to focus. Just setting up a target and working towards it isn’t the only way to achieve maximum concentration.

There are different techniques that can help you have a focused mindset. These will not only help in improving your concentration but help you in retaining information better. Know that the human brain is the most powerful thing in this world.

We are going to read into one of its powers today, concentration.

how to concentrate and focus on studies

Reasons You Are Not Able To Concentrate On Studies

Before talking about the solutions straight away, let us address the problem areas.

Concentration is nothing but the action or power of focusing all one’s attention. If you’re getting lost in one work without getting distracted then, you’re doing the work with full concentration. Concentration leads you to master the subject.

Also, it’s an important skill to learn. There’s a saying which goes by “He who has the power of concentration, becomes a successful person”.

There are three major reasons why you are not able to concentrate on your studies. Have listed them for you here.

how to concentrate on studies

Distractions around you 

The first and most important thing that causes a lack of concentration is the distractions around you. We live in a world where every other thing has the ability to distract you. Some even trigger you to react in a certain way. This is basically you losing control over your mind.

According to Cal Newport, the author of deep work, these triggers lead to heavy distraction and take you away from deep work. Deep work is a state where you focus on specific work for a specific time with zero distraction and it helps you to complete the task productively.

You may study daily for 2-3 hours, but do you work with total concentration? If not, then you must be aware of the distractions you’re carrying within you. That’s the only problem you need to fix.

What’s the solution?

A simple solution would be to identify those distractions and then cut them off. For example, you can keep your mobile and any other devices in a different room or simply switch them off. Decide a time when you will talk to your best friend, do not otherwise. And so on.

Identifying distractions and triggering stuff may take some time, but would be worth it. Cutting them off or setting your boundaries with them will help you focus better on your studies.

No Timetable

To-do lists only work until a specific time. Going through to-do lists is good but not knowing when to do a specific task is dangerous. If you don’t know when and what to study then it will leave you clueless. 

Many people study 2-3 hours but do they study with full focus? Making a timetable helps you work according to the time allocated for each subject. For each topic. The burden of the day reduces.

Hypothetically, now you know you have to cover just one topic of one of the chapters of science on Monday from 4 pm to 4.30 pm.

What’s the solution?

Before sleeping at night, take 5 minutes and plan what to do, when to do and where to do it for the next day, and stay loyal to your timetable. That’s the only way you’re gonna concentrate and the outcome will be more amazing than you thought. 

Of course, it will be quite difficult in the beginning. But this habit will make you better at working out your routine. Just a figure to explain two and a half hours of one day.

For example Today’s date:

4-5 pm5-5.30 pm5.30-6.30 pm
Maths, Algebra ex 1.5Science- Plant Kingdom- Photosynthesis  English- Comprehension

Undefined Goals

Will you travel by bus or car if you don’t know where it’s going? You’ll ask me where we are going before answering that question. Right?

If you don’t know what you want to become or what you want to be then it will be difficult for you to study. Also, the confusion students have at the beginning of their studies about their career choices and what they want to become is an obstacle for their focus on studies.

Every student out there is thinking about why I should study and why I’m doing this. According to Simon Sinek, the most important question you need to ask is why? Why are you studying and what you want to become plays the real card in the interest of studies.

What’s the solution?

Be as specific as possible. It is the only way to become the best version of yourself and concentrate on your studies. If you’re obsessed with something you’ll fight for it. 

When you know about the goal and the track to follow it, then you become unstoppable. So you’ve to figure out and write on a paper about what you want to become and how you can reach it.

Pen it down.

goals to reach

By cutting out distractions, crafting your timetable, and setting up your goals you’ll be able to concentrate more and be able to build a life for yourself. If you start working on these things it will become a habit that will pay off eventually. 

How To Concentrate On Your Studies Continuously For Long Hours?

Human brain functions in a specific way that it cannot continuously concentrate for more than 90 minutes. If you are taking breaks then it will work as a brain booster for you. You people can also try the Pomodoro technique for more concentration and focus without any boredom.

What is the Pomodoro technique?

The Pomodoro technique is quite simple but makes you more productive and. It simply goes like this:

  1. Pick up a task
  2. Do it for 25 minutes straight, without any distraction or distribution.
  3. After 25 minutes are completed, take a break for 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

This technique helps you to focus on your studies for longer hours. Also, you don’t get trapped in boredom. This technique is a perfect cure for building concentration.

Also, read this article by Harvard Business – Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus 

Steps To Improve Concentration

steps to improve concentration

To improve your concentration there are certain things that you can follow and do daily. Also, these tips will eventually help you become more involved in your studies. Following them will help you lead a better life.  


The first step is to take control of your life and to know more about it. Also to increase focus and concentration you must meditate. Meditation will help you increase your Focus and concentrating power.

It’s beneficial for your physical and mental health. You don’t have to do anything fancy, you just have to sit in a comfortable position and take deep breaths. This will help you to stay calmer in your life and eventually you’ll become calmer and more patient.

There are various videos on youtube about how to start meditating. You can start this practice by following one instructor you like the most.  

Sleep Cycle

Never let your sleep control you. Many people out there have a disturbed sleeping cycle. They don’t get enough sleep which eventually results in less concentration and hence declined productivity. 

Try and understand how much sleep your body requires. Some people can function well with 5 hours of sleep, some need 8 hours of sleep. It is a fact that the body needs 6-8 hours of sleep to function well. 

Know your number. Set a routine. The proper time for sleeping and waking up. Do not disturb that routine. If you plan on sleeping at 11 pm every day and waking up at 5 am, do not break that cycle. You’ll observe that your productivity increases if you follow your sleep cycle.  

Exercise For 15 to 30 Minutes Daily

You must be thinking about why it is important to exercise daily. Sweating in the first hour of your day releases endorphins from your body which makes you feel positive and energetic.

Also, there are tons of benefits of exercising but if you’re a student or struggling with studies then you must try it.

The benefits of exercise will help you be better at your studies. Take out 15 to 30 minutes daily and do exercise which will leave you sweaty. This will give you self-achievement at the start of your day and you’ll feel motivated for the rest of the day.

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FAQ’s about Improving Concentration and Focus on Studies

How to Focus on studies without getting distracted?

To work without distraction you’ve to cut down all your distractions like sitting in a different room, switching off your phone, and working hard on your studies. This will help you in increasing your concentration power.

How to concentrate on your studies?

To achieve better concentration, set your goals in your mind. Decide why you are studying today. Determine a path. Craft a timetable that helps you walk that path. Keep away from distractions.
Practice mindfulness, detachment, and thought processing. Most importantly, work daily. Remember that Rome was built every day, every day a little bit of work.

How to study for an exam?

To study hard for an exam you’ve to make a timetable for it. Devote more time to the subject you feel you are weak in. Watch subject-related videos to solve your queries. Solve previous year’s question papers. 
They will prepare you really well for your upcoming exam. 

What are the different ways you can increase your concentration?

You can increase your concentration by meditating, maintaining your sleep cycle or taking proper sleep, and by doing physical and mental excises for 10 to 15 minutes.

Conclusion: How To Focus More on Studies?

Studying can be hard. But it’s just a feeling. Overcome the feeling of getting bored or sleepy. Try to identify problems you face while studying and then work on their solutions. It is often said that nothing is difficult, that if a mind decides something it can easily achieve it.

Read more on NSDRC.

Believe that you can study well and you will be able to. 

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