Full Form Of DP – Display Picture or Data Processing?

What is the full form of DP? In Hindi, you would ask for the DP ka Full Form? We have two full forms for you here.

There are many full forms of DP on the internet like Desktop pictures, daily plans, Dynamic Programming, Digital Performer but only two full forms are largely used and famous. Here are these two full forms:

DP Full Form 1 DP Full-Form 2
Display PictureData Processing

If you are a user of social media then you will be very familiar with the word DP. DP is mostly known as the Display Picture. DP word becomes very popular after Whatsapp. Until a few years ago people use the word profile picture but nowadays people are preferring the DP word more.

full form of dp

In social media platforms, DP is known as the Display Picture but in the computer field, DP is Data Processing. Data processing means the organization and manipulation of data through software to create meaning from it.

DP As Display Picture

Generally, the profile picture shown on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter is known as the DP( Display Picture). Display Picture is used for the identity of a profile. By using the display picture it becomes easy for the other person to recognize the profile.

How To Upload Your DP

Uploading and changing a DP (Display Picture) is very easy. In the following steps you will learn how to change your DP:

  1. Click on the right side of your social profile account.
  2. Then click on the setting options.
  3. Then click on the picture option.
  4. Click on the camera icon.
  5. Choose the gallery option.
  6. Now click on the pic you want to upload as DP.

Why Use Display Picture In Social Accounts

In this era of social media, we continuously search for our old friends and relatives on social media platforms. For searching your friend profile on social media platforms we either used the name or their email id. But it becomes so confusing because there are so many persons with one name.

But If they have used their own pictures in DP then it is very easy to find their profile otherwise your search will continue for a longer time. By using the DP it is easy to find the account of your friends and relatives. That’s why everyone should use their own picture in DP.

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DP As Data Processing

Data Processing is a process in which we obtain information from the raw data by performing a series of tasks. Data Processing simple means converting raw data into meaningful information.

The output of data processing can be represented as diagrams and graphics. MS Word and MS Excel are some of the software which is used for data processing. There are the following steps in which a data processing process completes:

  1. In the first process, we check that data should be validated means it should be correct.
  2. In the second step, we arrange the data in sequence.
  3. The third step shrinks the data to its main points.
  4. After that, we analyze the data.
  5. In the last step, we store the data.

Other Full Forms Of DP

There are other full forms of DP available on the internet. We are describing each of them below one by one:

1. Digital Photography

Storing a picture in a digital form is known as Digital Photography. In digital photography, we use electronic equipment to store pictures. A digital camera is used in digital photography.

The old conventional way of storing pictures is gone. Nowadays everyone stores their picture in digital format. SD cards, microcards are now used to store digital pictures.

2. Dual Processor

A computer with two processors is known as a Dual Processor. Both processors work together for processing the data. A computer with dual-processor works faster than a single processor computer.

3. Desktop Picture

Before the era of social media and mobile phones, DP is known as the Desktop Picture. There was a time when we had only computers. The picture on the desktop screen is known as the desktop picture.

4. Double Pole

 If you are from the electrical field you know the DP as Double Pole. Double poles are the switches used to joint two electric circuits. There are two types of double poles first is a single throw and the second is a double throw.

5. Differential Pressure

If you are a science student then you must be familiar with Differential Pressure. Differential pressure is the pressure difference between two points. Differential pressure is mainly used for checking a device is working properly or not.

FAQ: DP Full Form and Meaning

What is DP?

DP is largely known as the Display Picture in social media platforms. There are other full forms of DP also like Data Processing, Digital Photography, and Dual Processor etc.

How can I hide my profile picture on WhatsApp from one person?

Whatsapp does not provide any options for hiding your profile picture from one person but what you can do is delete that person’s contact number from your contact list. After this, the person will not able to see your profile picture.

What should I put as my DP?

You should use your own picture in DP so that people can easily identify your account.

What is the other popular full form of DP?

Data Processing, Desktop Picture, and Dual Processor are some of the popular full forms of DP.

Conclusion: Full Form and Meaning of DP

In this era of social media platforms, DP is largely known as the Display Picture. Whatsapp made the DP word very famous. Earlier people used to say Profile Picture but now it is DP. You will find the other full forms of DP on the internet also like Data Processing and Dual Processor.

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