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If you are looking for the full form of TBH, you have landed on the right page.

You might have heard and seen people throwing the phrase TBH around on social media and in conversations, but what does it really mean?

The TBH Full Form In Instagram stands for “To Be Honest“. It is used in chat and various stories by youngsters today.

With the Internet becoming a necessity in everyone’s life, the usage of its on social media has tremendously increased. With that, the growing trend of using short forms among teenagers has also developed. Yet another slang in trend making its round is TBH (To Be Honest).

With its uses in different variations, it has:

  • The power to hold up another person – with flattering comments or a few clicks.
  • The power to crush another person – with someone posting negative comments.
tbh full form, full form of tbh in Instagram
tbh full form

TBH Means To Be Honest

If you saw the word TBH on the internet while chatting, it means – to be honest. Being such a common phrase used in the everyday lives of Gen Z people while talking in English that it deserves its own abbreviation.

  • To be honest, I don’t really feel like watching a movie tonight.
  • TBH I don’t really feel like watching a movie tonight.
  • I’ve never got along with her, to be honest.
  • I’ve never got along with her, TBH.
  • To be honest, I don’t think this is working out.
  • TBH, I don’t think this is working out.

TBH Origin

TBH, LOL, FOMO, TTYL, and many others are some of the many common and modern abbreviations used in spoken English.

Due to the tremendous popularity and convenience of using these phrases, ”abbreviation culture” has transitioned into using these phrases in Daily Speeches.

With people not having time to discuss things for longer periods and today’s generation and culture is one of the speediest and quickest. Thus, to make sure you get to the point across on time, abbreviations such as TBH come into use.

TBH Standardisation

  • It is to be noted that the texted speech is not very standardized. Thus there is no standard Capitalization or Punctuation needed for TBH and other similar phrases. 
  • The youth tends to write it out in lowercase either tbh or Tbh. It can be written with or without a comma following it. Some of them who are less tech-savvy might even spell it out in all caps: TBH

What Does TBH mean?

TBH is an abbreviation or an acronym used in texting and casual speech. It stands for, To Be Honest Phrase.

Where TBH Is Used?

Over the phone or some other messaging platform on social media such as FaceBook, Instagram, this abbreviation is usually used.

When TBH Is Used?

  1. To state an honest opinion, one uses the phrase before or after a statement in order to emphasize.
    • To be perfectly honest ( with someone)
    • In all honesty 
    • In my opinion 
       Are some of the variations on the phrase TBH
  2. To describe a change in opinion or when wanting a good way to describe the change while you are discussing, TBH can also be used in phrases.
    • To be honest, I didn’t really like the colour of the shirt from the start. I just did not want to hurt my mothers feeling.
  3. As a confession to a prior lie, TBH can also be used in sentences.
  4. Express honestly how they feel about a person or an idea.
    • TBH, you are really pretty.
    • I have never told you this but TBH, I think you are amazing.

Who uses TBH?

The youth i.e. the Generation Z people tend to use it for often text or when trying to be funny use TBH in spoken speech as well.

How To Spell TBH

The pronunciation when spoken T-B-H ( ti-bi- aitch).

Example of TBH Used Over Text

X: What are you up to right now?

Y: nothing much. I’m pretty bored TBH.

X: wanna go to the bowling party tonight?

Y: TBH, not really…

X: LOL why?

Example of TBH Used In Person

X: I feel like so many people can’t wait for the Summer Vacations.

Y: Oh, yeah.TBH, I’m one of them.


The term TBH has become so trending and popular that few entrepreneurs have tried to create a TBH movement by introducing a TBH app -that encourages users to join the TBH social network in order to,” find out what really friends if theirs think about them”.

TBH Or To Be Honest Used As Synonyms

  • As a matter of fact
  • In all Honesty
  • In all Fairness
  • Allow me to speak my Mind
  • Let me set the Record Straight
  • If I Shoot from the Hip
  • I’m going to lay it on the line
  • I’m just going to come right out and say it
  • To tell you the Truth
  • To Speak my Mind

TBH Or To Be Honest Used As Synonyms In Sentences

  • Allow me to speak my mind. I believe that there is a way around the corner.
  • If truth be told, he didn’t deserve severe punishment.
  • In all fairness, you did raise your hand first.
  • I’m telling you this only because you mean to me.

Some Other Full Forms Of TBH

  • TBH : To Be Heard ( social media)
  • TBH : To BrotherHood ( governmental )
  • TBH : The Blue Highway ( in transportation )
  • TBH : To Be Hired ( in business )

Frequently Asked Questions

We discussed the full form of TBH and how to use it on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. It is really cool to use these kinds of words during the chat or create a story on social media.

What is TBH mean?

TBH stands for, To Be Honest.

Where do I use the word TBH in a sentence while talking?

Usually been used at the start or end of the sentence. Occasionally in the middle of the sentence but for an independent clause and only as a preposition.

Summary: TBH Full Form Is To Be Honest

TBH being closely related to Internet Forums and the culture of Text-Message started becoming popular in the early 2000s. It was then added to the dictionary for the first time in 2003 and became a hit in 2011. Thus a safe word to be used in conversations around social media.

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